French Toast & Veggie Omelet Chronicles

Breakfast 1

My usual breakfast – French Toast, Veggie Omelet and Fried Potatoes!

Well, I know its been a long time I wrote something and every-time I write something I say the same. Funny it is I know. But somehow I couldn’t assemble my thoughts and urges to find couple of hours to sit and write. Might be other things are dominating my thoughts and that makes me less inclined to writing.

What has happened? Did my blogging skills diminish with time? No. I am still the same inquisitive boy who I have been. Wait..boy? No no Its time to say, ‘man’. Since, I am going to see my next generation soon, that should make me more mature. Duh! I don’t want to be mature, I still want to be the same funny eccentric hopeless guy. Its not being mature that people around you expect but all you need to be is responsible and bearable. Responsible enough to take care of yourself and the people you care about. Bearable enough not to make someone think you are a douche bag! Everything else is only relative!

So that makes me a boy – a responsible boy!! :)

Okay so I can hear you mind voice – whats all this French Toast & Veggie Omelet?

Eh! nothing so big. Just some random thoughts and things thats happening around me and with me. But what is so specific about this French Toast and Veggie Omelet? Again nothing. Thats becoming my usual morning food. I have been wanting to write more something like a diary. But again that would be like I need to recollect and write things from past which I am feeling lazy to do! So I will just go with the flow for now and then try to fill in things if I missed anything.


Its been exactly 42 Days 3 Hours and 44 minutes since I had moved to New Jersey from California. Since then, I relentlessly accept that is coming in my way – new city, new people and new ways!

Somerville is a borough in New Jersey, that has serene, suburban setting. So I moved here to this city, as this was near to my work location. I don’t have to commute long distance to work as everyone else is doing. It just takes around 15 – 20 minutes drive to work. I am loving this area so much. Its mostly residential buildings surrounding this place and a shopping center nearby which is also in a walkable distance.

One good thing about my work place is that it has a nice cafeteria and a Starbucks outlet which has everything from cookies and Coffees to cakes and soft drinks. Every morning, when I nonchalantly walk to the cafeteria, to order my breakfast, I have only two options to go for. One is this French Toast and Veggie Omelet and the other one is the Two Eggs and Cheese Sandwich. The reason being other menu items would mostly consists of Bacon, Pork or Turkey Sausages which I seldom eat due to its looks and second is I am Vegetarian(!). Don’t ask me from when is Egg considered to be a Veg? See I eat Veggie Omelet! :P

I mean, I seriously don’t have any other option since having left my wifey back in India and having no time to cook in the morning (I don’t know cooking which is another sad state of affairs! :( ), the only solace is the cafeteria where people manage to eat sandwiches and meat for breakfast nicely. I cannot imagine anything other than Idli-Chatni, Dosa, Chapathi, Poori Masala for my breakfast. But, what to do! If you are not in India, then either you need to make indian food happen or accept what is happening :P. How we Indians have developed a food practice that’s hard to sacrifice!

Well the other day when I had been to the Hair salon in Downtown Somerville, the hairdresser told me that every Friday there would be Antique Car show in the downtown shopping area. The whole stretch is called a Main Street (As how the the whole Renganathan Street in T.Nagar is called so!). I told her that I had just moved in from California so I would definitely visit on a Friday. Since I wasn’t much interested in the antique cars, I thought let me visit some Friday when time permits.

Two days back, when I had left office early to get my driving license updated, the plan didn’t turn out to be a successful one. I had missed two documents which I need to carry. So having moved the plan to a weekday, I found that I need to buy things in the ShopRite which is in the Downtown Somerville. And so I thought let me go and grab something to fill up my fridge for the rest of the week, I landed in the Main St in few minutes. It was so crowded that even the cross street that I was walking was filled with people. Later, entering Main St made me realize that the antique car show was on!

Oh my! This was unplanned as such. Anyway, I thought let me walk the whole stretch and see the cars first and then go for the shopping. Having decided that I walked the whole stretch gazing through the cars on display. The cars were just parked right on the sides, like how the street parked cars used to be. It was a great idea to have put the cars on display right on the sides of the road.

There was a whole bunch of people walking along the sidewalk chatting along and eating in the seats put outside the restaurants. I too took the opportunity to click some of the cars and took some selfies too!!

Here are some of the pics that I managed to share in the FB.













Hmmm so I haven’t yet started to explore NJ. Its been just a month and am yet to get a Car. When I was back in Los Angeles, it was better. It had a good public transportation for short distance. But here it is difficult to move around without a car.

So that’s it for now. I’ll try to be regular here with more posts.

Ciao! :)

Fifty Shades of Puliyo-Grey

Spoon Plates

Puliyogreys have been the part and parcel of every tambrahm upbringings that never cease to be the standard dinner even in the recent times. Those summer holiday epochs of our childhood have always ushered me to the specific timeline where the childhood memories remains intact with such pleasantly unpleasant endeavors.

Those were the summer holiday times at my aunt’s place when P’greys were of abundant supply from the temple. The two families would nonchalantly consume just the voluptuous plates of P’greys for dinner. I would like to mention that the alchemy of making P’greys with excessive tamarind and peanuts does magical things to you at night. If your system doesn’t accept the proportion, then you might have to take a couple of strolls to the loo to cache clean the exorbitant intake.

The hunger which is predominantly dominant before the consumption of this masochistic concoction nevertheless gets conquered at the end of process.

It evokes a sense a deep submission to some unknown force which drops the serotonin levels engulfing us to a nice Trans state called sleep!


Train or bus journeys have never been complete without the hawkers distributing food packets and frequenting the compartments with open carton full of Fruti-s and Fanta-s and Lays.

And then there are packets of P’greys with unknown source of supply. More worrying factors that might interest you are the eerie sense of wetness in the highly yellow tinted rice with generous quantity if oils, packed in plain patrawalies wrapped in newspapers.

The major problem with such crowded travel is the fear of flatulence. You never know what the other person is capable of and then there is intensity and sustenance levels which defines the devastation quotient of every human being.

Your olfactory sense never fails you. A stich in time might save nine, but a ‘fizz’ in time might kill nine and a stronger one can kill more!


The other day, when I was in the cafeteria, scanning the caterers on the floor, to get something for lunch, I stumbled upon this interesting combo menu where we can choose one main dish with couple of other auxiliary add-ons. The best thing about some companies are the offshore offices which are lavishly built and air conditioned along with plethora of options to get yourself nicely fed when hunger sends you SOS calls.

So my instinct driving me to go for Combo 4 menu comprising of what the nomenclature claims it to be a variety rice. The adds-ons include a series of wet and dry additives to aid the process of eating the main dish. Presence of butter milk in the list was some respite. After conducting an algorithmic computation in my mind to opt for this menu, I decided to join the queue to acquire a token for the same. This sounds all technical but believe me it’s all simple!

I joined the queue where my position was quite far away from the card swiping machine guy. The worst part of depending on the cafeteria food for lunch. Either you have to hit the cafeteria early or better come late. Sticking to this logic has both its advantages and disadvantages. Unless an early hunger strikes, you won’t be able to hit the Food Court early and if you are devastatingly hungry right in the middle of the day, late lunch can spoil your lunch time badly.

I didn’t want to steer my thoughts to such formula, hence I had to give in to the peek time rush. As the queue was progressing at snail’s pace, my hunger too was at waning phase. The guy at the desk was fishing the dried pond for 10s and 20s to be returned to the hungry fellow employees. Unperturbed by such peak time adversaries, I had taken a vow to conquer the combo plate before the hunger conquers me, holding all my perseverance strong as grit. I felt like a warrior!

After an arduous wait of twenty odd minutes, I was able to acquire the token which will fetch me the heavenly plate of variety rice.

Sometimes, testing one’s patience happens at all places more than the testing one’s code. There was another line at the food dispensing counter. I picked up a plate and joined the queue again. As I was moving forward, it took me a couple of seconds to realize that, two of the containers which had those variety rice in colorful display were beginning to reveal their bottoms. With every one person ahead of me yielding their plate, the containers had started making those squawking noise. Yes, the sound of serving spoons scratching the bottom of the vessel.

The horror struck me when someone barged in the middle of the line thereby increasing the probability of getting my plate not served.

Sometime, more than the reality, our gut feeling always helps us to overcome failure. By the time I handed over my token to the counter guy and with my last hope, I uttered those words

“Variety Rice…”

This guy nodded his head left and right showing me the empty vessel in the front. The worlds around me failed unceremoniously when two other guys came and yanked those two vessels from the serving counter, and walked away into the kitchen.

Life is full of options if you reckon. So I asked the guy for other options if this is not served. He with his least of his interest to feed me, agreed to check and come back. There is something called ‘refill’ which no one cared to do.

Convincing myself to have whatever available for consumption, I nodded my head. He said, he will give extra fryums in the plate to compensate my loss of faith in humanity. After waiting for couple of minutes with my eyes locked on every plate that came out of the kitchen, my guy marched forward with a plate full of fryums. Bewildered to see only fryums in the plate, I removed two three fryums, to find a morsel of colored rice heap nicely snuggled under the fryums. Before I could realize what I have been blessed with, with all the bewilderment and grief, I lifted my head and stammered pointing my fingers on the plate.

He said those magical words, “Puliyogrey” and walked away in glory.

Irrespective of whatever debaucheries that people find themselves into, there is always salvation – CURD RICE


See what I found

The other day when I was cleaning my room, I caught hold of some old things stocked up in my top shelf. Now that they have been unearthed, it made me think the times we have crossed. The times, we didn’t have access to things that made life easier, the times, ‘knowing’ Computers was all that jazz. Google was only a search engine.

Then this thing ‘Floppy’ which we carried around everywhere like how we carry 1TB external hard disk these days. It is so amazing to realize that our technological urge didn’t go beyond 1.44 MB worth of data. What else do we carry around in a floppy? A softcopy of the resume to be sent to the employer or a powerpoint presentation to be presented for a college seminar. That’s all!

But now, pen drives and hard disks are full of data with no free space, but our desires are still unfilled. With the emerging trends in the cloud storage, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and iCloud are doing their part to help seamless availability of data.

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Toothbrush (Tamil)


மஞ்சள் வெய்யிலின் நிறத்துக்கு ஈடாக நான் சாப்பிட்டுகொண்டிருந்த லெமன் சாதம் பளபளத்துக்கொண்டிருக்க,நான் அதை வெறித்தனமாக கபளீகரம்செய்து கொண்டிருந்ததை அந்த ரயிலின் உள்ள அனைத்து பயணிகளும் கண் இமைக்காமல் பார்த்துகொண்டிருந்த அந்த கண்கொள்ளா காட்சியை வர்ணிக்க எனக்கு வாய் இல்லை.அவ்ளோ பசி. வாய் முழுவதும்சாதம். தொட்டு கொள்ள உருளைக்கிழங்கு சிப்ஸ் பாக்கெட் வாங்கினது ரொம்ப சௌகர்யமாக இருந்தது.

ஒரு அரை மணி நேரமாக,மானை புலி வேட்டை ஆடுவதுபோல் நான் சங்கீதா ஹோட்டலில் வாங்கிய பார்சலை வேட்டை ஆடி கொண்டு இருந்தேன். இரவு சாப்பாடு இனிதே சுபம் அடைந்ததை கொண்டாடும் விதமாக, பையில் வைத்து இருந்தஆரஞ்சு பழச்சுளைகளை உள்ளே தள்ளி விட்டு, உலகமே அதிரவைக்கும் படியாக ஏப்பத்தை விட்டதும் தான் என்னை சுற்றி இருந்த உலகமே எனக்கு புரிந்தது. திருச்சி ஸ்டேஷன் நாளை காலை 5 மணிக்கு வரும் என்று அம்மா சொல்லி இருக்க, காலை சூரியனை கூட கண்டிராத எனக்கு ஐந்து மணிக்கு முழிப்பது என்பது பிரம்ம பிரயத்னம்.

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Man of Steel (2013) – A thoughtful review

Man of Steel Review

Superheroes do not evolve, they are born!

He doesn’t need technology, he doesn’t need accessories, he never acquired one but rather he is inherent with it. The man is born with the powers and meant to be with the humans and he is nonetheless the Man of Steel – The Superman!

Having been a fan of superman from the very childhood, the S shield and the red cape never ceased to fascinate me with its grandeur and emotions that it evokes. Such a profound feeling that every superman fan needs to undergo can never be expressed in writing. After having watched Batman and the revamped Dark Knight series, I was sure this MOS is going to be a visual and a mental treat. But never knew that, this movie would actually make you unleash your madness for Superman in an amplified modus.

Every superhero has been evolved to a have story spun around them but this man himself is a story to tell, which itself makes him the greatest superhero ever born to be the best. He is human and an alien with unfathomable powers. He defies all laws of physics. There is nothing that can hurt him or there is nothing that can get him hurt. He is fire-proof; he can lift the whole aircraft and can lift a huge mass of land. There are no bounds for his powers. He is unbounded by the boundaries. He can fly just like a bird without the need for any propulsion or a flying device. But even then he is more human than a superhuman nested with feelings.

Quite things have been transformed from the earlier superman to Man of Steel. The so called legendary red brief is no longer a symbol in the suit. The superman fans can now not be embarrassed by wearing that brief over the costume. A more contemporary suit has been given to him. A renaissance has been brought to the plain blue suit which the Man of Steel is now adorned with a matte finished one with darker shades of blue. It seems it’s the trend now to have matte finish and darker shades in the superhero costumes; the new Spiderman too has a similar one!

The movie conveyed a lot more than what it was trying to show. Every man would be pushed to extremities and calamities. You may be destined to somewhat greater responsibilities than what you had assumed. The purpose of your life may seem bleak, but there is always a greater good to you and the people around when you try to understand the niceties. You may not get what you wanted but what you choose to be with will lead you to softer corners of your life.

It’s your choice that matters which will show you the choice of your life and the decision to be with those choices proves how strong you are and one needs to reach their extremes to know them well. Sometimes more than your own personal interest, you got to make people around you happy. Problems are everywhere; you are the one to find the solution as there is no problem that will leave you in deep debris. There is always hope which will keep you going on and on and on. And that ‘S’ shield in the vest is a symbol of hope; it’s not an ‘S’ in the world of Krypton but a symbol for betterment of the people around you.

Many may feel the scenes of Man of Steel are so unrealistic, but those people are forgetting the basic fact that this is not just a movie about a superhero rather it’s the Superman movie. He can do things which no other super heroes can do because he never acquired powers, but he is born with it. The enthrallment that one gets seeing those bullets kissing the ground miserably failing to pierce, the fire that leaves no stones unturned in him, the weapons and ammunitions that puts down its powers in shame in-front of this man cannot get more orgasmic than any roller coaster ride.

The time when he realizes that he is not just a man with super powers but he is someone with a history behind him, he gets his real suit and his experiment with his ability to fly to greater bounds, looks like someone lost his control and is set to run amok in the sky but more than himself during such trials, it’s for us which rushes our adrenaline and thrusts its lever to an extremely high spell bounding experience which makes us hallucinate that we ourselves flying in such velocity.

The stunning visuals and CGs not only make the scenes visually enriching but also causes quite an amount of damage to the city’s properties – buildings, sky scrapers, houses, roads, railways, trains and heavy vehicles are thrashed like papers. Man! The duels are devastating, with them levitating in the midair, banging on to each other, crashing into buildings and uprooting them, shoving Railway Engines, vestibules and trucks on each other like toys, burning monuments and places to debris. Our superhero is thrown into rubbles and whacked to nothing and circumvented by military fighter planes and copters. But nothing can sort him fall. He stands again and gives them back unhurt and with more vigor proving to be the real man of steel.

Well, irrespective of being a superhero or not. Everyone has a weakness that makes them so fragile. Our superman too has a weakness. The kryptonite that makes him powerless and weak, that fails him miserably doesn’t pull him down for ever to the ground but it just tells him that he needs to be strong always to protect himself from the enemies. It’s not the weakness that this man prevails in but leaps into perseverance and strong will to regain his powers and crosses planets with a sonic boom to face them with regained strength.

Superman can never fall. Superman can never fail. Superman can never halt. Superman can never be at fault. Because…

Superman is a real superhero!

Rating: There is no rating. Go watch it because it’s a Superman movie!