Movie Review: Yaavarum Nalam (2009)

Yaavarum NalamYaavarum Nalam (2009) is a bilingual film directed by Vikram. K. Kumar starring Madhavan and Neetu Chandra in leading roles. Yes The Movies has been released in Hindi as well it named 13B. I’m not going to tell you all here what the movie is all about. Coz revealing it may unveil the suspense and it will not make any sense watching the movie !

Guys n Gurlz, I tell u it’s not just another Maddy’s Film.

Before entering the Satyam Entrance, I was into pre conclusions on seeing the posters that, it’s gonna be another “Thambi”, “Yevano Oruvan” type movies, where he’ll fight against the ill effects caused to the people by TV (Serials, movies…etc) But, when the movie started, I was deeply absorbed into the screen as Movie’s back score was really really awesome. By the time they started showing the names and the graphics which picked up No. 13 from every name that was displayed on the screen, my thoughts started changing slowly…”OK it’s something different…”. And as the movie slowly drifted through the time, I could find something very thrilling and suspense was at its peak in my mind.

Few things I noted, worth mentioning.

1. Whatever Number people say in the movie or you come across, it will sum up to 13. The Address, The Flat door no, The floor no, The TV channel (24X7), the Medical Expense amount in Rs. (only one place) etc

2. Maddy’s Performance – Awesome. Lot more better than his recent movies

3. The Story Line – Thrilling

4. The Suspense and the way the fear that creeps into your mind when watching the movie (IN THEATRE) with all those DTS sound effects

5. The Screenplay is of course has played a major role in the movie. You can see the difference only at the end. The whole movie is screened in a dull green ambience (ofcourse u can see the difference in colors, but in the end You’ll realize it). The video will change to normal colorful one after that Climax. I do not want to say why it has been filmed like that. You should go n see yourself and watch., That will be really thrilling and nail biting experience.

6. As mentioned below, there were some loopholes, but leave all those things and watch it with full horror mind.

7. Good inbuilt comedy which are in good timing (No separate comedy tracks I meant :P)

8. Only two short songs and ofcourse one in the end for the theme.

9. The changes in the notion in your mind causing by the screenplay was something to be mentioned here. You’ll think “OK ..he is one and this is how it had happened…” Suddenly after few scenes, you’ll change your mind “Oh My God…What this?” but without compromising the earlier scenes, your conclusions will be justified. !

10. Inclusion of a TV Serial was something different and believe me, it won’t be boring till the end.

11. Nice Flat and the not to forget to mention about the LIFT.

12. The Industrial Power (Electrical Power) ofcourse which gives a shock to some of the characters of the movie.(Those who have watched can understand)

13. Unexpected Climax !! – AWESOME J


So it’s a different movie in the recent releases.

Rating: ● ● ● ● o (4/5)



P.S. Please Do Watch in a Multiplex or in a Decent Theatre so that you will not miss out the effects that builds the thrill. Now, do not ask me did I noticed only 13 points in the movie?? :O

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Yaavarum Nalam (2009)

  1. hey, thats cool 🙂 . . everywhere, the reviews of this movie r good.. well, it’s nice to hear of some movie thats actually worth watching… coz i watched two lousy movies one after the other in theater – padikadhavan & panchamrithm. got totally bugged… maybe this one wil be a change. .

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