Commitment! (My 55 Fiction)

He was irresistibly staring at the monitor. The code was still running consuming much of the CPU memory.

She was uncomfortable sitting in the cafeteria. Droplets of tears swiped across her rose powdered cheeks.

5 minutes to complete execution.

5 minutes to catch the train.

Successful Execution – Monitor Displayed.

“I’m leaving” – His mobile screen flashed.

This is my First 55 fiction. It has only 55 words. See below the MS Word Statistics as a proof

Well….I had this conception of not being able to form a fiction with just 55 words. But after a lazy Friday afternoon sleep, I sat in-front of my system and opened the MS Word to write about something, just then this thought stuck me,

“Kally, Why don’t you try ur hand on 55 Fiction?”

Then I started keying in the above lines.

The best part is, after a doubtful compilation of above lines, I just re-read those lines. I was quite confident that, it did conveyed a message. But, still I want this to be reviewed by someone. My sis was there at her disposal 🙂 I beckoned her near my system and asked her to give a read and explain what she understood from those lines.

By the time she took some 3 minutes to explain things, it appeared as if she is reading my memory and narrating things exactly as how it was there in my mind.

Wooooooooooooow !!! I pinched both her cheeks with my hands.

That’s enough for me. That itself was a compliment for what I tried to do and what has come out successfully. I do not know whether the above story followed all the criteria of 55 Fiction, but I’m sure that I was able to convey what I wanted to in just 55 words.

There are lot more untold feelings in this story which will be automatically conveyed once u fnish reading this one. Lemme know what did u feel and how my 55 Fiction has turned out.

Is it a or ?

To know more about 55 fiction, visit the link below:

18 thoughts on “Commitment! (My 55 Fiction)

  1. Very nice, Kally! all i wish for you is, “Let your love story not turn into such a tragic one”
    way to go! post more 55s!

  2. very good…………
    i also wrote some 55 words stories in our college days……..
    but i wrote in tamil…….
    sujatha – best in 55 words story (in tamil)
    expecting more stories like dis………….

  3. hey, that was cool… the guy manages to complete his job on time.. but fails to be there at his girlfriend’s disposal to comfort her… ! is that right? He succeeds in his professional front, but lags behind in his personal issues… like one cant perfectly manage both aspects of life…
    great kally! that was an awesome piece of idea! and 55 fiction! super!

  4. Woha ! Nice work…
    THe way i comprehended I thought, it was
    successful execution & a successful break up 😛

    Found meself wronged tho’
    Let me try me hand @ this ,sometime 😀
    Cheers !

  5. @Gracy: U r almost near…it is not successful break-up, it is becoz of his over indulgence in his work, he is not able to meet up his she is leaving to some place without able to meet him. She is so sad and she is leaving with heavy heart !!

    Well..perception differs not a big issue !!!..Chill 🙂

    Yea try this !!

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