After Training

Details from this link:

After completion of our training, we’ll be absorbed in live projects. Our seniors, module leaders, project leaders will guide us what to do, how to do. Rest we’ll have to do based upon the knowledge we gathered in training. We’ll have to do coding, testing, designing, and all the main works in a software development life cycle (SDLC) phase. There’s no defined work for freshers.
Future is Very bright. I told, even you don’t know to switch on a computer prior to joining Infosys, you needn’t worry. They’ll teach you everything. If you have a BE BTech degree, that’s enough.
it might be possible that after training u(not we) could be on bench for a months or two or till IBU Allocation. They wud ask about your preference location but give u according to their requirements. they wud give u IBU according to random basis or sometimes they see the background of trainee while giving IBU, like if u are a mechanical engineer and they have some projects in product development for automobile, aerospace industries then they need u to get work done .Not at all….in fact very few freshers after trg get coding work immediately. Most probably..u will be assigned some sort of testing work. As u r on training for 1 year so they wud not expect much from u during initial time. After wards they wud see how much u have learned and decide accordingly about your performance, bonus, IBU Allocations etc.10 % of infy — around 3000 folks are on bench at any point of time.

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