Short Story: Virtual Memories

I opened my eyes to look at the alarm clock which was waiting eagerly with an evil grin on the table, kept exactly beside my head to wake me up with its irritating frequency of sound that it emits. It was 6.30 AM. The seconds hand was sweeping the clock’s face with intermittent pause for each second tirelessly to count the time that ticks right away.

Mom and dad were packing up bags. My vision was hazy, eyes still laden with the gravity of sleep. They were actually starting for a mini pilgrimage tour which was arranged by one of our neighbors in his Travel Package.

“Ashwin, wake up. We are leaving for the tour. We’ll be back tomorrow. We may reach late. Milkman will come at 7.30, get the packets and keep it in the milk tray. I’ve made breakfast and it is in the kitchen. Get up and lock the doors”

“Ye….aaaah (**Yawn**)”

I got up and slid the door latch and came back to bed. Closed my eyes and tried to sleep. But I was not able to sleep. I felt lonely and this loneliness was not allowing me to sleep. So I quickly got up and logged into my system to check mails.

There was a forward mail containing rare images of the some deity. I kept scrolling and in the end there was a message which asked me to forward it to at least 20 people, ignoring this mail may bring ill fate to me. On forwarding the mail, some miracle may happen in 1 hour. I usually don’t believe in these chain mails. And I hate spamming friends’ inbox with this kind of mails. I just thought for a moment and didn’t know what struck me, I pressed the Forward Button, entered few mail IDs in the To List and hit the SEND.

I launched iTunes & played some music track, so that I don’t doze off. Just then, I heard someone knocking the door. I remembered the milkman. I got up, walked towards the door and opened. There was no one. I came out and looked in all directions in search of milkman. There was no one. I looked disappointingly into the mailbox which was tugging the grill gate outside. Someone patted me on my back.

“Who are you?”

“I’m God”

The man appeared very simple in his white pyjamas. Well shaved. Well kept hair. I could not believe that he is God. I felt, he is talking rubbish early in the morning.


“God! I said”, repeated the man-in-white

Well, I assumed this guy is gone mad or an escapee from an asylum. He looked harmless mature to his age that invited some dignity in his speech. I thought he must be from the neighboring house and is playing with me.

“Can we go to terrace and stroll for a while. It will be a good breathing experience in this morning”, he offered.

“Errr…OK in a minute”, I said and entered the house, put the system in Sleep mode, locked the doors and we walked up the stairs. By the time we reached the terrace, he went straight to the wooden cot which was there and offered me a seat. I hesitantly sat beside him.

“You are…errrr” I started again

“I’m God my son. The almighty! If you don’t believe me let’s have a conversation and in the end it is up to you to believe me or not.” The deal seemed to be vague. How can one believe one as a God with mere conversation? But I somehow wanted to get rid of this man. He must either be a neighbor or a jerk or a jerk neighbor.

“Hmmm…fine” I said

“Son…Tell me what you do?

“I’m a Software engineer” I said.

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Short Story: I dont wanna miss you

It was a Saturday evening.

A group of children were playing in the park making noises that hit the nearby houses. They were enjoying the Saturday evening to the core. No studies, no homework, no exams. What else children need these days? An hour of sleep, lots of time to play and enjoy.

65 year old Vasudevan was sitting in the bench and was keenly watching the kids playing cricket, in the park situated nearby Mercy Oldage Home. He was in his white dhoti and well pressed khadi pyjama which has been donated by Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan to all the senior citizens of the Mercy Home. The walking stick, which never parts from him, was lying beside him. He was here by his own decision.

He could see two kids fighting in the crowd of children playing see-saw. A flabby obese child was hit by another one who is thin and weak to his age. He could barely lift the cricket bat which was lying on the ground. The scene of the weak tiny boy who keeps hitting the obese child disturbed him. Vasudevan was very much tired for his age and in his life. The small boy’s mischievousness was at the peak. He constantly hits the obese kid with the bat and this plump kid never retorts back. After few more hitting, both of them leave the place and this flabby kid walks towards the bench.

Vasu seeing him coming, calls the obese kid.

“Hey you. Come here dear”

Hearing those words, the boy turns his side and comes running towards him.

“What is your name?”, Vasu asked him softly bearing a light smile in his face.

“Deepak” came the reply.

“Deepak, why do you play with that naughty boy who keeps hitting you always? Why don’t you hit him back so that he never shows his mischievousness to you?

Deepak replied, “I play with him because; others don’t include me in the games. They don’t allow me in their group because I’m fat. I look ugly. My dress is tight and they hate playing with me. Aswin plays with me even though I’m fat. He is the only one who accepts me as a friend. If I hit him back he’ll too leave me. After all his the only one I’ve, to play with me. I don’t wanna miss him”

Saying this he hurriedly left running towards the park gate.

Deepak’s words stirred Vasudevan’s thoughts.


A week back in his own house, he shouted at his son Krishnan, who was assistant manager in an elevator company managing the finance and accounts.

“I’m leaving this house”, Vasudevan’s voice reverberated the 3BHK flat which Krishnan bought a month ago. “I cannot stay with him who doesn’t have any respect to his father. I’m leaving”

“Father, it’s you who happily gave away the important file containing the account statements to waste paperwala. You know how important that document is? I had worked day and night to prepare that report and it was due submission. I had to ask another day to prepare it again and submit it back. It is the only reason, I spoke harshly to you. Why are you leaving us for this?”

“No whatever reason you give me, I’m not in a mood to accept it. I need respect. When it is not available here, I’m not staying here. See you”. Vasudevan packed his bags and left the house and he is now here in the Mercy home for the past one month. Krishnan’s effort to make his father stay back went in vain. He was helpless.


Someone knocked the door early in the morning. When Krishnan opened the door he was surprised to see his father back home. Vasudevan quietly entered the house and entered silently into his room and sat in his chair. Krishnan could not say anything. He wanted to talk to his dad. But he did not want to hurt him saying anything. He wanted his father to rest. He was in tears out of the happiness that filed his heart seeing his father back home after a month from the Mercy home.

Krishnan was getting ready for the day’s work and was hurrying as usual to his office. He left home hurriedly seeing his father asleep in his room.

By the time he reached his Office, he got a call from his manager.

“Krishnan, please bring the audit report which we prepared yesterday. Hope you reviewed it at home as you said”

“Yesss Sir…I’ll be there in a minute”. When the receiver was placed down, he realized that he had left the file at home. “Oh my God…today again in hurry I left the file back at home”. He quickly made another call to his manager and informed that he need some time and he’ll be back in 5 minutes.

“Oh yes. No problem Krishnan. Take your time. Come to my cabin after 5 minutes”, Manager replied and put the receiver down.

By the time he was about to start home. Krishnan received another call from reception.

“Mr. Krishnan, someone is waiting for you in the lobby”

“Yes I’ll be there in a minute”

“Thank you Sir” the call ended.

Who wants to see me now? I want to get that file from Home immediately. Shall I ask him to come another day and discuss? Thinking all this he got down the stairs and reached the lobby in search of the person who has come to meet him.


Krishnan approached the reception and the lady pointed her pen towards the couch. It was a fraction of time Krishnan took, turning to the direction the receptionist pointed, to see Vasudevan sitting in the couch, with a file in his hand, along with a flabby kid who was holding a football, sitting beside him. His heart was heavy with melancholy.

“Father….” He said. He was not able to talk. His throat was choked out of happiness of seeing his father.

Krishnan could not control his feelings. He burst out in tears and came towards him and fell on his father’s feet.

Vasudevan spoke, “Krishnan, here is the file which you forgot to take with you, this morning. Amma gave this to me to handover this to you. Hope this is so something important for you today. I don’t wanna miss you”

P.S: This is a thought expressed by my colleague. He wanted those thoughts to be written in some form of story and I’ve tried my best to put it here in a story as narrated by him.

Short Story: Lhymes

Three year old Pinky was crying badly with tears flowing all over her pink cheeks and rosy cute little lips. She was clad in dark blue pinafore, white shirt, and not to mention the safety pin holding the handkerchief to the pinafore intact.

Sitting in the last bench of the LKG B-Section, her first day in the school was painful. Seeing all new faces and the smell from the boxes of wax Camlin crayons made her awfully uncomfortable. The water bottle had spilled the water all over the floor. The class was noisy and she could hear few other kids crying badly for mummy.

The hand drawn portraits of apple and banana hanging in the walls did not invite any interest in the class. She wanted to go home and sleep beside her mom.

Class teacher entered the class. Took the attendance and turned towards the class and said.

“My dear students let me teach you rhymes today. Repeat the words as I say”

“YES MAAAAAAAAAAAM…”, came the reply from the class.

She opened the book and started reciting the rhymes….Pinky repeated what the teacher said with the tears dripping all over her cheeks. When the rhymes was over, Pinky’s cry had subsided a bit and she is red all over her small nose. Teacher noticed this and came to her

“What do you want pinky?”

“I want mummy…”, she told curling her lips forward

“Mummy will come in the evening and pick you up”

“No I want to go now”. Teachers words agitated Pinky’s little heart and she started shouting at her highest decibel. Teacher promised her chocolates if she stayed quiet. But all her efforts went in vain. Pinky badly wanted to go home. The teacher told her, if you tell me rhymes, I’ll leave you to your parents. She told this and left Pinky in her seat and left the place and walked towards her chair in front of the class. Pinky was looking seriously into the open textbook which was lying on the table. She had to stop crying as there was no other go.

When the bell rang three times, she could hear the sounds of shoes walking past her class. There was a break for 15 minutes; Pinky opened her Tiffin box and took out the orange cream biscuits. She took the round biscuit in her hand and pulled both the biscuits apart, which were stuck to each other, with the orange cream in between. She started licking the orange cream slowly till the taste of the biscuit felt in her tongue. She did this for all the biscuits and left the wet biscuits sans cream back in the Tiffin box.

The class started after the 15 minutes break.

After a 2hours of all classes, there came the last period. Rhymes Teacher again!

This period was activities period. Teacher asked each one of the students to come near her and asked the student to sing a song or tell any poem. Pinky remembered the rhymes which her mom taught her a week back. Before joining the school, Pinky’s mom used to teach her songs, rhymes and alphabets etc. Suddenly she remembered the book which she was staring in the morning. It had pictures of stars, moon and dark night.

Teacher was sitting in her chair, calling each one of them to do something for the class. Pinky was watching carefully what each of the students were doing. She wanted to leave. She wanted to come out of this agony of sitting in the class and doing things told by the teacher.

“Come here Pinky”, Teacher called.

Pinky slowly got up from her seat and walked towards her carrying the book with which had the pictures of stars and moons.

“What are you going to do Pinky”, Teacher interrogated.

Lhymes…..”, she said in her childish slang.

“Oh Pinky is going to tell us rhymes”, Teacher announced to the class. “Ok. Come on Pinky. Tell the rhymes”. She thought Pinky is going to say the rhymes which she taught in the class this morning.

Pinky started

“Tinki tinki litti chaar.

Aavai onna waattoo aar

Appobaada volso hai

Laika dimon inda sky”

By the time she finished telling this with all actions and modulation, the teacher hugged her and planted a kiss in her pink cheeks and asked her, “Who taught you this?”

“Mummy”, came the reply

Pinky expected her to take her to the mom as she said earlier. By the time she was thinking, the bell rang and parents have come to escort their child back.

Pinky was so happy seeing all the parents. She could spot her mom who has come to escort her. She quickly packed her school bag and left the class. The teacher met her mom and asked to meet her in the staff room.

In the staff room,

“You girl is so naughty and intelligent”

“Oh…are there any complaints?”

“No, I just wanted to tell you that, she told rhymes today in the class. No other students were able to tell this way. You are really blessed to have such a child.”

“Thank you very much madam”


Later in Pinky’s house.

“Teacher told me that, she is really intelligent”, Veena said to her husband.

“Oh is it? What did she do in the class?”

“She told the rhymes that I taught her last week”

“Oh great ! You always do your best to teach children things in an interesting way by showing them the pictures and toys while teaching the rhymes. This made the children remember and learn the rhymes so easily and quickly. No wonder you are a great teacher!”

Veena, who was a young and energetic teacher in the kindergarten school, blushed, hearing those compliments given to her.

Dedicated to all the teachers.

Happy Teachers Day

Honesty! (My 55 Fiction)

He looked confused, looked left and right. All of them were writing in full swing. The teacher was standing near the first row. He quickly took out the small paper rolled inside the pen cap and quickly glanced through it.

Correct Answers!

He handed over the answer sheet with joy of answering all questions correctly


Well, I had posted this 55 Fiction in my Office Blog too. Got some interesting comments in the form of 55 Fiction.

One girl had posted a reply for my above Story in 55 words:

She looked once again to her left and right. He was busy copying the answers from the scrap of paper. She tried to catch his eye but he was not looking up. She wrote her name and telephone number on a chit and threw it at him.

‘You are using Chits!’, yelled the angry teacher.

To which I replied back in 55 words:


Bell rang and all of them left the exam hall. The teacher left in hurry to submit the answer sheets. The boy picked up the chit, smiled and approached the girl.

“Saw the chit?”

“No. I had written all my answers correct. Thanks for help. Please bring chits for tomorrow’s chemistry exam”


The Girl replied with another one for the above one in 55 words

He walked out and winked at his friends. ‘What was that man?’ they asked excitedly.

‘Arey she was quite bold yaar, she knew I liked her but I did not expect that she would do this in the exam hall. Anyway, I have her number, it’s show time! She will love this bad boy’s game!’

For this I replied back in 55 words

“Hi…Bad boy here :)”
“Hey hi…studied?:)”
“No..exams gt postponed. Andhra CM expired in Air crash. schools hv been declared holiday”
“Oh..yea just now mom told me :)”
“wat doin’?”
“preparing chits :P”
“Gud:P!… Free tomo?”
“yea…:) Shall I come home?”
“yea :(“
“Mom will scold”
“Oh :O….Then we’ll go out”
“OK Done :)”

Now this time some one else replied for the above story with a 55 Fiction

Will meet in the School?”
“Yep! Sounds good”
“evening, 5:30?”

next evening, in the school
Boy is waiting for the girl; she finally arrives
she–> “Sorry for being late”
“where are the boooks!”
“what books?”
“Chemistry, obviously!”
“what are we here for?”
“Combined studies. Will prepare the chits together 🙂 “

Donno if this is the end of the story. But we enjoyed replying back with the 55 Fiction in the form of a story !!! 🙂

P.S: If You are the girl who replied to my post in Office Blog, then Do leave me a msg that you have read this !