Harry Potter Cool Websites

Hi all……great fans of harry potter please check out these sites……they are damn cool and full of horror graphics which will take you to the hogwarts school itself……and dont forget to check out the gallery……superb site…….forgot to mention the background music….damn good and awesome……..its creating the real scary and wizardry effect

This is official Harry Potter Site: http://www.harrypotter.com

When u type the above address, it will take u to the site below


This is online Harry Potter Game: http://www.electronicarts.in/hpootp/#

This is Dumbledore’s Army….join it: http://joindumbledoresarmy.warnerbros.com/

These sites will give u a real presence in the World of Wizards…and u will be away fro the muggles’ world……yo enjoy

My Class

Well this is our last pic that we have taken in our college days…….after that we didnt had the opportunity to take pics like this…….this one pic is enough to brush up my memory when i turn back again to my past ………thinking about my college life………those days were really memorable one with all of us in the class……amidst of the boring lectures and sleepy friends(me being one among them………) still recollecting my past days in Mepco, ……..forget to mention about the Hostel……….that was yet another adventures one………..so All my Four Years have passed like the wind………..Mepco was Hogwarts ! Click here to see my class photo C my Class Photo

NON CS People don’t worry

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First let me relieve you of your fears.. A Non-CS is not in a bad position as compared to the computer engg. Whatever a non cs has studied is not being used in their work.. not even 0.0005% … Infy is famous for its training and they will make you a good programmer thru their training… So, when u join any s/w solution provider in India, everyone starts from scratch. The only exception to these are, companies like Intel, google, yahoo, Microsoft etc. which are not solution providers , but who have their products and their own technology.. So, being a computer engg. Makes a hell lot of difference in these places.. But, those are an exception which doesn’t come in our daily picture. Your future is as bright as any computer engg. unless you are such a dumb person :)).. Take my word, only your work matters… Nothing else…
not even degree..
Have fun and enjoy now… infy will take care of your trng and will put in some project.. and after some 2 yrs. you will go onsite.. the crux is .. your life becomes so predictable in such companies that some pepl look for a change…thru MBA etc.. It is not that pepl don’t like s/w industry, or it is full of dumb pepl.. IT is full of fun.. as you have big money… big
Cities.. Traveling.. Etc… But, you get bored soon and you will look for change.. which will open you more opportunities.. So, don’t worry.. Accept the job, as workex count more than anything else in the corporate world.. Pre-MBA or post-MBA… don’t waste it… it changes your outlook incredibly.. !!!! Hope this helps…
7.Onsite Opportunities:
Onsite opportunities depend on your project, Stream and performance. If u r working for US client then chances for onsite project is little bit on lower side due to US Visa Restrictions. Good communication and leadership skill wud help to get Onsite projects soon and they have a world class leadership institute to train you. They will take care of all your needs as they need u

After Training

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After completion of our training, we’ll be absorbed in live projects. Our seniors, module leaders, project leaders will guide us what to do, how to do. Rest we’ll have to do based upon the knowledge we gathered in training. We’ll have to do coding, testing, designing, and all the main works in a software development life cycle (SDLC) phase. There’s no defined work for freshers.
Future is Very bright. I told, even you don’t know to switch on a computer prior to joining Infosys, you needn’t worry. They’ll teach you everything. If you have a BE BTech degree, that’s enough.
it might be possible that after training u(not we) could be on bench for a months or two or till IBU Allocation. They wud ask about your preference location but give u according to their requirements. they wud give u IBU according to random basis or sometimes they see the background of trainee while giving IBU, like if u are a mechanical engineer and they have some projects in product development for automobile, aerospace industries then they need u to get work done .Not at all….in fact very few freshers after trg get coding work immediately. Most probably..u will be assigned some sort of testing work. As u r on training for 1 year so they wud not expect much from u during initial time. After wards they wud see how much u have learned and decide accordingly about your performance, bonus, IBU Allocations etc.10 % of infy — around 3000 folks are on bench at any point of time.


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1. Induction program for 2 days then 3-4 days group discussion then soft skill training(v.important sessions don’t miss that)
2. Generic stream:
o Computer Hardware and System Software concepts
o Programming Fundamentals
o Analysis of Algorithms
o Object Oriented Concepts
o System Development Methodology
o User Interface Design
o Introduction to Web Architecture
3. Open system Stream
o Unix
o C Programming
o Client Server Concepts
o Oracle 8
o Visual Basic 6.0 – Integrated with Win NT
4. Internet Stream
o Introduction to Web Servers
o Unix
o “HTML, DHTML, _JavaScript”
o Oracle 8i
o Java Programming
o Advanced Java Programming
o ASP and Servlet Programming