Info abt Infy Trng 2

Details from this link:

1. What they will teach u is different
2. U doesn’t know which specific stream u get there. e.g. if u get open system then java,vb which u did before training wud not help same in the case with internet stream i.e. if u do c beforehand then it wud not help in internet stream. And nothing wud help if u get mainframes as it has COBOL programming.
The facilities at mysore are down to earth. they will provide u cycle to move around. Hostels wud be on twin sharing basis. So Chillax… and enjoy your rest of the days in full throttle…if still u r thinking of some pre joining preparation then….nobody can suggests whatever u want but don’t think that it wud help in your training due to above mentioned facts.
I heard that training time is unusual i.e. we have to wake up early in the morning for YOGA then usual mundane things then training starts at 9 or 10 am. Upto 1 pm then break for lunch then 2-5 then 1 hour break then finally 6-8.
There are lots of best books in C, RDBMS, Java. but none of them will help you in OLE and also don’t have time to read extra material other than champak. Those course materials are sufficient. But you’ll have to read them thoroughly.
But no book is there to match with their “syllabus”. These are for self-learning, not to pass the OLE. Don’t get afraid, if you study the study-materials well, you’ score a good mark.

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