Windows Operating System – Recap

So we all are in Windows 7 Era now!!!

Did you ever think, how the old versions looked.  Here take a sneak-peek on the Windows operating system. You can call it THE HISTORY OF WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM!!

Click below to see more…

█ Windows 1.0

█ Windows 2.0

█ Windows 3.0

█ Windows 3.11

█ Windows 3.11 NT

█ Windows 95

█ Windows 98

█ Windows 2000

█ Windows Millennium Edition

█ Windows XP

█ Windows VISTA

█ Windows 7

For more detail refer to the information almighty –>  History of Microsoft Windows

P.S: Got this in one of the forward mails. Thought of sharing this with you all!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Windows Operating System – Recap

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