Wat ppl Say…??

Details from this link:


Ask someone working in a good company about infy training, he will tell u Infy training is the best in India. My cousin is in TCS and when I got my confirmation I went to his home and asked about software companies, growths, training etc.he just told me go ahead. he told infy training is the best and u will have a very bright future after 2 years. he also told me dimag se nikal de CAT, JMET just concentrate on your job in Infosys for 2 years and then change to some other company and then apply for some good Executive management program from good institute. You believe or not I want to add one more thing that my cousin who is working for some MNC in noida and getting 12 lac pa and did his mba from IIMC suggests me that don’t do mba yaar, Just go ahead and do good in infy.His brother is an IIT’an and got selected in IIML, C but he even suggest him not to do MBA,just do your current job (he is currently getting 4.5 lac p.a. in a pune based MNC.)

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