100 posts of blogging!

OMG I didn’t realize my previous post was the 100th post & I’ve been awarded. This is the best thing that can happen to a blogger! All along I’ve been blogging one post after the other without noticing the post count or the comments count.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for patiently reading my blog without much bothering about me nagging you sometime or the other to read my blog or the story which I’ve scribbled. Without you and your encouragement and some discouragement from few other people, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to reach this milestone in blogging. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to each one of you – random strangers, frequent visitors, and dedicated followers to have helped me reach this height.

As all of you and I myself know I’m very much lazy, I just wondering how can such things happen. See 100 posts is not just some target. It needs some constant source of persistence and patience to consistently think and write things.

After several hours of thinking and speculating about the source of inspiration and determination to write 100 posts, one thing that clearly hit my conscious which was none other than my blog reader’s and my friend’s encouragement and criticisms that throttled me to achieve such things. I sincerely bow to you all for giving me an opportunity to explore the inner self and unveil or rather unearth my talent to churn out stories and random thoughts that sway in my brittle mind.

Here are some stats

Graph representing number of visitors in each month from Jan 2009 to June 2011

Number of visitors in each month from 2006 to 2011

Average visitors per day in for each month from 2006 to 2011


In this occasion, I would like to give you all some insight on my blogging experience till date.

How it all started?

Well, it was sometime in 2006, when I was trying to while away time in my EEE computer lab of my college, (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, I should mention it here. Temple of learning! That’s the tag line by the way) I came across this word weblog, which was quite new to me. With very little English vocabulary I had, during that time, somewhere mid way between my third year and final year of engineering (2006-2007), I was frantically trying to do something useful which would ultimately end up as a good pass time. Writing articles or stories were definitely not in my bucket. Neither had I developed any interest in writing articles, nor in short stories. I dreaded the idea of writing essays from the school time. I never scored a decent percent in essay writing when in school; nevertheless I had to write in class tests and exams.

One fine evening on October 5, 2006, I googled the word weblog and understood it to be somewhere near writing a diary. I’ve not written a diary as well, but have seen people maintaining a personal diary and write things every night before sleeping. Atleast have seen in movies like that – writing before sleeping thingy. Well persuaded by the idea of diary and the concept of sharing my writings which will be online, to all my friends, I decided to create a weblog for myself – A website having my own name in the URL.

I thought, this can also be attached to my email signature so that everyone can click on it and read my website whenever I send a mail! Having a personal website back in college days, seemed to be a crazy and whacky idea. You have a website dude. Whoa! It wasn’t just a crazy and geeky thing to possess, but it also had some prestige factor involved in it. It completely changes the outlook of people you interact with. A status which can give you a hi-fi welcome, say, people talk behind your back, “Hey, that guy has a website!

Possessed by such notions, there I searched the web for various services offering you a free blog and nice templates. The first hit was blogger. Though I loved the idea of being associated with the Gmail and Google by using the blogger site, I was bit unhappy with the templates and the name itself. First the URL would contain this word ‘blogspot’; second, it’s so familiar to people, at least to those who used blogs. So dropped the idea of using blogger services right there. The next thing that came into focus was this WordPress.com. The name was a little relief to me. I was sure that many wouldn’t have heard of this word and when I have a blog in this site, the whole URL will appear as a website name and not a blog name. See, I wanted to have a free blog with a name of a premium one!

My mom would have freaked out if she sees me spending money on such unproductive things, yes unproductive things like blogging and wasting time in internet scribbling like this which made completely no sense at all – nonsense! Hmmm!

I logged into http://www.wordpress.com and created my first blog.

Target achieved!

Later found that there is http://www.wordpress.org which will give you WordPress templates and CMS setup with which you can host it in some server and have a paid blog!

Adrenaline rush

As how we do something under excitement, later never care about it, I created this blog and started posting things which I felt to be interesting – some forwards or PJs which we get in emails. I used to be a part of some yahoo groups way back in 2003. They deliver interesting forwards to your mailbox. Since emails or email IDs gets lost or changes with the course of time, I didn’t want those interesting contents to be lost with the email. So I had acquired this idea of copy-pasting them with the pictures to my blog. In an anticipation to keep saving all those contents in my blog, I started creating posts from the forwards and published it in my blog one by one. I was still proud to have a blog with all those forwards and was ignorant of people who really write and blogs with interesting contents.

I wasn’t regular I should say. I know I’ve a blog and I need to write something. But I wasn’t writing anything actually. It was just a copy paste. May be I was trying for a blog which will serve as a repository of forwards. So I kept posting things in my blog which was very much of interest to me. This used to happen less frequently may be once or twice in a month. So I was losing interest a little.

Working Techie!

After my college days, I had to be in Infosys Mysore for training and hence I lost track of my blog completely for a month or two. Then something struck me and I wanted to update my blog. I knew my training is pretty hectic and I find no time to sit and think or update my site with some forward email which was so interesting. But given a holiday for three days during some festive occasion, I travelled back to Chennai and found that I can still allot time for my blog. So I started writing with some updates about my days in Mysore and my days at Chennai and sometimes my college days as well, frequently. It was a kind of a small diary write up.

Only then I realized that my blog can still have small updates like this more frequently. So I was busy again in Mysore with the training, programming, exams, tests etc. After few months of rigorous training in Mainframes and generic software concepts, I was posted in Chennai for job. I found another opportunity to update my blog. So I had picked up various instances like Christmas celebrations, birthday celebrations at office or some funny incidents that happens to me and spent time updating my blog about it.

This went on for few months.

Turning Point

Yeah, I had a turning point in this blogging history as well. Sometime back in 2008 when the recession hit the software industry, a bunch of our folks came to bench which was almost equal to No-work-as-of-now-u-can-enjoy-ur-time-here-in-office thing. As how recession hit our American clients, ideas hit my idle mind. Someone rightly said, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.

But the devil inside me started doing un-evil things to me!

There was something called BB in our office. That’s called Bulletin Board, which is almost equal to a forum where we can post our queries and get replies in our inbox from the fellow infoscions. It was just an awesome thing in the office with no internet connection for developers (!). Similarly there was a separate forum for writing stories, and articles. It was called CHNInk or MCTInk based on the location where infoscions all over the world can post stories and articles and get feedbacks and fans too!

Hit by ultimate boredom in the cubicle, with no work in bench, I started reading stories from the BB. One fine day, I thought, “Why shouldn’t I write something? May be a story of some kind, fiction sort of…”. So I opened the MS Word and started keying in texts that ultimately ended up with a five page write up. I named the story “Ping Pong” (now it’s called Itz raining!) and posted it in the BB. Within hours of posting I started getting mails appreciating and asking me to write more of such stories. Even in BB’s Ink folder, there were replies mentioning my story.

I should say, for a novice, like me in coming up with such a story, those few emails and words did make a difference. Those words of encouragement and appreciation tempted me to write more. This not only helped me to write but also helped me to improve upon my language and its vocabulary. It completely changed my perception about the English articles and write ups. I started reading more books and novels and the editorial sections of Newspapers too. It also helped me to think loud and provided a stage to see my inner thoughts ebbing out in black and white. So there started my journey of dedicated blogging.

Every weekend I dedicate few hours to write stories and post it in my blog. Few weekends I do not get time or out of sheer laziness, I don’t write. It all requires that spark to initiate the writing. Once you start writing, it flows smoothly out of inertial thinking. But one definitely needs huge patience to sit and write (Sit & type to be precise!).

Hence this journey of blogging continued with short stories, random thoughts and few 55 fictions that sprouted in my mind, some movie reviews, tagging and memes.

It was a wonderful journey indeed.

Blog communities

Blogging can be enhanced by being a part of blogging communities such as indiblogger.in, blogadda, bloggerchat.in and many more blogging platforms formed by bloggers all over India. I was a part of all these communities. The best thing that can happen to someone by being a part of this is the contests and the prizes that come along with them. Keeping the prizes to one side, these platforms will give you an opportunity to fold your sleeves and gear up for writing content for the contest. Above all, you get to meet new bloggers and visitors to your blog – New people, new friends. It will be so exciting!

Apart from blogging in wordpress, my company gave me a blogging platform called Infyblogs, which was based on the livejournal blogging. It had fewer good templates. But who cares for templates when there are hell lots of awesome, interesting infoscions out there to make your day. Ofcourse I should accept that I’ve got a good bunch of friends from Infyblogs, though I’ve not interacted with few them personally or in work place. They have become a wonderful part of my life and I still keep in touch with current/ex-Infoscions through Infyblogs Facebook page. I love all you people so much that I still envisage being a part of Infy family. Without them I couldn’t have survived in Infy blogosphere. More than the people I’ve interacted in my place, I missed my Infyblog friends so much.

Another best thing that can happen is Blogger’s Meet! Yeah, it forms such a wonderful gang each of them stranger to another from various locations, being associated with each other by a single thing – blog! The FC meets and Marina/Besant Nagar Beach bloggers meet, Baskin n’ Robbins Ice Creams, book sharing and adding bloggers in MS Communicator etc and frequent chats ending in cherishing friendship are worth the presence and mention.

Fear of losing

When this twitter thing came up and the whole world was busy updating their status anywhere and everywhere. I was apprehensive of creating an account in twitter.

With the churning of I’m sleeping, I’m peeing, Just stepped on a cow dung, I’m gonna meet my GF tonight kind of updates, the whole world started tweeting and became more busier in life updating some unknown followers about their status with 140 character messages called tweets. Even sharing photos and videos have come in vogue in twitter.

I found many of my blogging friends lost track of blogging and started tweeting full time. This happened because, tweets were shorter, crisp in 140 characters and it conveyed more message than a page of 5 or 6 paragraphs in a blog and it was instantaneous and real time.

I too started tweeting but that did not halt me from blogging. I’ve always feared of losing my blog. But fortunately I’m still in touch with my blog out of sheer passion and interest towards writing. It’s the only companion that gives me company on a weekend night or on a boring Sunday afternoon when friends were busier and lazier than me!

Winding up….

Okay, enough said, I just want to thank you all again for enabling me to attain this height. Hope you will shower you blessings and continue supporting me in all my forthcoming write-ups with your comments, views and feedbacks!

So this is all about my blogging story!!

A new beginning from the old finale…

16 thoughts on “100 posts of blogging!

  1. itz raining!!! that post was the one that brought me to your blog as well 🙂 🙂 long time since then… cheers kally! keep it coming 🙂 Have a big party for ur 1000th post 😀

  2. 100 posts in a blog is not an easy achievement..Hats off..Continue your good work…This post is really good and it seems you have become an active blogger after learning a lot..Nice

  3. @Yeshu: Yep! thats rite!! Itz raining here was the post!!! 🙂 10000th post ugh!! Yeah I’ll definitely try for that!!! that too all meaningful post from here on!

  4. @Harish: Thanks man!!!!! Sorry for approving this comment late. This was in spam queue! Not sure how it went there!!! I’m trying to be more active dude. I’m just trying my best.

    Keep coming! 🙂

  5. @Yeshu: Ugh Ohhhh!!! Typo!! Added an extra ‘0’ in 1000 😀 hehe…was all excited and didnt notice the typo! Anyway…!

  6. congrats for your achievement. I know its not very easy to come up with 100th post on one’s blog..coz am lazy too, like you are(as you have mentioned about yourself)..and for lazy beings like us its equivalent to Oscars.keep it up!!!.jokes apart,you have a nice blog.and thanks for adding me to your network 🙂

  7. @Arpita: Thanks a lott for dropping by & for ur d comment on my blog!!!!! Well, yeah ‘lazy’ all of us are at some point of time or the other, but am always!! 😀 hehe…anyways!!! Cheers!!! 🙂

  8. //Writing articles or stories were definitely not in my bucket.// yeah yeah.. I know! 😛

    //One fine evening on October 5, 2006,// Aahh!! U remember the date!??!!

    //A website having my own name in the URL.// sounded exciting to me also.. still when I tell friends to open blog of my name..feels exciting 😀

    // but it also had some prestige factor involved in it. // very true! 🙂

    //But the devil inside me started doing un-evil things to me!// well said 😛

    //Sit & type to be precise!// lol 😛

    That was a nice post Kally!! 🙂

    You are most welcome 🙂 I vl also b back with a bang in my blog soon 😀

    P.S. : A long comment for a long post! 😛

  9. @Priyanka: Thanks for the comment and for ur patience to read thru 1st of all!!!

    The date I rem’ becoz that was the day when I wrote my 1st post in my blog!! 🙂

    Yeah, you shud come back to blogging with super awesome post of urs. Even if its not for creativity brush up, atleast it wil keep the laziness away!! hehe…

    Yeah a a long comment for my long post!!

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