Short Story: Crazy Simi


Girls are crazy sometimes. I don’t want to make any general statements as I do not want to earn hatred from girls who are reading this.

I’m going to talk about a girl who wanted to be a guy!

She really did not mean it. But she simply wanted to be a guy because that may alleviate her from small troubles that she faces with the world around her.


The Chat

But seriously, if u write too much no one will have time to read and they may not know that u r leaving….” I pinged her.

She was a great blogger who writes real life incidents in an interesting way. All that amused her, impressed her, the things which made her weep, the ones which made her embarrassed, she writes everything. Life is to live and to learn things. And the best part is to share things. The late night talks with roomies with black coffee and tea. The daily late night TV remote wars and the all time menace due to unscrupulous maintenance of water supplies in the apartment which few girls share in Pune.


Click the “Read more…” link below to read the rest of the story

It was sometime back in the mid week of month when I was busy with downloading games at home; I got a ping in my Gtalk.

“Hey u ther?” It was she.

“Yea I’m here dear :)” I pinged her back

“Gd Mrng”

“GM 2 u 2 !!”

“A frnd says he can get me a seat in a college . . .at Bangalore. Wat 2 do? Wat 2 do? Tell meeeeeee” she pinged these partially repetitive texts.

“Get u a seat in a college? Hmmm…”. I pinged her back to cause a little delay, so that in the meantime, I could think. I’ve never given advices to anybody, as the receiver seldom likes it and is the case with me too. But since this seemed to be a help, I extended readily to give her tips on this.

“Yea exactly !!” she replied

“First enquire whether it is a good college or not..”

“It is”, came quickly the reply.

“Next is fees…How much?….worth spending?” I added.

“The whole thing..…including agent and everything, comes to around 3 lacs” she pinged back

“Hmmm… and the course u r going to take is worth pursuing in that college?”

“MBA” She said.

“Oh Good… I’m telling u…if u wanna go for MBA…do it in known institutes….”

“It is a good college . . . . Good ranking n all..”

“Just another college will of course give u a degree….but job after that should pay u much… hmmm..well if u feel it is a gud college, then go ahead na?..” I pinged her back with some concern. “OK tell me what’s the college name?”

She told me a college name which I haven’t heard before. I can’t just simply tell her that it is a good college. I should confirm things, and then give her assurance.

“mmm….do u know abt the college’s infrastructure, Internship companies and the coaching that the college offers?” I asked her back.

“No much idea of infrastructure. . Internship companies are quite good. ..and coaching…..heard that is good too” She pinged me back.

“mmm….will u b able to spend tht much? If not then, you can go for loans also… if u feel it’s good, then Go head!” I told her with some concern on her spending capacity. I thought about myself who did my engineering and paid my college fees through loan.

She pinged back, “I think the fee can be managed . . . without loan. . .”

“You’ll stay in hostel then” I pinged.

“Yea I guess so…”

“I don’t want to leave this company in which I’m currently working 😦 ” She said. There was a sad smiley.

“Hey…this company will give you salary, but nothing worth anything more than money…but but higher studies will give u Degree!!” I pinged her back with speculation.

“But you know what, no more job from now on., I will not get a chance to work, once I leave this once” Some sadness has started creeping in.

I tried consoling her, “You’ll get a job after your MBA. You’ll be managing people. You have better scope of work with your post graduation. It will be fun”

“I’ll get but I won’t be allowed to work” There was a strong reply ping. I didn’t know what to say. I tried searching for reasons to console her. I got a call from my friend who is in California.

“Oh…I see. Hey be online, I’ll be right back after in few minutes” I pinged back and attended the call. The call went for half an hour. I came back to my system.


“I’m back dear” I pinged her. Her Gtalk was in idle state. Thought she was away from her system.

“Veekay” The Gtalk application in the task bar blinked orange. Someone was pinging. I opened the window to find her ping again.

“Yea tell me Simi” (Simi…That’s how I call her)

“I dropped it…Dropped that college in Bangalore. I asked a friend from Bangalore . . . He asked his from who is now in Bangalore . . .and SMSed me. .. MBA is not that good at that college. . Don’t join…”

“mmm…I told u na…2 enquire whether the course is worth pursuable in that college…” I pinged with amusement. She had dropped the college.

“Like PSG college in Coimbatore. . . the college’s trust and institutions are famous. . But it seems that the MBA is not worth this much… and for some strange reason. . I am happy. . .” She said.

Theek hai….u got some useful info…then…u didn’t end up somewhere in a college in a course which is not worth pursuing”

“Is it normal right?” She asked me. I knew what she was asking.

“Being happy is always normal yaar…let it b for any reason… Be happy always 🙂 ” I replied for her ping.

“I missed a chance and I’m happy. I should be an idiot…” she said. She always says things like this. But I always have an answer for that.

So I replied her back, “No no…that’s not a good college for MBA as you said. So you did not miss anything and moreover you are lucky enough to drop the college. Try out somewhere else. You may have better opportunities”

“Hmmm….right now, I have two things in mind.


TWO – – I WANNA BE A GUY. .NOW. . RIGHT NOW” She pinged. I was like…What does she wants and why is she so desperate.

“First one is OK. That can be arranged. But for the second one???” I replied.

“One of these….” It was Simi

“And why the hell you wanna be a guy??”

“If transfer is not possible, then I wanted to be a guy” She repeated.

Kyyon kyoon kyoon?…wats d relation between transfer and being a guy??..hehe” I pinged her back confused. I still did not get the motive behind her, being a guy. As she is an avid blogger, I was afraid that she may vent out her anger by writing this idea of being a guy in the blogs too.

“and for heaven’s sake..Don’t blog this… agar tum blog mein yeh sab likhogi ki u wanna b a guy..Then that’s all!! Then people may start making fun and it will hurt you the most” I immediately pinged her. “kya hu tumko??  Theek ho na?”

“If I were a guy. . . Transfer wouldn’t matter. . I won’t have this much things in mind to confuse me.” She said.

“….Simi should be a girl!! Always” I pinged her.

“Right now I’m not enjoying being a girl” She was persistent in her thoughts.

arey arey…chill chill..” I tried convincing her. Searched for words to console her, I could understand her feelings.

Suddenly she pinged, “Fine … I will b girl…GET ME A TRANSFER”

I was in mixed emotions. I exactly did not know what to do. I pinged her smiley.

“See…you tell me to be a girl and when I talk about transfer…” she has again caught the point. It is always difficult for guys to console a girl when she is not near and when she is expecting things, which you cannot do it or you do not have any privilege to do that.

acho… Even I will b happy if u get a transfer!!…but things should turn out fine …until then…we need to wait” I knew I could not do anything about this. Still I wanted to feel comfortable.

“Wait….I’ve been waiting for five months, five long months.


FIVEEEEEEEEEEEE” She has started those repetitive pings.

“Hmmm…but abhi to can’t do anything about it yaar….probably u can pester your manager…That’s the only solution for now…” I said.

“That won’t work…that’s why I say…I wanna be a guy…now…right now…this very moment” she replied to mine.

“But, how it is going to help you, if you are a guy? Same case with the guys too right?” I asked her puzzled.

“I don’t have to think, and beg people to come with me if I have to go somewhere…I don’t have to worry about continuous discussions about marriage proposals for at least next 6 yrs…i don’t have to get scared that one day I might have to wear a burkha / pardah”

Now I was getting it. I could understand what she really meant.

“Oh…that’s there…I can now understand…..” I replied

“Are people at home planning for your marriage?” I asked.

“Oh yea…started to worry about it long back…and I’m just 22” This was Simi

“Now that, you started thinking about all that rey….hmmm…coz of this job!!…I understand, being in and around 22 for girls, is bit difficult…ghar mein alliances dekne shuru kar denge…” I pinged her back.

“They started when I was in 20. But I somehow managed to hold it for 2 yrs . . . . Had to fight a lot…” She pinged back.

“OMG…yeh to…bahut jaldi hai…20 years se hi??” I was bewildered.

Arrey.. .my community. . .they sent off their girls at the age of 16 – 18 😦 “ came the reply.

“Oh…par kab se pardah pehente hain??… I mean…shadi ke pehle hi to pehente hain na?..I have seen girls”

arrey haan yaar…lekin shaadi tak apni marzi…” She replied.

“I have heard that people marry off in early stages..”

“agar shaadi ke baad, pati ne bola….wear it… I won’t have any other choice….rite?”

“Yea correct…but sabhi log orthodox hotein hain kya? Someone will be there to understand you right?

“If my family is searching, they will search for a guy like him, who is very religious and conservative…my dad will be so damn happy when he sees someone who is very religious…if that’s the case, .nothing else matters to him…so. . .after shaadi, Simi dead…Not exactly DEAD . .. But Simi as she is now will be DEAD…She will be a different person…someone who always have to be scared, who cannot do what she wish to do, who may not be allowed to work and so on and on…” She was speaking her heart. I could see the independent girl in her. She wanted to be free from all the problems around her.

She continued, “Simi is



DUSH…Mummyyyyyyy 😥 “ There was a crying smiley.

I replied, “I have seen most of the Muslim girls wearing Parda…and I’ve not seen any open….and most of them so religious and strict…I live in Muslim area.”

“My sister does. My mom doesn’t wear Parda. But she always wears that tight scarf to cover her head…and I…I cover my head with the Dupatta, once I cross the border of my hometown when I travel from here…and in Office, not that much of Pardah…and I feel guilty for it sometimes. See life is complicated” She pinged.

“Hmmm…now I understand all your problems. Lekin guilty hone ki koi aavashyakta nahi hai…you are one independent and educated girl” I encouraged her.

“You know what?. . .I still wear only full sleeve dresses and take care no one gets a chance to blame me once I get home. . .not because I want to do all those. ..but I know how much trust my parents have on me. . .I won’t do anything to make them regret it” She pinged. I felt proud to have such a friend, who is ready to sacrifice her wishes for others.

“You know how to be well behaved and groomed in a society…..and being so religious is not that much needed here…only when u go to your hometown, you’ll have to wear Duppattah on your head n all that… and haan I can see how much you are true and sincere to your parents that you don’t want to break the trust, your parents have kept on you. You are so so good to yourselves and to others” I spoke my heart.

“As any other GIRL . . I’m also very much interested in dresses, clothes and all. . (not a news I know) but every time I have to let my likes and dislikes go just for this. See, life is complicated for no reasons at all. I don’t see any reason why I should have all these tension. . I have grrr8 supportive family. .

Parents – Very cool and encouraging, agreed me to join this company (it is something sort of a miracle)

Siblings – good and to top of it, you know what, but still my life is messed up” She was instantaneously pinging things.

I immediately pinged her back, “You know what Simi, in life, each one of us have desires. We want to do things in life, the time at which, we are going to achieve it, we are unaware of it. Some things attain the completion soon, making us happy and some remain incomplete. We can’t keep ourselves preoccupied on it. We have to do things which make us happy. That is what life is all about. So try not to keep thinking about this more. It will result in frustrations only”

“Hmmm…yea but still, it keeps bothering me a lot” She replied.

“Don’t worry; life will have super cool surprises for us. You will have it too.

“I hope so….Wish you soooooooper cool surprises to you too 🙂

and Thanks for listening to me. I needed someone to let this out”

She sent a smiley in the end. I felt like a heat sink of a Dual core Intel processor, where the heat sink gets all the heat generated out of the silicon electronics circuitry. I was happy. The heat sink supports the functioning of the processor. I felt relaxed as she felt better after letting out all her problems to me.

“Don’t worry!! main hoon na??….see…for this only u need a good friend !! Venting out ur feelings may lighten ur burden and makes u feel light sometimes…” I replied.

Tu talli tu talli tu talli ho gayi” I pinged her, these lines as she always used to ping me whenever she felt bored or excited. These are the lines from the movie Ugly aur Pagli. I thought this may bring her cheerfulness back. Of course it did.

haan yaar… iss baar toh sahi mein talli hogayi” came the reply.

I took some break to have biscuits and tea. As I thrive 24 X 7 infront of my System (Computer), I came back again.


I pinged her, “What else…still thinking about all this?”

“I was thinking, what would I write on the blog . . . the day I leave this company”

Both of us work for the same company. Both of us are software techies. We have an internal blog in our company where people blog, share ideas, information and experiences. Some use it as their personal diary and they write about their crushes, office politics, birthday parties’ celebration and wishes, bloggers meet and all that. I’ve seen many people who leave the company, post their final post in the company blogs telling, “This is my final post in this blog and today is my last day in the company”. Many of them will post their comments saying, All the best, Take care and all those parting phrases.  Now she had plans to quit, if she did not get a transfer and go for higher studies.

She again pinged, “Whatever I’m gonna write, I will not keep it open for comments. One last post in the blog…No comments…What will you do?” She asked.

“One last post with no comments?” I asked her.


“ can probably block all the comments. Screen the comments by default. Change your blog settings on the final day” I was telling her what I’m not supposed to. Nobody will like to leave someone’s blog uncommented that too when they are quitting the company. But still, if I don’t tell her, she may find it herself.

“Yea I’ll do that. Block all incoming comments” she replied.

“But why suddenly this thought?” I asked her again puzzled.

“Just like that…I’ll write something like…. a few more hours and I’ll be an ex-employee” She told.

“That is fine, but why are you thinking about all this now?” I asked.

“Just like that…and then … I’ll give my email ID. . . and then. . a biii…and then disable comments and then BHOOM….Vanish”

I felt like this girl is going crazy. I asked her

But seriously, if u write too much no one will have time to read and they may not know that u r leaving….” I pinged her.

“I won’t write too much. 4 or 5 sentences and the biiiiiiii” She said. “I won’t tell anyone, till the last day. one day. . achanak. . .a post. .good bye wala..” She said.

“That will be depressing yaar…” I pinged back.

“I sound like a suicide maniac…don’t I??” she asked.

“Gone crazy you are…Crrazzy Simi ! ß One more Prefix for you…” I said.



Friday, 6:59 PM:

“Do you remember what you spoke 2 months back when you were in Pune Office? Do you want to be a guy now also??” I pinged her in the Office chat client that we use in our office.

“Noooooooo…I’m happpeee being a girl now” She replied.

“Still in Office?”

“Yea. My home is just 20 minutes away from office. So I’ll leave bit late today” she said.

“hmmm…finally got a transfer to you hometown itself, otherwise I would have seen a male Simi by now…hehe :D” I teased.

“hehe..I’m now happy. I’m coming from Home. I’ve my schoolmates and college mates here. So every weekend I go out with friends. Evening I call them. My weekend plans are always working out now. We have planned for a Goa trip next weekend.

“Hmmm..kewl then” I said smiling

“…and I’m not staying in PG now. I’m bringing Lunch from home. Life is fine, now-a-days. Hey, we have been chatting as usual, after those conversations, it’s been 2 months and how suddenly you remember this today?”

“Just like that…I’ve got a new story to write. Check my blog tomorrow” I said sending her a winking smiley.

“Sure !!!! Wooooow A Story based on Simi..That will be cool !! I love to read. Come on. I’ll check out for sure!” She said

“Well, carry on…I’m leaving for the day now. Catchya tomorrow. Bbye !!” I said.



4 thoughts on “Short Story: Crazy Simi

  1. hmmm… not bad! This is something different from ur usual writing i guess…
    But u’ve got a lot of patience,man.. typing out each and every sentence u guys spoke! i wud never do it unless its way too interesting..!

    and by the way, u’ve mentioned that u advised Simi not to post about her desires of being a guy on her blog…. But it looks like you’ve done that yourself in ur blog.. !
    What do u have to say for that?

  2. Yea it is something different…a story based on a conversation I had with my frnd sometime back…!

    Yea I told her not to post this in her blog abt becoming a guy herself….if she had done that, many of the ppl wud know that it is she who wanted and they wud have put her in embarrassing situation . But I had written this, giving a pseudo name to her. And only original Simi & I know about this. But whoever reads this, they may not know who the Simi is. Thus I had concealed her identity. !!

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