Long time I’ve blogged !

Its long time I have blogged…Well Diwali was Gr8…After a very long time I had time to spend with my sis,mom & dad…Infosys was my Home away from Home for 4 months and it will b for another 10 days or so…. I hardly get time to Blog, but then I still keep apart some time to Blog.

After a long, Hectic, Tiresome work @ Mysore, I just came to Chennai to spend time in Home for Diwali. This time lots n lots of Shopping. This pic was again taken some long time back when I was in my college. U can see how I smile for the Photo !

My perception on Softwares and Coding completely changed after having lots of “PERCEPTION”. Well, this ppl in infy know wats that “PERCEPTION”….This Dimension of Software Engineering brought in me the insight of Software Design & Coding. Its not just Coding & running the CODE. Its like the development of child in the Womb. Its different !…I’ll better end this. i understand that the reader is getting out of mind.

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