Kitchen (My 55 fiction)

The smell of onion vada was inviting as I approached it in the darkness and chomped slowly. A heavy metal struck my head from somewhere and I was caught under it, writhing in pain. Little did I know that I was caught in a mouse trap and was about to die out of painful suffocation!


P.S: What is 55 fiction?

4 thoughts on “Kitchen (My 55 fiction)

  1. A brilliant piece indeed. I loved it.

    I have recently developed a taste for micro fiction and trying to read others work from search/twitter. I came across one more of yours from colours magazine and liked that very much too. Wish you all the very best for your writing.

  2. @Abhra: Hey thnx 4 dropping by glad tht u enjoyed my micro fiction! Planning to write more. Share urs too! Thnx 4 d follow as well…! πŸ™‚

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