Software Engineer !

The everlonging  Desire to become a Software Engineer has beckoned me in to his Precious Place. The dream has come true with its fullest momentum.

“You are now a Software Engineer !”

Wow, this has no equivalent appreciation. It tells me…… it tells me with sound Amplification……

“Hey…U r not an INFANT who can sleep beside ur mother and cry at ur fullest “qua….”

“Hey…U r not a BOY hanging school bag in ur back full of books and a Tiffin Box + Water Bottle”

Hey…U r not a College going guy freaking out with friends and “birdwatching” is not usual passtime !

It appears as if the very forte of a Software Engineer has engulfed me in its nucleus and incubating me to a fully furnished SE ! The Heat of the Battle is at its pinnacle. I’m still under the development. Software has been my passion and i still cherish all those things which I have been doing with softwares in my college.

But…what ever it may be, I love to be a Software Buddy.