Vibranz ’06 – Ever Vibrating Moment of my Life !

vibranzthumb.jpgThis is yet another PIC which I wanted to share with u all ppl. This pic has come out very well that I cudn’t stop staring at this pic. After a successful One Day National Level Convention – Vibranz ’06, We just had a snap with all the other ppl who were a part of this VIBRANZ ’06.

It was our Dream…It was our passion…It was our Desparate Desire…to have a Symposium for our club. After serious plans, schedules, budgets and lots (!), we ppl started for the symposium which was not a Symposium but a convention. This was one such good times of MEPCO where v had a really gud time. The opportunity to work in a team will not be anything else like this !

One thin’ I admired about this foto was…..whether the Symp. turned out Gud or not…but this Foto came out very well to its Extrimity of Admiration. Yeah…This I feel everytime I see this pic. It cannot be just explained in pure English. !…U need to have a Heart of Luv & Affection to something u belong to……and I have that heart for my club which I belonged to…sorry I still belong to that………I have that heart for my club which I belong to anyway…just click on it to c it enlarged…! also use the Zoom tool in the Bottom right corner to see it BIG

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