B’day Baby :)

May 7th 2008 was one of the interesting day of my life. yeah that was my b’day and really had a gud time wid all my frnz. B’day Celebration not only comprises of Getting up early in the morning & Wearing the New Dress…but its something more than that. Lemme Tell U what it is…..Read below

Well for a b’day guy, the day starts arnd 12.00 am with his frnz wishing

“HEy….Many More Happy Returns of the Day”…

This continues till the evening and to him (I”m telling u this on behalf of guys !) everything looks fresh & New…his new dress too!. He’ll c to it that he never allows even a speck of dirt to stick to his cloth. And this guy expects all his frnz to wish happy b’day & wen he gets calls from his frnz, he reallly feels happy about the amount of friendship that he shares with his frnz.

The most important part of this conversation will go like this….

“Hey Happy B’day …”

“Thanks dude…Thank You..”

“Hey keep aside ur thanks an all….Tell me wen & where is ur B’day Treat?….”

“Yeah….errrrr…….I’ll give man….errrr…..in the evening…..”

[BEEP…BEEP….gets another call in between & the second calls goes to Call Awating Service…]

“Evening….oh fine…Tell me where…I’ll join..”

“errrr……(smiles to himself)…..I didn’t decide……I”ll give u a Call…ok?…”

(Some more of conversation takes place & then…..)

” Ok..chalo….bye for now…have a gr8 day….”….

So Treat will be the main focus. That is another gr8 occasion where all u give things to ur frnz which they wanted. This happens either in Ice Cream Parlour or in the Pizza Hut or in Some Restaurant. If time permits then group of them hang out for some Movies & the Guys Wallet Looses Weight in the name of Treat. Finally when the guys Wallet has reached to the extremity of the tenuity,….somewhat equivalent to the Hip of Hot Gorgeous Girl (!), all of them leave forΒ the Day happily….but thats is not over….still more….

B’day Bumps !

yeah…this is something which the b’day baby never misses. All of the frnz assemble in one place with utmost happiness surrounding the Guy and sing B’day Song….& suddenly it happens in a fraction of second that these guys (& girls too)…who were very Good, nice to him…will show their Power of their hands in the guys Back…hehehe….

Poor guy !….but all those bumps will be sweet kisses to him (!). Thats how we shud interpret…..the harder the bash, the deeper the Love & Affection that those frnz have on him !…..afterΒ  giving beautiful bashes, then the cake cutting ceremony starts, The Guy with all his smiles over his face cuts the cake and shares it with all. But I tell u 70 % of the cake which is bought for the b’day by frnz, will not be used for consumption !. After the cake encounters the first few cuts, it is mandatory that all the remaining must be applied all over his face – A Free Facial That is done for a B’day Guy !. A Facial using choclates, Cream, Bread, Honey, Sugar syrup, Choco Chips & what not ??!!

then with all the cakes over his face, the guy is supposed to beam with a Smile πŸ˜€ & Gifts, to the Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola Cellphone Cams & other Canon, Sony Cameras flashing around him. With the Cake & Cream dripping face he leaves to wash his face….but it suddenly happens to that Guy…..”why shud only he look Handsome in cake…?…lemme make others luk beautiful too……”

He pounces on the left over cake & grabs a handful of it …..and u know what shud have happened….the guys & girls running all over the place to protect themselves from the cakess & creams bearing b’day baby wid handful of cakess chasing everyone of them……making the place a mess…& finally after some screams & screeches…the day ends with Happiness of Celebration & Sadness of Leaving for the Day….

hmmm…..that was really a wonderful B”day !