Honesty! (My 55 Fiction)

He looked confused, looked left and right. All of them were writing in full swing. The teacher was standing near the first row. He quickly took out the small paper rolled inside the pen cap and quickly glanced through it.

Correct Answers!

He handed over the answer sheet with joy of answering all questions correctly


Well, I had posted this 55 Fiction in my Office Blog too. Got some interesting comments in the form of 55 Fiction.

One girl had posted a reply for my above Story in 55 words:

She looked once again to her left and right. He was busy copying the answers from the scrap of paper. She tried to catch his eye but he was not looking up. She wrote her name and telephone number on a chit and threw it at him.

‘You are using Chits!’, yelled the angry teacher.

To which I replied back in 55 words:


Bell rang and all of them left the exam hall. The teacher left in hurry to submit the answer sheets. The boy picked up the chit, smiled and approached the girl.

“Saw the chit?”

“No. I had written all my answers correct. Thanks for help. Please bring chits for tomorrow’s chemistry exam”


The Girl replied with another one for the above one in 55 words

He walked out and winked at his friends. ‘What was that man?’ they asked excitedly.

‘Arey she was quite bold yaar, she knew I liked her but I did not expect that she would do this in the exam hall. Anyway, I have her number, it’s show time! She will love this bad boy’s game!’

For this I replied back in 55 words

“Hi…Bad boy here :)”
“Hey hi…studied?:)”
“No..exams gt postponed. Andhra CM expired in Air crash. schools hv been declared holiday”
“Oh..yea just now mom told me :)”
“wat doin’?”
“preparing chits :P”
“Gud:P!… Free tomo?”
“yea…:) Shall I come home?”
“yea :(“
“Mom will scold”
“Oh :O….Then we’ll go out”
“OK Done :)”

Now this time some one else replied for the above story with a 55 Fiction

Will meet in the School?”
“Yep! Sounds good”
“evening, 5:30?”

next evening, in the school
Boy is waiting for the girl; she finally arrives
she–> “Sorry for being late”
“where are the boooks!”
“what books?”
“Chemistry, obviously!”
“what are we here for?”
“Combined studies. Will prepare the chits together 🙂 “

Donno if this is the end of the story. But we enjoyed replying back with the 55 Fiction in the form of a story !!! 🙂

P.S: If You are the girl who replied to my post in Office Blog, then Do leave me a msg that you have read this !

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