Movie Review: Ko (2011)

I’ve never been to a Jeeva movie in theatre before, considering his just-another-guy face in the Tamil film industry. Even Jeeva’s ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi (SMS)’ didn’t usher me to the theatre much. Later watching it on the television seemed to be an uber cool successful comedy and sentimental movie.

Something tempted me to give a try to this one KO, is the tag that this movie came with, yea it is ‘K.V.Anand’ and ‘Harris Jayaraj’. Anand has been an awesome cinematographer which you can experience from the movies viz. Ayan, Mudalvan for its rich and colourful camera angles and a successful director for his exceptional and sensational story lined movies Kana Kanden, Ayan . Well, it was the second day show at Devi Cineplex, Chennai, 7.00 PM for the movie ‘KO’. I landed in the complex with a bunch of my friends.

Tamil movies these days are never an entertainer, but rather most of them being derived from real life incidents partly fiction-ed, set in an extremely down trodden village or township with the protagonist having hopelessly less than 10% qualification and handsomeness defined for a romantic Hero, speaking Tamil of utmost southern dialect. But Ko seemed to be an exotic cuisine served amidst this Kollywood’s village inspirational catastrophes.

The movie walks you through the rich and colorful visual shots, which tints your eyes with cool deep blue sea or sometimes a tangy orange sunset silhouetted screenplays. Watch out for excellent photography shots in the title and the song sequences. Shutterbugs please note! Its not just the photography or camera that gravitates you to the seat, but the gripping story line that holds you intact. If you notice well, its just another piece of politics, corruption and survival flick but that’s not the one which you are served right away. Its the angle of Jeeva, who plays the role of the photographer in a Press, that makes the difference in this movie.

The movie just kicks off right away with action and more action and more stunts (like wheeling, if you want to quote!). You slowly realise that, you are being steered away to an action thriller, than a hero-loving-dancing-saving-heroine flick. You just get baffled by the twists and turns of the story line, that makes you look at the screen in awe and you even forget to drink the Pepsi in the seat stand, beside your wrist. The quick turn of events leave you in a state of curiousness and excitement sets in, even before you can digest what has happened in the screen.

The strong story line and the concept behind, makes this movie eligible to get a free pass to box office. The movie serves you variety, by not just being thrilling but also serves sandwiches to your humour nerve. Witty dialogs gives your thinking hat a second of job to ponder over before you give in a laugh. Jeeva has done a decent performance with out much of any of his nonsense. You can accept his role in this movie as how you accepted Simbhu’s performance in VTV. He has great scope for a good career. Not to mention the female lead Karthika. She has done her job in perfection. She is very much of a conservative, Saree, Chudidar wearing, no nonsense talking, I-don’t-flirt policy holding girl and Piaa is one very social, sexy outfit wearing, nonsense talking, cheap flirting, weekend facial (with cucumber on eyes) putting, little more of revealing and equally sensitive, bubbly and charming girl. She just steals all our hearts with her frequently getting friendly insults after being constantly bugging Jeeva scenes. This accelerates the movie a bit. This invites no separate comedy tracks from Vivek, Vadivelu or Santhanam. Thanks for keeping them off this movie.

A movie with a right message for the youngsters clearly depicting the consequences and possibilities of getting corrupt in the politics and giving right clues of how not to be bad. Yes if you guessed it, you are there. Without much revealing the story, I would like to say that, the movie has taken efforts to exhibit all the technologies right from the SLR camera terminology (ISO setting 6400 if you could remember the scene, Apple iPhone video call, Memory card (Yeah, its the one that houses the essential data though you lose the camera! You have the data anyway!), Gmail, Reliance Net connect USB Internet, Facebook/Twitter (okay only one song!), Nero burning ROM (hehe!!). Sorry to mention all this though this doesn’t usually comes in any movie review. After Jeeva, Piaa and Karthika, I would be failing in my duties if I don’t mention Ajmal Ameer. Yeah the one and only Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru hero, as Arjun. Charming is he as in TTTT movie. He simply scores a Centum in his performance. He is a man with a mission and vision to bring in a change in the society. While he is also one of the protagonists or a second hero of the movie  (like that of a key item in a composite key of a table, RDBMS!). I doubt if someone else had performed his role, he wouldn’t have done any justice to Vasanthan’s role. Hats off to you Ajmal.

Though we slowly get pulled towards the attractions, I did find some pull backs in the movie which made no sense or very much of less sense to me. We can actually stop filming those 1000 guns shooting-single guy running-evading all of them-cleanly unhurt sequences. The songs which come into the scene unwantedly in few scenes simply irritates you. Few logic here and there which you can compromise for a good gripping story line. The songs are hummingly good and mild. Ennamo Etho leaves you in a state of limbo for few minutes with its mesmerising lyrics and tune.

So if you are looking for a super awesome thriller with rich visuals and a three hour entertainment, do book your tickets online and drop into any theatre with a gang. You will love this movie.

As for verdict, the unanimous claps at the climax spoke a lot than a % marks you would give to it.


17 thoughts on “Movie Review: Ko (2011)

  1. Good review. It was really a good movie. I liked your points about the tech references. But don’t you think that the climax video calling was far fetched??

    *Spoiler Alert*
    When Jeeva calls Karthika’s phone he calls using a iPhone 4 but she has a blackberry and he is able to stream live video to her. I don’t think that’s possible over the phone network unless they have a video conference software. And she manages to stream and record it on the computer too. I’d like to know what software she uses to do that. 🙂
    *End Spoiler*

  2. Just happened to watch today amidst huge expectations which, indeed, were the result of many’s wall posts! I personally got a feel that it is neither a bad movie nor a good movie. All through the movie I felt like the director has missed something somewhere though I’m not good enough to exactly figure out what that is.

    To add to what you have subtle review,
    Visuals – Yep, none can beat when k.v.anand is around.

    Songs – could have been better, especially the “ennamo edho” song. Excellent lyrics and music should have been complemented by great choreography! I felt as if it has been taken in a hurry. No words to say about the exotic locations that kv has managed to capture for the other one munipaniyae song.

    Story – Though many directors have tried a lot to make their movies running along the same bottom-line a hit, only k.v. and Maniratnam has succeeded so far! All other movies based on youth entering politics have been nothing but of run-of-the-mill kind!

    Keep writing!!!

  3. @Sudhakar: Thanks for dropping in.

    As I said, there are many places where there is a logic miss here and there. I’m not sure how he does that. But guess press folks have more relaxation to using technology instantly. I’m still doubtful if Dinamalar, Dinathanthi or any other daily uses such technology to gather and share news!!!

    Come on we should appreciate them for atleast taking up scenes which are technologically feasible and possible!! haha…I will have to dig more into iPhone Blackberry interactions to get your answers!!! 😀 I’ll let you know if I get any clues on this!!

  4. @Rajesh: Thanks for the add-on to my review!!!

    By the way I’ve never felt that the director missed out something. He has done his best to portray and convey everything that he could do in the allotted 2.5 hours!

    I should say he has done a pretty neat job. Ofcourse there were few -ves which we can deliberately ignore and be satisfied to have watched a good movie!!! 🙂

  5. Nice review. Anand made us glued to our seats. This film was much better than his previous offering “ayan”. Anyways, he could have spruced up the screenplay little bit more. There were many illogical scenes as you mentioned. He could have very well removed the last three songs, especially the duets, which were completely out of place and greatly annoyed the movie-goers.

    The opening action was intense (much similar to “THE DARK KNIGHT”!) and great wheeling by jeeva (believe no dupe was used!). And then they also tried imitating “Om Shanthi Om” sequence with that club song. The much expected ennamo edho song’s picturisation was let down.

    Inspite of all these, the film turns out to be a decent political-thriller-drama. The final twist in the story was the crux. The protagonist’s role as photo journalist was refreshing, not seen before in Tamil films. But by all means, Ajmal outshone Jeeva!

    @Kally : rating of 4 on 5 is too much for this film. It was yet another commercial outing!

    “like that of a key item in a composite key of a table, RDBMS!” – inda comparison laam rombava overr bosss!!! mudiyala!!! 😛

  6. Kally, a nice review.. Thumbs up for K V Anand, Jeeva and mainly AJMAL…

    Watched the movie today and i felt i have not wasted the money.. Good try of blending entertainment movie with a social message…

    The story post climax had similarity with “The Dark night”… but otherwise i didnt see any resemblance with movies i had watched..

    As a nature lover for me, AMALI THUMALI was a visual treat, rather than Ennamo edho… The couple were always standing in the end of rock or a cliff… also when it looked like standing between two cliff on a rock i was enthralled..

    usual slips were the placement of songs.. and some technical errors but alright.. instead watching the other foolish masala movie we can see these type of movies..

    Hoping to see a lot from u K V Anand…

  7. @Kannan: Thanks dude!! 🙂

    I liked the movie so much and hence gave a rating of 4, though it was a commercial outing!!! Anyway!!!

    I did see some resemblence to OSO in that club song!!

  8. @Ashok: Thanks a lott!! 🙂


    … The couple were always standing in the end of rock or a cliff… also when it looked like standing between two cliff on a rock i was enthralled..


    Even I was so much enthralled seeing such shots!!!! I too liked it so much!!! 🙂 A real Wooow!!

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  10. See, when we look into logics and why so’s in kollywood, we wont be able enjoy a single movie… agreed?

    yeah the movie did have some minor glitches here and there but overall it was worth watching.

    I was just telling my friends that the hero’s gonna take pictures in the dark without flash, yet the pictures would be great… Then Jeeva keeping ISO at 6400, I was surprised. Then it hit, its K.V.Anand and ace cinematographer… I enjoyed the movie… loved piaa over the other lead opposite…

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