Myths SMS & Photoshop – Cricket World Cup 2011

I’ve been waiting to blog about this for a long time after the world cup got over. But couldn’t find time due to my extreme laziness. Aaah…today got some patience to sit and key in things. So here it goes…

I’ve been a strange guy all my life. It will look extremely nonsense and a blasphemy if I reveal the reason. I don’t watch Cricket & I’ve least interest in it. Given a choice between a UGC program in DD National on “Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic with Discrete Mathematics” and an ‘India Pakistan cricket match LIVE’ in ESPN star sports, I would fully oblige to the former one without any grudges and complaint and would never change the channel to peep into the boring score or to check how many wickets are gone!

Ridiculous isn’t it?

“Come on. how can you just don’t watch Cricket?!!!!! Go get a life dude. You suck.”, “All guys go mad on Cricket. Are you a one??”, “I can forget my girl friend for cricket. You are a piece of mud”

I can hear all those voices from behind the monitors.

But I’ve never ever seriously given a thought about developing some interest on it.

“So what’s up now? Why are you wasting my time?” You are asking me.

I have a very interesting piece of information to tell you.

This Cricket world cup 2011 is one of the memorable moments of every Indian’s life. Everyone would have died to see India winning the world cup (Err..I mean they would want to be alive…and freak out to see India win). Even corporate offices were telecasting the IND-SL finals in their premises and the productivity of every Indian would have been Zero in the office. I still saw many of my colleagues staring at the cricinfo page every millisecond. Cricket is a religion.!!!

So everyone of them were expressing their feelings and comments through the Facebook wall status messages and through Twitter updates. Many were terrifically forwarding SMS speculating and predicting that India would win this world cup. Since India was steering in full throttle, the inertia was there  after the India’s victory over Pakistan in the semi finals.

Everyone became “Linda Goodman” for all those Hi-fi dudes and dudettes and many became “Kaliyur Narayanan” for all those Ayyar & Ayyengar Tambrahms. Predictions were near believable and sounded feasible. Even the IIT graduated IIM-A pass-out couldn’t have come out with such innovative predictions for their Mock company third quarter results ending the financial year 2012 with accurate revenue projections. Well, all of us forward SMS and I stand no exception to it. But something turned me on this time. I was getting messages from all my friends about the world cup giving me ‘n’ reasons for India to win this 2011 world cup.

Presenting you some of them below

The first SMS I received which said

The current cricket world cup situation between IND & SL:
India (Ram) married World cup (Sita) in 1983.
In 1996 Srilanka (Raavan) took away Sita (World cup).
Now after 14 years of Vanavas, they meet again and you know the Result!!!

Hmmm this was a very positive one. but we cannot trust our Indian cricket team. As a famous tagline of Coffee Cafe Day goes “Anything can happen over Coffee”, our Indian Cricket team has this tag line “Anything can happen in the last over” But things went good for India.

The next one was more inviting and seemed to be a legitimate one

All teams whose captains name’s initial is ‘S’ are out of the world cup:
Strauss, Sammy, Smith, Shakib and Shahid. So who is next? Sangakara!!!!!

This was really brilliant one. how come people come up with such predictions? This was real stunner. I didn’t have any big hopes (yeah you know I don’t care who wins or what happens in Cricket!) but still I had this little feeling that “Okay, so India is going to win this time”. I wasn’t that dumb to fall for that small SMS.

Next came similar to this Ramayan thingy

Ramayan Returns:
Modern weapons, More destructive, and the whole world witnessing the Maha Yudh!!
Experience the modern Ramayana on 2nd April at 2.30 pm

Some said the history is going to repeat and came up with a finding that…
The calendar of the years 1983 and 2011 is similar. Please find below the calendars of 1983 and 2011 for your view. (I’ve taken the screenshot from the Unix Terminal in my Linux System)

There some people who went to the extent of analysing past historical data and came up with a prediction. Here it is

India beat 1975 & 1979 winners – West Indies
India beat 1987 winners in a knock out – Australia
India beat 1992 winners – Pakistan
Just Check who is next?

There was also a funny conversation between two folks. The SMS read this way.

India v/s Pak Semi final Mohali me kyu he pata he?

Waha se Pakistan nazdik he,
Wahi se hara kar bhej denge.
De Ghuma ke. 😉 ha ha ha ha ha

hmmm….this was real a insult. Another one for you. There goes a conversation between Ponting & Afridi in Tamil (Hell Yeahhh!!)

Ricky Ponting & Afridi on the way to bar:
Ponting: Vaa machi sarakku adikkalaam.
Afridi: Ada iru mapla, Sangakara varattum, ellaarum onna adikkalaam.
Indians rocks!!! Go India Go!!

See the confidence in the people. This really boosts Indian ego and its way towards victory. The ultimate thing is all those funny and witty SMS came true without losing its value post the finals

When it comes to insulting we do it with ease. This is not only with cricket but in every sphere of life. There were 1000s of SMS floating around the mobile and email world after the massive hit “Endhiran/Robot/Robo” on Rajinikanth. He wasn’t also spared in this Cricket. What this exaggeration which was spun around him to boost India’s win turned out to be a reality. Read few SMS on Rajini and WC11

Issued in Public interest:
From now onwards, don’t crack jokes on Rajinikanth.
He has proved that he can get world cup 4 India
by just sitting in the Stadium

There was a one liner tweet

How would India lose if Rajnikanth is there in the stadium” 😛

Here is an ultimate Rajini SMS after the quarter finals. Even emails were circulating with the following content

Why India Won the Cricket (Quarter Final world Cup) match vs Australia

Virat (K)ohli
Zaheer Kha(N)
Munaf Pa(T)el

After all this hypes and predictions India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup and then came this!


After all those SMS and emails, the next big ‘thing’ that was a sensational hit in this World cup 2011 was the 19 year old Kingfisher Calender model Poonam Pandey and her stripping nude spree. She was the most searched ‘string’ in the Google/Yahoo and all other search Engines. She was ready to strip in the stadium or in the personal dressing room of the Indian Players (Waaah Poonam Waah Taj boliye!). Even her mother was proud to have such a daughter, reports from news channels and websites says. She was in all the news papers and websites. Its easier to get fame and name in today’s world, like this!
Sample link from IBN LIVEModel Poonam Pandey to go nude if India wins Cup

When India won, we felt like meeting her and say, “Saroja, samaan nikalo

Here is our Poonam Pandey (for all the “Good Boys who use Internet only to refer IEEE paper on Micro controller guided Automated Development of Zigbee based Traffic Signal Control System“)

When it comes to innovation and creativity no one can beat us. Yea right from the college days, whether we learn Ohm’s Law correctly to the extent of by-hearting it and vomiting it exactly as in the text books prescribed by local authors or not, but we master the use of Photoshop well.

Here are few photoshopped posters and images which were floating around and few fell in my inbox too.

“So, you developed interest in Cricket or what…..after this world cup finals? IPL is going on…CSK ku visil podu
“You know what, I’ve more important things to do”
“Hmmm…some things never change”
“Change is the only thing which is constant. It is a paradox in itself…Did you see?”
***My friend escapes from the scene***
***Evil Grin*** 😀


P.S: Still bleeding blue??

15 thoughts on “Myths SMS & Photoshop – Cricket World Cup 2011

  1. Haha I actually thought u were gonna discuss the awesome feeling all Indians felt when Dhoni lifted the worldcup. But okay.. Even I’m an atheist when it comes to cricket… except for the big events like the semis & WC final! MAN WAS I THRILLED that day. Couldnt sleep a wink.


  2. @FakeWriter: hehe…The other details that made this cricket a wining one made me inclined to write this post!! 🙂

  3. @Ilanchelian: Yea man…thats true!!! But have to look for correct options!! Thanks for dropping by!!! 🙂

  4. Like Smile, Energy n Excitement are contagious too, kally 🙂 how can anyone not feel the vibes? 🙂 🙂

    And nice post! keep them coming! don you let FB n twitter take away all ur time… give us something 2 read now n then. cheers!

  5. And those pictures.. Especially the Ramayana Mahabhataha ones! SIMPLY AWESOME !!! 🙂 🙂 Cheers to all those funny-genious ppl 🙂

  6. @Yeshu: haha..yea Energy and excitement is contagious too as u said that made me sit and watch the match….!! Definitely as u said, I’ll spend sometime writing too!!! 🙂

  7. Nice write up. I also got some of those SMS 🙂 but loved the pic of Team n Rajni 😉

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