Short Story: The untold tale of the nerd and the needle

The monitor in his desk was displaying chunks of code. He was staring at the ceiling in an utmost glee. His code has got implemented last night and was running without any issues. This time his promotion was confirmed. He was working today to provide support to the implemented code. He leaned back in his chair to stretch his spine and broke the knuckles and started staring at the vent in the ceiling. He hasn’t slept for the past twelve hours. His eyes were experiencing a slight dizziness which called him for a quick nap. But he was not supposed to sleep.

*blip* came the pop up in his desktop from his MS outlook mail client with the subject “FW: Awesome Website – Don’t miss it”. He opened the new message and clicked the link which was found in the page.

It was an awesome flash website. The home page was dark and creepy with a single white text box asking him to enter his name. After some thought he entered the following text in the textbox


He moved his mouse and pressed the GET-IN button below the Story Mode textbox and lo!!


Click the link below to read further….

He was standing in the middle of a thick lush green jungle. The air was chill and the breeze was mild. He could hear the flow of water dashing through the stones and flowing across a narrow path. He bent and touched the water. It was cold and pure. He could see the small stones underneath the waterway.

Someone touched him from behind. He turned back and before he could grasp the reality in front of him, the small and lean figure with a long nose hanging in its face pounced on his hip and quickly crawled towards his back. Firmly holding his neck from behind and its legs curled up in his waist, the figure spoke.

“Don’t get frightened. I assure no harm to you”

“Oh…Okay okay. Don’t hurt me” he said with trembling voice.

What are you doing here?”

“I…I’m not sure. What place is this?” pat came the reply from him. *confused*

“Don’t ask questions. Tell me what you do?”

“I’m a computer programmer”

“I see, so you are the NERD”

“Eh?..Nerd? I…I just entered…Hey you can talk?”

“Yes, I can. But I warned you no questions”

“Yes. I won’t ask”

“Okay okay. No explanations. I’ll tell you one small story. At least listen to it. I’ll take you to exit. This is what most of them who land up here expect from me”

“Hmmm…I’m not in a mood to listen to any stories”

“You have no chance. I can take you to exit. It is about a long distance away from here. You can listen to the story by the time; we walk and get to the place.”

So the Nerd and the unnamed lean creature started their journey towards the exit, walking along the narrow pathway which led both of them to the interior of the jungle. The creature started narrating the story.

300 years ago in this very jungle there lived a small squirrel, Samba, in the top of a largest banyan tree. It has been living in the forest for a long time. Its origin is unknown. One fine evening, Samba saw a small white fluffy puppy walking past the tree. It seemed that the puppy had lost its way into the forest. The puppy was limping all through its way. Seeing the hurt puppy, Samba’s heart ached and it felt pity on him. Samba quickly got down the tree and came near the puppy.

“Hey can I offer you any help?”

“No…no thanks” the puppy spoke.

“You seem to be hurt. This jungle is very dangerous in the night. I can offer you shelter tonight.”

“Err…my mom told not to believe any stranger’s words. They can harm me. I’m on my way towards my home and I’ve lost my way out here.” said the puppy.

“Uh…Stranger? I’m trying to help you dear. You are hurt.” said the squirrel.

The puppy tried to walk faster, but due to pain in its legs, it limped and tumbled, over a small stone. Samba quickly went near the puppy and carefully held his hands and examined the wound. The wound wasn’t so deep. It was a mild injury. Samba quickly ran to the nearby bush and plucked few leaves from the plant and came back to the puppy.

“Let me apply this in your wound. You will be alright by tomorrow.” saying this, Samba crushed the leaves and applied it on the puppy’s wound. The puppy realized that Samba is not a stranger but it is here to help him.

“You are so kind” said the puppy wagging its tail.

“Thanks. At least now, you realized that. Well, I’m Samba, the squirrel”

“I’m Pintu, the puppy” replied the pup.

“Woow…cool…Samba & Pintu. I love this combination” said the squirrel.

“Friends…?” Samba lifted its hand and offered to the puppy.

“Yesssss. Friends…” puppy lifted its other hand, wagging its tail and both of them exchanged a hand shake.

The night fell and the darkness has started engulfing the jungle into its thickness. The Samba escorted the puppy to a nearby tree where it showed the puppy a little Kennel that was made out of the tree branches hanging in the tree trunk.

“Jump on this branch and you can get inside the kennel easily. Rest tonight here. I’ll be in the tree top. Meet you tomorrow morning.” said Samba.

Samba helped the puppy to climb the branch and get inside the hanging kennel. After Pintu has settled comfortably inside the kennel, Samba inserted her face through a small opening in the kennel. The puppy looked at her face and smiled. Samba planted a gentle soft kiss on the puppy’s forehead and lo!!!

The night changed to a bright breezy morning with rays of sun just entering through the top of the tree into the jungle. A beautiful princess in her long silky white gown, embellished with pink flowers made out of velvet and a crown on her head was standing under the tree. In front of her, there stood a handsome prince with benevolence in his heart and romance in his eyes.

Both of them stared at each other in disbelief on what has happened. Was that a false reality or a believingly falsehood? It took some time to digest the situation for both of them. They looked at each other’s new transformation.

The princess spoke, “May I know you, your highness? I’m the only daughter of the King Jojo of Juantha kingdom”

“Aaaah..I’ve heard about you. You are famous for your beauty in the kingdom. Your beauty is really captivating” said the Prince.

She smiled and focused her vision down diffident under the praising words from a handsome male.

“I’m the Prince of the Jakatu Kingdom near the great river of prosperity” said the Prince.

“How did you come here?” asked the Prince.

“Oh..that’s a sad story. I’ve been held captive by the wizard of wanes. He wanted to marry me and intimidated me of converting to a squirrel if I didn’t admit to his will. He was behind my beauty and wanted to make his own. I was reluctant. Unable to control his anger, he transformed me into a squirrel and left me here”

“I’ll make him a dust under my feet and will feed my sword, with his blood and quench its thirst.” said the prince.

“That’s so kind of you. But how did you end up here?” asked the princess.

“I was attacked by a witch when I was in my hunting expedition in the forest of my kingdom. I killed her owl. She became furious and out of rage she cursed me to get transformed into a timid and small puppy and get lost in the jungle”

Both of them exchanged their life histories and started walking towards a path which they assumed that it will lead them to exit.

On the way, they encountered a well built tall and scary man. The princess recognized him to be the same wizard who imprisoned her in his control. The prince drew his magnificent sword out of the scabbard and set his stance to strike. The wizard raised his wand to cast a spell on them and abduct the princess. But the sword was more powerful than the wand. Flares of green lightening emanated from the sword tip and disarmed the wizard. The wand fell on the ground breaking into two!

The wizard was aghast when his wand broke. He was sure that he will kiss death instantly. After losing his main wand power, the wizard was half dead. Now in an anticipation to bear the blow from the Prince, the wizard turned to him. Just then the prince spoke.

“Leave the place once. I never harm any disarmed person” said the Prince in utmost rage. On hearing the unexpected words of the prince, the wizard couldn’t believe his own ears. He spoke,

“I hold a high degree of dignity and honor on you your highness. I’m really glad that you follow the principles and be in line with the war decorum. I revere the discipline in you. I’ve never seen people with benevolence in this place. I’m sure your subject will live a healthy and wealthy life and your kingdom will be fostering growth with pure hearts and wise minds. Let your good deeds spread in the universe like forest fire. Long live both of you.”

Both of them looked at him in astonishment. The praise from a wizard was unexpected and they sensed a irreverence in his action and words to his own being. They sensed a dangerous hypocrite in him.

“I have one last power with me……” said the wizard.

Now, both the prince and the princess turned at him horror struck. On hearing the words “one last power” they feared that he might use it to back fire at the last moment. But to their bewilderment, he transformed himself into a white horse!

“You are my master now. Please accept me as your vehicle and rein me over. I’ll take you both of you outside this mysterious jungle. I’ll be available to you whenever needed at any place and any time. I would like to wash my sins by performing this last act of righteousness. Please!!” pleaded the wizard, who has turned himself into a white horse.

Getting relieved from the fear of betrayal, they exchanged happiness and peace through their smiles and both of them occupied the saddle and the horse fled into a random direction leading them out of the jungle.

Later in the kingdom, the prince and the princess got married and lived happily ever after.


“Now tell me what the moral of the story is?” asked the creature clutching the Nerd from behind. They had reached a big waterfall whitish and forceful hitting the ground with the roar of a lion and the water course held the clarity of a crystal.

“What a wonderful story!!! But hey how do I know? You told me this story and now asking me to tell me the moral. How rude?” said the Nerd.

“You have no options. If you don’t answer my question, your head will explode bringing the contents of your cranium out SPLAT” retorted the creature.

“But how it is possible? I…I didn’t…” started the Nerd. “But you have no options I said” interrupted the creature.


“What’s that?” asked the creature.

The Nerd scanned his pockets finally locating the iPhone in his Cargo pant pocket.

“Hey this is my phone. Can I look into the message I just received?” pleaded the Nerd.

“Yeah, carry on” said the Creature.

He pressed the read button there flashed a message


The Nerd was now in great confusion. After scratching his head, he forcefully lowered his hand while doing so, the needle protruding out of Nerd’s Chronograph Analog watch pricked the creature’s legs which was curled up in his hips, sending wriggles and moaning in the creature’s body thus sending the creature to the ground with a THUD. The small scratch in the creature’s body, ripped it apart in the line of scratch, shearing it apart into two pieces.

The Nerd by the time still confused took his iPhone and quickly keyed in *555# and pressed the DIAL button and lo. There was a flash and a change in the gravity under his feet throwing the Nerd out of some hollow bright box into the floor.

The Firefox browser in the monitor displayed the message


Virtual Reality Mode Terminated!


Back in his cubicle, the iPhone on the table emitted a ringtone.

It flashed GEORGE Calling. He attended the call. He could hear the excited words of his friend on the other end, making him wonder about what he just experienced with a jaw dropping face.

“Dude how my flash website? I designed it for the VIRPAX project. Yea it is Virtual Reality enabled. How was the real time experience? Awesome, isn’t it?”


13 thoughts on “Short Story: The untold tale of the nerd and the needle

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  2. hey, good one as usual 🙂 inspired by vikram betal eh? The inset story was very creative & imaginative too. . . cheers!
    But i think u gotta check your first para. . . for tense errors. The present & the past tenses are sorta mixed.

  3. @Yeshu: Thanks!!! Yea inspired by Vikram Betal!!

    And Thnx for noticing the errors!! It is corrected now! 🙂

  4. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  5. Kalyan,

    Really a nice story.. I have to ask you where are you getting these kind of thoughts, especially the characters? Is the programmer in the story you? I guess its you! but to be frank.. now you have become a very good story teller that when I read the story, I feel like I’m a part of it!

    hmm.. this story starts with a description of a quintessential IT engineers work scenario.. which includes days of hard work without even minding day and night followed by days of no work! The very nature of the IT outsourcing industry.. also our favorite pastime.. what else.. forward mails and links! The only unlimited resource an IT guy has is the access to high speed internet.. hmm.. this story would appeal to many young people!

    and.. I like the imagination in this story! magic, witches and adventure! Keep it up! Congrats..
    looking forward for your next work..

    one more thing.. your blog page looks very organized and professional! you are indeed a BloggerBoy!!

  6. Thanks Renga!!! 🙂

    You have given a quick review of the story!!! Glad that you liked this a lottt!!

    //one more thing.. your blog page looks very organized and professional! you are indeed a BloggerBoy!!

    Thanks for this appreciation!!

  7. Typical example of “Old wine in a new bottle”
    but u have added right mix of techie stuffs,fantasy,to pull our generation’s lazy readers!! congrats on that front kally..
    n finally thanks a lot for giving me a chance to revisit my chandamama days :))))))))))

    Keep goin..

    Cheers gr8 blogger.. 🙂

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