Of Dears, Casinos & Pills

If I caught your mind right, you are just speculating that this post will be all about illegal money business and night clubs flowing whooping quantities of money and wines over wealthy beasts accompanied by skimpy clad beauties and then following dotted, flavored desserts post ‘dinner’ (Papads or appalams I meant!). Well you are in the wrong side of your brain’s hemisphere!

I was about to touch the most ignored topic in the world of inbox and accounts.


Yeah, we never ever cared what is there in the hopelessly unrelated mails that fall in our inbox knowingly or unknowingly. But something that makes me wonder about those spams is, from where in the world do all those pharmacies around the world get our email ids? Leave aside job openings and banks, sending phishing emails expecting us to sign our papers right away and catch a flight to meet some Anderson or Jimmy Paul who ever existed or never existed at all.

Spams according to Wikipedia defines to

“Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.”

Okay, I’m not exaggerating. Just clipped this definition from Wiki to get a proper definition to it, for the one-who-donno-what-it-is.

Well we get emails not only from our friends, job portals, product update mailing lists, email groups, Facebook notifications and from various other communities and sites where we would have entered our email ids, without noticing the check box which subscribes us to the weekly or daily notification about new offers and products. And so in our life time, we signup for various programs, notices and offers from various sites which ultimately ends up in flooding our inboxes with not so interesting mails from the sites.

But that is not the end of it. We get emails from varied set of organizations and people from various ends of this world which are in no way useful to us.

So there are people in pharmacies who are so concerned about our ‘organs’ and they send mails on pills and creams available in their online stores to increase few inches of ours. LOLs!! They are indeed very much concerned and so much desperate to see things big and keep them ‘live’ and ‘active’ for hours.  They say, “You Can Get BIG – Click Now!” Click here followed by a link which takes us to some phishing or sometimes genuine stores selling creams, tonics and pills for our ‘enhancement’. There comes another pharmacy which not only sells elongation and enhancement pills but they sell cheap Viagra to keep you ‘awake’ and ‘active’ for better relationship.

So why at all in the world, they are so concerned about our thing? We cant say its none of their business, because, it is their business of selling such products and it is little difficult to stop such things, but it is our business  to avoid such mails by using a genuine and efficient email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Gmail to filter such mails from reaching our inbox. Even if such thing lands in your inbox, you can safely mark it as SPAM. We know how to take care of our ‘thing’ and its none of their business, to be frank. Don’t fall for such claims and lose your health permanently.

You can find another set of attention seekers. They promise you to transfer woophing amounts of money say US$3,500,000:00 in the form of funds and they are transferred to your bank account for a time being as a beneficiary(!) and the mail contains paragraphs of very officially  drafted texts which will promise you to gain a % of the principle as a profit out of this transaction. Not to forget that the bank Governor has directly written it to you and you have to contact him back with the details required by him as below:

1. Full Name
2. Bank Name and Address.
3. Bank Account Number.
4. Routing Number/Swift Code (very important).
5. Your Residential Address.
6. Your mobile or home telephone Number.
A form of identification (I.D Card or Driver’s License) is also required
for official references.

Oh my dear governor and you stalker pig, I really believed you and I’m sending you my details right away!

Keep away from these guys folks, I’ve read in papers of many such cases of people being fooled by such mails and losing more than lakhs of amounts to unknown stalkers.

And so there are different kinds of spams than the above said ones. Job opportunities. There is one ‘Jobs in Dubai’ mail which I used to get daily or every week. I’ve never applied for the same. But they say, my application has been approved. come one guys, I don’t want any. People, these kinds of mails are less vulnerable and harmful, but be careful and never reveal any personal information like that of bank accounts or credit card numbers to any. Apart from such people, I get mails from Casinos, Swiss, Rolex watches, Complimentary gifts, offers, lotteries and mails with inviting subjects like “Hi Dear”, “RE: <your name>”, “Good News”, “<some random texts>”, (no subject)” and so on.

Spam is inevitable. But it is avoidable. I happen to look what actually these people are saying, but everything is just a hoax or phishing or merely a clear act of deception. So I’m just trying throw some light on various spams and hope you will know what to ignore and what not to.

I’ve attached few screenshots of spam mails from my spam list 😀 Now they look funny than being ignored. You too have a laugh. Happy emailing.

Sample spam for fund transfer/bank/beneficiary

Sample Lottery win spam

A sample personal email spam from some klara!!

She says ‘Love matters a lot in life!! 😛 and she gives her email id and I can move on to her from there…LOL and she has a good punctuation in her email :P. Guess she needs to improve upon her English. So how many of you fall for this email?? 😉 Its kind of funny than an invite from a lady of distant land!!!

Well guys, let me conclude this here. No more screenshots. Each spam mail speaks of themselves! 😛

A humble request to all of you ————-> Play well & Play Safe!

Ciao!!!! 🙂

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