@ Chennai

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During Diwali Holidays [Nov 8th to 11th 2007], I’ve been to chennai…I just went to Spencers & was roaming around in the Mount Road with Friends. This pic was taken at one such occasion. In the Second Pic u can see two ppl sitting and posing for the camera. One of them is Kally, thats me…the first one and the the guy who is sitting next to me is Vinoth Kumar, my college mate and a gud friend of mine. That it, no more description needed for this pic it seems.

The other two pics one at the left and the other one at the right shows various ways I can pose for a Camera…he he he

Vibranz ’06 – Ever Vibrating Moment of my Life !

vibranzthumb.jpgThis is yet another PIC which I wanted to share with u all ppl. This pic has come out very well that I cudn’t stop staring at this pic. After a successful One Day National Level Convention – Vibranz ’06, We just had a snap with all the other ppl who were a part of this VIBRANZ ’06.

It was our Dream…It was our passion…It was our Desparate Desire…to have a Symposium for our club. After serious plans, schedules, budgets and lots (!), we ppl started for the symposium which was not a Symposium but a convention. This was one such good times of MEPCO where v had a really gud time. The opportunity to work in a team will not be anything else like this !

One thin’ I admired about this foto was…..whether the Symp. turned out Gud or not…but this Foto came out very well to its Extrimity of Admiration. Yeah…This I feel everytime I see this pic. It cannot be just explained in pure English. !…U need to have a Heart of Luv & Affection to something u belong to……and I have that heart for my club which I belonged to…sorry I still belong to that………I have that heart for my club which I belong to anyway…just click on it to c it enlarged…! also use the Zoom tool in the Bottom right corner to see it BIG

Long time I’ve blogged !

Its long time I have blogged…Well Diwali was Gr8…After a very long time I had time to spend with my sis,mom & dad…Infosys was my Home away from Home for 4 months and it will b for another 10 days or so…. I hardly get time to Blog, but then I still keep apart some time to Blog.

After a long, Hectic, Tiresome work @ Mysore, I just came to Chennai to spend time in Home for Diwali. This time lots n lots of Shopping. This pic was again taken some long time back when I was in my college. U can see how I smile for the Photo !

My perception on Softwares and Coding completely changed after having lots of “PERCEPTION”. Well, this ppl in infy know wats that “PERCEPTION”….This Dimension of Software Engineering brought in me the insight of Software Design & Coding. Its not just Coding & running the CODE. Its like the development of child in the Womb. Its different !…I’ll better end this. i understand that the reader is getting out of mind.