Short Story: Weird Dreams

“So tell me Ms. Grace, what’s your problem”

Dr.Purushothaman, Psychiatrist interrogated her with his bald head shimmering in the Tube light’s reflection

“I had a bad dream today. I’m going to die. But do not know how. The dream is actually incomplete” said Grace with worried face.

He has seen many patients with mental disorder and many other cases dealing with dreams. He could understand her. She was yet another patient who has been affected mentally by dreams and this makes her uncomfortable.

“OK, tell me what happened and what did you see in your dream. I’ll try to sort it out” said the doctor.

She started narrating,


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I woke up from a deep sleep. My eyes felt heavy. My heart was pounding. I could feel the hydraulics of my arteries and veins that aided the traversal of blood. I was engulfed in fear.

Fear of Death !!

The room was normal. Neat, tidy and well kept. The curtains covering the window pane filled the room with bright creamy white ambience. The fan above my head was rotating silently under the magnetic flux exerted in its motor windings.

There was a table and a chair near the bed in which I was lying. I was under some compulsion of doing something. I felt as if I had to complete a couple of tasks. I opened the table’s drawer, and found a watch which had stopped working. There was a small chit in which something was written in it. It had a train’s name and the nearby railway station. I did not know how I knew that it was a train’s name and the railway station which was written in it.

I got up, came out, locked the room and started walking in the streets and caught an auto to reach the station. To my amusement, the station was deserted. I could see, not even a single soul, except a stray dog which lifted its head occasionally in response to the lonely bell man who bangs the metal plate hung outside the station master’s cabin.

I could hear the sound of the horn emitted far away in the tracks. The motion of vestibules in the tracks echoed the station roofs. I could see the headlight of the engine approaching the platform. Then I walked along the platform and got into one of the compartments. It had very few people. All of them were engrossed in the newspaper or gazing paranormally the roof of the compartment. I felt something creepy out here in this place. I plugged in my iPod and followed the other zombie looks of the passengers.

It was a 20 minute journey.

The train slowed down giving all of us hints that it is approaching a station. I got up from my seat scanned all the passengers who were sitting as if they have lost everything in life. No one was ready to get down. The train halted with a jerk. I got down the train and walked towards the exit.

In another 15 minutes, I reached the City Terminal Shopping Complex and searched for the surgical instruments shop. I really do not know why did, I searched for that.

“Oh I see, usually weird dreams doesn’t equip you with a reason for an incident to happen. It just happens”, said the doctor looking keenly on her case.

“One Surgical knife please “, I said to the shopkeeper

“Yes madam. Which one do you want?”

“The disposable carbon steel surgical knife, size 3”

“Here it is madam”

“Is it double sterilized under vacuum?” I enquired

“Of course, these days surgical equipments are sterilized under vacuum to avoid compound formation. Gamma radiation sterilization is also stopped now-a-days” He explained. “Here is a coupon for every purchase of this product. Scratch the colored areas in the coupon which will reveal a unique number. If your number appears in the weekly lot results of our surgical instruments association then you will have gifts sent to your home. Please fill out this form madam.”

I filled the form and entered the coupon number in it. I left the place after paying him the bill. When I reached the same place, where I woke up, I had a key to open the door. I entered the room and there was a cover lying in the ground. There was again a small chit in the paper which asked me to deposit the Demand draft inside the cover to the account number mentioned.

I did not know what I was doing. I quickly refreshed myself. Had a drink and left the room towards the bank. I was being operated I guess. I was walking towards the nearby bank.

Oriental Bank of India, the name board beamed in its golden yellow font beveled in a blue board. I entered the bank and waited in the queue for my turn. That’s when I saw a haphazardly dressed man entering the bank in a hurry. He was restless and took a withdrawal form from the table and stood still. His hands went up to his shirt pockets, inside his pant pockets and to his disappointment; he did not find what he wanted. I saw him approaching me with a scurry look on his face.

“Pen please” He asked. I understood his need and took out the pen from my bag with which I filled the form in the surgical company.

“Thank you very much” saying this, he hurriedly went to the table where quite a few of them have been filling up various forms. By the time he was about to complete filling it, the pen ceases to write.

“Sorry madam. The pen got over. I’ll get you a new one.”

“No that’s OK. I can manage. No need to get new one”

“No no. You helped me and it is my duty to help you.” Saying this he hurried out of the bank. I followed him shouting not to take pains of getting a new pen. By the time I reached to exit, he had reached the road and crossed it looking back. The moment he found himself in the middle of the road, a big Lorry carrying cement mixer was in close encounter to him and he did not get any split second to understand what was going to happen.

The lorry ran over him in full speed leaving the wriggling body mercilessly in the middle of the road. I couldn’t register anything happening in quick succession. By the time, I reached him, a considerable amount of crowd gathered around him. His head bleeding vigorously sent chilling impulses in everyone’s spine.

I reached him, and looked around to get any help from the people around but it is of no use. I kneeled down took his hands and…err..I don’t remember after this.

“What you forgot? Try recalling it again. May be you’ll remember the words spoken by him” said the doctor

“No…I’m not able to recall”. I squirmed in the seat unable to recall what happened after that.

There was a silence which filled the room for few minutes.

“He said something about my Death……” I broke the silence. But do not know what exactly he said. Am I going to die? Please doctor, help me. I’m not able to sleep in peace”


Purushothaman thought,

Well, people are affected mentally due to many cases and weird dreams are one of those cases which need patience and some consulting which can free them from the mental trauma that they undergo out of it. There is no solution for dreams as they occur randomly based on our thoughts and our desires. Few scenes or incidents that impact our mind, stays there in the memory for some time and our mind keeps on thinking about it as how we play the song or a video clipping again and again if we like it so much. I think this is one of the cases which needs proper mental treatment and not a medical one. Probably, I can speak to her after sometime, so that I can give her some relaxation techniques to keep her captivated mind away from these thoughts.

“Please wait outside in the couch. Have something in the canteen. Meet me after an hour. I’ll prescribe you what you need as of now” said the doctor

“Thank You doctor. Meet you after an hour said the lady and left the room.

“Next Please” said the doctor and pressed the buzzer.

A middle aged man who looked more worried than the world busiest person in the world entered the room.

“Please be seated” said the doctor. “Your name please” asked the doctor and opened his prescription pad.

“Ahmed. Ijas Ahmed”

“Hi Ijas, tell me now. What’s your problem?” the doctor adjusted his bifocal lensed spectacle frame and started listening.


“I work for a surgical equipments manufacturing and distribution company. I had a weird dream yesterday”

“What?….You too? Weird dreams? What the fuck?” the doctor could not believe what he just uttered. “Sorry. I was in a tension. I shouldn’t have used such word” he apologized.

“That’s OK doctor. Not an issue” Ijas said

So, last night I went to bed after a bad day at office. I slept late after a small fight with my wife. I did not return home in time. The worst part was the dream. In my dream, I was talking to my wife sitting in my cabin. Don’t know exactly what I spoke, but I was talking to her something serious.

Just then my desk phone rang and I picked up the line. It was my secretary!

“Hello dear, wazzup?” came the female voice from the other side.

“No…nothing…I’m in office”

“Come home tonight for dinner and you know what for…(laughing)”

“OK..ugh…I’ll talk to you later. Bye for now” I said.

“Hey what happened to you? Are you alri…”(Phone gets disconnected)

Just then my boss entered the room and called for meeting. I asked my wife to leave and assured her I’ll join her sometime later.

The meeting went for an hour I guess. I don’t remember anything. He was discussing about promotional offers for the product. Introduction of the coupons, gifts and bumper prizes were discussed. I was asked to deliver the proposal of this promotional offer. My head was spinning like hell. Once the meeting was over, I came out of the room. I knew that I’m in dream. The surrounding was not real. It was appearing as if it is simulated.

I came out of the meeting hall to find myself isolated in seashore. The sun was setting on the west. I could see the silhouette of an old dilapidated bungalow. I looked back in an anticipation to get back to the meeting hall. But to my disappointment, I found a vast beach covered with sands and stones.

I walked on the sands along the shore. I was thinking what to do next. A series of unrelated events were happening to me. I was pondering over lot of things. Something nudged my feet under the sand. I bent down to pick it up. But it did not come. It was buried in the sand and only a part of the object was visible.

I bent down to pull it out. I could hold it well with my fingers. It seemed to be some cylindrical object made of glass. I dug the wet sand around the object to bring that out. It was an ordinary transparent liquor bottle. I have read this in fairy tales, in which the hero will pick up a bottle from the sea and when he opens the bottle, a ghost will appear from inside and it will thank the master for releasing him from the bottle in which it was held captive for years together.

In an anticipation to see something different, I opened the bottle to find a small cover rolled inside the bottle. It was a normal long cover envelope. I took out cover to see a small sheet of old paper and a demand draft and an address to which it has to be delivered. I was wondering, how this place can have any relation to this demand draft. I myself felt rubbish at this dream. The chit was written in a scribbled handwriting. It was an order to deliver that and there was one last sentence

Thou shall meet demise in any case

My heart stopped. I was cursing myself as to why did I open this bloody bottle to see different things. I took the bottle in hand and smelled the opening. I could feel the world around me spinning like a vortex. When I came back to senses, I was standing outside the door which seemed to be an apartment. I was standing outside a locked door. I found the cover in my shirt packet. I slid the cover through the vent in between the door and the floor. Once the thing was done, I was again occupied with the thought of death. I turned back to find my secretary standing in her tube tops and her black velvet skirt. Her looks were attractive in that costume. She showed her mobile in which she had my wife’s number.

“Oh my God….quite a twisty incidents you are coming up with. OK go on. What happened next?” enquired the doctor.

She demanded money. She wanted immediately. She put her hand around my neck and came closer and said, “Sweety, if I’m not getting it now, then I have to place this demand to your wife. I still have her number. Then she may come to know about our weekend dinner. So decide which is good for you and act accordingly. I’ll call you back after an hour darling. Meet me at my place. Cya…baby”.She left the place, telling this. I kept looking at her, getting down the stairs. She gave one final look before disappearing in the swirl steps.

I was already confused on what was happening around me…

“Yea even I’m confused on the series of events”, the doctor interrupted.

I climbed down the stairs, caught a taxi and reached the bank which was 30 minutes away from that place. I had to wait for a long time for the taxi. The journey appeared to be a long one, though it was a half an hour one. Already lost half an hour, I had to get money for my secretary in another half an hour. I hurried to the bank.

I entered the bank and looked blank. I did not know what to do. Withdrawal, yes I have to withdraw money. I didn’t have the debit card. I slid my hands into my shirt pocket, then into my pant pocket in search of pen. It wasn’t there. I looked at the crowd. I could see a lady staring at me. Thought I could get some help from her

Doctors eyes broadened and his jaws dropped. This was the incident narrated by Grace. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was apparently listening to the Grace’s dreams in this man’s version. And he is fully aware that she is going to tell how this man is going to die and what did he tell about Grace’s Death. Purushothaman became curious and listened to him more carefully

“Pen Please” I asked approaching her. She was looking at me in amusement. I didn’t care for that, because I was in a more serious situation and had no time to ponder over her gaze. She gave me pen.

“Thank you very much” I said in response and I hurriedly went to the table where quite a few of them have been filling up various forms. By the time I completed filling it, the pen ceased to write. It was over. I thought it would be bad if I give her back the empty pen. So I gave a thought to get her a new pen.

“Sorry madam. The pen got over. I’ll get you a new one.” I said.

“No that’s OK. I can manage. No need to get new one” She gave a smiling response.

“No no. You helped me and it is my duty to help you.” Saying this I hurried out of the bank and had reached the road and crossed it looked back. The moment I found myself in the middle of the road, something was ringing loudly near my ears. I felt disturbed. The whole mind got upset and was couldn’t concentrate on what I was about to do or what I was up to currently. Suddenly a gush of air struck my face and I woke up in my bed as the alarm rang 6.00 AM sharp near my bed.


“Now, tell me doctor, I was going to die. I don’t know when. But I’m sure whenever I happen to hit the bed in the future; this nightmare will haunt me like hell. Please help me to come out of this mental torture.”

Purushothaman was disappointed as this man was not able to tell about her death. His dream ended incomplete!

“That’s it?”

“Yea. I woke up after that. I did not know what happened” said Ijas

“Hmmm…” As a psychiatrist, he has handled patients with mental disorder, but this is not a disorder which can be cured with medicines. This is a mental agony and the fear of death which causes such dreams and people ebb out with such complaints.

He pressed the buzzer twice. A lean dark man in his white pants and shirt appeared into the room.

“Send that lady inside” Dr requested the attender in his low voice.

The lady appeared in front of the doctor. Purushothaman asked her to sit in the chair beside Ijas.

“Well Grcae…He is Ijas. Human mind is one complex creation in this world and we cannot judge how it behaves in bad times. When cannot control it in extreme cases. When we are angry, we tend to lose our sense and we shout. We do all extreme things which our mind commands us to do. But it is more complex when same incidents happening in one’s dream are seen by another human being in their own version. They have a different incidents lined up in their mind. There are little chances that two persons who see same incidents happening in the dream can actually solve each other’s problem”

“Oh I see” Grace interrupted.

“So it may turn out to be a surprise for you, the one which I’m going to tell you. He was the one whom you saw in your dreams. The haphazardly dressed man, who was searching for the pen”

Hearing this both Grace and Ijas gave a bewildered look at each other. Purushothaman spoke to both of them.

“Today I heard the two dreams which meet at a point involving two different persons and the rarest cases of happening that, both the persons involved in the incident are here”

“Oh My God. I couldn’t believe this” Ijas stumbled upon the table and his voice so strong.

You have to believe Ijas. Grace saw your death. You died in the lorry accident which took place outside the Oriental bank. Now I do not have any answers for the Grace’s question. She was also in the fear of death. And the mode of her death was in your mouth when you were about to die”

“My mouth…? I didn’t know how I died and I woke up before I could see my death. How can this be possible?” shouted Ijas in rage. The doctor understood the situation getting worse and in an effort to calm him down, he spoke to Grace.

“OK guys. You people need some rest. I’ll answer all your questions this evening after some examination.

He took both of them to the adjacent room which was quite dark. It had a fewer seats and a table. A large neon bulb was hanging in the middle of the room. Doctor asked Ijas to occupy the chair in the center of the room. Grace sat in the couch, in the corner of the room. Purushothaman switched off other sources of light except the one in the center and brought a syringe full of greenish dull liquid containing Non-benzodiazepine compound and injected it in his arms bringing him to a temporary state of unconsciousness. Grace was looking at all this from the corner of the room and a slight smile appeared in her lips packed with sarcasm. She emitted an ethereal smile.

Doctor was trying to hypnotize Ijas and trying to read his subconscious mind. He was fully focused on how to get things out of his mind so that, this case can be handled with ease. There was no one in the room expect Grace, Ijas and Doctor Purushothaman. Suddenly he could feel some one touching him from behind. He raised his bent body and turned back to see Grace standing close to him. She still had the eerie smile in her lips.

“Wh…What Grace? What do you want?” turning his head towards her, he asked with a tinge of fear in his eyes. Before he could throw another question to her, she took out the Surgical Knife which gleamed silverfish in her hands, from her hand bag, and made a quick incision in the back of his neck. It made a silent mark leaving behind a thin line of blood. In a few minutes, blood started flowing from the incision that was made. Before he could gather strength, there went another flick of the knife which made cuts in his skin, below his head, without any friction of muscles. The cuts were very flamboyant and it made a deep mark in the tissues, cutting each and every vein apart, running from the spine to his brain. It was the time for her to act smart. When the doctor fell down holding his head, she quickly bent down and made a deep incision in his right chest leaving him bleeding and which will cause immediate death

Purushothaman’s vision blurred as he was subjected to Class IV Hemorrhage which attributes to the loss of more than 40 percent of the circulating blood volume. He could still feel the devastating pain in his head. Death was waiting at the door.


“Aaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh. Noooooooooo. Please don’t do this. Why are you doing this?.Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh” Shouted Purushothaman twitching in the bed holding his head tight.

“Puru…hey you. What happened?”, Janaki held his hands tight pulling him close to her. She sat on the bed near him, removed the blanket and agitated him to wake him up. He woke up with pounding heart, his face fully drenched in sweat. He looked left and then right. Opened the water bottle near the bed and gulped few ‘ml’s of it then sighed. He touched his back of his neck and looked at his fingers in search of blood.

Janaki couldn’t understand her husband’s behavior.

“What happened? Why the hell are you shouting in this night?”

“No…nothing. I’m fine. I was just out of shock. It was a nightmare. I’m fine. I’m fine”

“Tell me what happened?”

“No it was just a dream. I saw weird people in my hospital. They came to me for consultation….then…then, they were…Surgical Knife…”

“Oh…again with your weird patients!!!! I’ve told many times not to spend too much time on those psycho people whom you call your patients. Now they are coming in your dreams too.?? It is really weird…”

Janaki shouted at her husband with a false anger and kissed him good night.

“Yea. It is a weird dream”


4 thoughts on “Short Story: Weird Dreams

  1. oh my gosh! kally! You are a MASTER Of TWISTS!

    how in the name of god,are u able to come up with such plots?

    Was reading the story and was desperately wanting to know what’ll happen to grace! i thought that was going to be the climax… doctor’s result, and grace’s death info!

    but auddenly, there’s a twist and the whole thing ended up being the doctor’s dream…! wow ! i’m ur fan, story-teller! 🙂 🙂 u totally rock!

  2. @ Yeshu: Thanks for the compli 🙂

    I myself do not know how such plots arise in my mind. I just used to think too much about a plot when it comes to writing and I see to it that, it doesn’t end up as just another story.

    I’m trying my best to keep my stories interesting !!

    and for these words of u..
    /*wow ! i’m ur fan, story-teller! 🙂 🙂 u totally rock!*/

    Thank u very much !! 🙂

  3. Hey kally, I thought the hindi film “race” had the max number of twists in the story… but ur story beats that.. good one yar!!

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