Info about Infy Trng 1

Details from this link:

1. Any Pre-joining Preparation?
This is the most important question of the day….u don’t need to be great at programmer when u joining as a Fresher. Guys don’t be in thoughts that u r going to be future hi fundu Programmer. What others told is absolutely right. the only time during which u do some serious programming is during training and u need not be skeptical if ur non comp sci as well.infy teaches every thing from basics. Now infy does not throw out anyone. It will keep on giving you chances to pass the test until you yourself run out of company in frustration, so don’t worry.
Infosys trainings is not very tough but u need to give some extra efforts. It is three-four months long. If you don’t perform well in any of the exams, you’ll be given a second chance, so, attend classes carefully. Forget that you are no more a student for three months. You’ll get your whole life to enjoy with your first salary, second salary and so on. But no enjoyment for first Four months.
It doesn’t matter where your background is CS or non-CS.My friends were from Construction, Mechanical, Civil, Printing, Chemical and different streams of Engineering. they got same exposure, same salary, same treatment, same knowledge. don’t think a CS student would be in advantageous position. All are same

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