Kitchen (My 55 fiction)

The smell of onion vada was inviting as I approached it in the darkness and chomped slowly. A heavy metal struck my head from somewhere and I was caught under it, writhing in pain. Little did I know that I was caught in a mouse trap and was about to die out of painful suffocation!


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Target (My 55 fiction)

I pointed the sniper at the security guard and pulled the trigger. I climbed up to twelfth floor to the balcony. Someone shot me right in my forehead. I descended down from twelfth floor of the building and hit the ground with a THUD. My profile score was 345 points. The Monitor displayed GAME OVER


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3. Legged Kolukkattai – [Appa Sonna Kathaigal]

PS: My 3rd story in this “Appa Sonna Kathaigal” series!!! Click on the “Appa Sonna Kathaigal” link in the Category list to read other stories! 🙂


It was just another night when I was all geared up for a bed time story.

“Tell me a story, Daddy” I said.

“What story you want me to tell?” asked my dad.

Kolukkatttai story, Kolukkatttai story” I jumped.

“Okay, I’ll tell you a new story today on Kolukkattai” saying so, he started the story in his own narrative style.


As in every other bed time story, there lived a family in a remote village where the family had just 10 children with their mother and father. It was a great ordeal for the mother to manage all her ten children. Every other day, she had to be the referee for some or the other quarrels that these children got into.

It was just another day for them, one fine afternoon when the youngest of the son peeped into the kitchen, where his mom was cooking evening snacks, sitting on the ground in the mud stove, hugged from behind.

“What are you doing here sweetheart?” asked the mother.

“I want Kolukkattai mummy” said the kid.

“Awww , my munna wants a Kolukkattai…mommy will make for you” she replied.

He happily left the place.


That night everyone in the family assembled to have the Kolukkattai.

All of them hogged on it, as it was so spicy and delicious. Continue reading

Duty (My 55 fiction)

The room was dark and lit with a single source of light. He entered the dim room, with his gloves on. He quickly scanned the instruments and a man’s unconscious body in bed nearby. A sharp surgical knife was glistening in the table. Two others joined him.

The doctor echoed, “Nurse, let’s start the operation”


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Desperation (My 55 fiction)

She firmly held it in her cold hands with intense desperation. She brought her lips closer to it and started licking around the sides & its top. The gooey white liquid started dripping all over her lips, chin and through her fingers. She finished it in 10 minutes and squeaked, “Daddy, one more ice-cream, please!”


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