Short Story: Deadlock

She was confused. Her parents have finalized with the alliance that they have been looking for. She has to tell Karthik about this. She can’t go against her parents. She can’t tell them about Karthik and her love. She cannot turn down their parents. So she has taken the deadliest decision of breaking up with Karthik.


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“Abhinaya, you can’t do this to me. I love you more than anybody else in this world” pleaded Karthik.

“Karthik, look, I don’t want to give problems to my parents. I can’t say anything against them. But in the same time I don’t want to hurt you as well. Please find some other girl for you”

“Are you in your sense? Do you know what the hell are you talking?”

“Yes Karthik. I know what I’m doing”

“But how can you just come to such decision?”

“Karthik don’t waste my time. I’ve to leave. Let’s finish off this matter here”

“What are you expecting me to do now? Should I forget our two years of Love?”

“Let’s be friends!” blurted out Abhinaya.



“Abhi don’t make a fool out of you. Let’s go and talk to your parents”

“No Karhtik. I can’t. I’ve told you already”, Abhi frowned.

“But, what’s the point in arguing here? I’m living for you. You are my world Abhi. I just can’t live without you. I want you to be in my life forever. Do you understand that?” Karthik became restless and was trying to convince Abhi.

“Karthik, don’t hurt me. I’m already hurt. Over this you are making me uneasy”

“I’m making you uneasy? What are you talking Abhi? You are telling, all this two years of love was just a dream?”

“Karthik, don’t ask anything. I just want to tell you that my parents have been looking for alliances and now they have fixed one. They have found a groom for me. Now I can’t reveal our love to them. Let’s be friends” Abhi spoke with a stern voice.

“Abhi you have gone mad. You don’t know understand that I’m your husband in your life. We love each other”

“Karthik…..”, interrupted Abhi.

“Tell me this you don’t love me?” Karthik spoke decisively, “You don’t love me anymore?”

“NO…….NO……NO, I don’t love you anymore. Please be out of my life” shouted Abhi irritated and was in tears.

Karthik’s heart stopped beating for a second. His world stopped rotating. The air around him stopped breezing. The whole world around him seemed to have become dark because he believes Abhi was his only world.

With heavy heart, Karthik Raghavan a 25 year old Software Consultant, working in a reputed US based IT firm walked along the sandy shores of Elliots Beach back to his bike stand.

She knew Karthik will never accept her back in his life for her harsh words.


“Abhi dear, tomorrow the Groom’s parents are visiting us” yelled Srinivasan from the balcony sipping coffee and folding the morning newspaper.

Abhinaya Srinivasan was happy that she was able to finally save herself from her father’s frowns and her relatives crotchety talks spreading like forest fire which will be titled “Srinivasan’s daughter’s love scandal” which can bring her family’s dignity down to the dirty ground.

“The boy is in a good position in Software Company” said Srinivasan to her daughter who was bringing hot white idlis suffixed with coconut chutney and sambhar.

“Oh what is he doing pa?” she asked curiously.

“Don’t know Abhi, he is in a good position, that’s all I can understand. They told me his designation; I’m not able to remember things now-a-days. Getting old you see” said Srinivasan.

“Okay pa, no problem. I know that whatever you do, that will be good for me. You have been taking care of me for all these 21 years and I know your choice will be the best” said Abhi satisfied about her fiancé.

Hearing her daughter’s words, Srinivasan’s heart started pumping honey all through his veins and arteries. He was so happy to hear these words from her daughter’s mouth. He was sure that he can hold his head high in front of all the family members during the marriage function.

“Abhi, they have given the boy’s number. You can talk to him if you would like to” said Srinivasan in a confirming tone.

Abhi was least interested in striking a conversation with him before marriage. But still she wanted to feel comfortable with him. So she gave in.

“I see. Well, I’ll try this evening” said Abhi diffidently.

“This is his official mobile number.” Abhi’s father gave a small sheet of paper in which he had noted down the groom’s mobile number when the boy’s dad spoke last night. “The boy’s parents said, you can call him anytime and he will attend the call with pleasure” Srinivasan reassured.

She took the half folded paper which was revealing only the ten digit mobile number in blue ink and the corners of the sheet shaded with yellow turmeric powder which signified auspiciousness.

After seeing the number, she was in no mood to procrastinate things any further. She took her mobile phone and started keying in the number and pressed the call button. She placed the mobile in her ear, displacing the thick strands of brownish hair covering it. The ring was in progress and the call wasn’t connected. Only then she realized that she hadn’t asked the boy’s name. In an anticipation to know her fiancé’s name, she unfolded the remaining of the white sheet which her father had handed over to her and to her bewilderment; she could see the name written in a trembling big bold letters


Software Consultant, Melsys Inc, CA

She could hear a familiar male voice on the other end, “Hello Karthik here….Hello…Hello”

She was in real deadlock now!



22 thoughts on “Short Story: Deadlock

  1. nenachen…indha madhiri dhaan climax irukkum nu. andha ponnu semma mokka vaanginaala…

    i know your choice will be the best-endha ponnu da indha kaalathula indha madhiri solra? mappilai kitta lamborghini irukka nu dhaan keppa… 😀

  2. Nice story.
    Suspense is maintained appropriately.
    But then, it is difficult to digest at few places.

    How come Abhinaya not able to recognize karthik’s number right away after moving with him for 2yrs?

    How come karthik accept to marry another girl so quickly after losing her lover just a day before or so?

    Why did Abinaya love karthik in the first place if she is so sensitive to societal force?

  3. @Gautam:

    //andha ponnu semma mokka vaanginaala…
    hehe..semmaya vaangina….for her actions!!

    //mappilai kitta lamborghini irukka nu dhaan keppa…
    hmmm….ritu!! But not all gals r like that!! 🙂

  4. @Vigneshtg: hehe I’m glad that you liked it!! 🙂

    MY choice will be obviously he won’t marry her. How can he marry someone who ditched him?

  5. @Ramesh: Thanks Ramesh for your comments!!!

    Lemme answer ur questions one by one…

    //How come Abhinaya not able to recognize karthik’s number right away after moving with him for 2yrs?
    If you notice the place where Abhi’s father gives her the boy’s number, he says its the official number. You can see that line below. So she couldnt recognize that number!! 🙂

    (“This is his official mobile number.” Abhi’s father gave a small sheet of paper in which he had…”)

    //How come karthik accept to marry another girl so quickly after losing her lover just a day before or so?
    See….He was already hurt and since his parents would have pestered him to get married. So instead of cribbing about his lost love, he wished to move on in his life and teach Abhi a lesson for her disloyalty!! That’s why he accepted it.

    //Why did Abinaya love karthik in the first place if she is so sensitive to societal force?
    Hmmm….this question you should have known the answer yourself if you had experienced or empathized her situation yourself. Love is blind dude. Its like a fire. It doesn’t see anything until it enters the stage of commitment. As said, it is left to the readers’ choice!! hehe…anyways!!

    Hope I’ve answered all your questions!! 🙂

    Keep coming!!

  6. Hey Kally,

    Nice Story.. short & crisp..
    I guessed the catch in between but u carried the suspense throughout really well.
    I feel protagonists should have been named Kartik-jessey 🙂
    cuz aft VTV she has becum known name among guys to ditch lover (kartiks):P
    Gud job dude!!
    Kartik shud not accept the gal as both of them have decided to move on in their life ditching love!!

    Keep up ur gud work 🙂
    Cheers :)))
    Sangeetha wp

  7. @kamal: Thanks a lott Kamal!! What happened 2 ur blog these days?? Not frequenting much to it uh??

  8. its like VTV telugu ending 😛
    but I was able to guess the climax…try for some unexpected twists and avoid the obvious …

    but good job on keeping the story racy !!

  9. Hey… Reading one of ur stories after a looong time.. Good one 🙂 If she’d waited one more day, it’d have been a happy ending…

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