Pinging from future

Have you ever been bored to death on a saturday afternoon and found no solace in your idiot box which always telecasts serials, neither the system full of movies and songs helped, nor Facebook, Twitter  gave a shoulder?

Yes, I’ve been subjected to such a situation and so I decided to shred some boredom. The last opened was still open in my Firefox and some unexplainable force in me pointed me towards the bottom right corner where some online Ad was blinking in Red. It was a small box of ad about omegle website, which enables you to talk to strangers with complete anonymity.

I just thought of giving it a try, since you need not give your name or location or any details. It is upto you what you share and what you dont! (Come on you dont have to create or have an account in it, like the old school of Yahoo Messenger Chat Rooms where you require a  Yahoo email ID)

I opened the website and it offered me TEXT/VIDEO Chat. I selected TEXT chat. First few pings were from desperate guys craving for a horny chat. Everyone started with the famous ping


I plainly disconnected the chat, initiating a new converstation with some random stranger. This happened quite a few times.

So when I disconnected the penultimate stranger who was asking me if I was Horny, a new converstation session was established and then came something interesting. In one of such random pings, there was someone who was more interested in establishing a conversation rather than knowing if the other side is a female stranger!

The remaining of our converstation went quite surprisingly interesting and we were totally in a different world of far future. A scientific possibility of a fictitious world.

In the chat, Stranger is referred by the same name and I am referred as “You”.

Presenting you the original transcript of our Omegle chat without any edits, right from the Omegle conversation initiation message!

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: hi

Stranger: how are you?

You: am fine! Thank You!

You: Welcome to 3067

Stranger: your welcome

Stranger: where is that?

You: Which Gregorian year are you pinging from?

You: It is alpha Novario

Stranger: 2022

Stranger: ah

Stranger: I see

You: a micro galaxy circuit from Milky way!

You: OMG u belong to 2022. Thats fantastic!

Stranger: I am from the year when Humans first show the sign of the Super gene

You: My first interactions with a Human!

Stranger: I was orignally from 2011 but was frozen

Stranger: and let out eleven years

Stranger: So what may I call you?

You: u can call me a Meme

You: I spread love and affection across Electronic systems!

Stranger: nice to meet you 🙂

You: making them human than a mere silicon machines!

Stranger: ah

Stranger: So how may I be of service to you this day?

You: I am looking for meta gene of a Alpha Human species.

You: what does that super gene belongs to!?

Stranger: Well I’m not sure

Stranger: I was kinda mutated

Stranger: You see a spider bit one day on a class trip

Stranger: and well

Stranger: I became a hero

Stranger: So how does that help you?

You: Mutations still exixts in our world. But fortunately Its anti stealth!

Stranger: ah.

You: Good to hear this!

Stranger: Well to tell you the truth I can contact this guy from 2011 called Reed Richards

You: We are trying to clone meta genes for human bio pattern synthesis!

Stranger: whoa

Stranger: be careful with cloning

You: You sound too excited

Stranger: I have seen the downside of it

Stranger: but also the good

Stranger: I wrote an article once on it was published

You: I can sense some patterns of Spiderman bytes from your conversation

You: Publish article?

You: like that of Newspapers that ppl used centuries ago?

Stranger: um you see meme in my time they gave out information I discovered

Stranger: yeah

You: I mean in around 20th century and older

Stranger: I actually worked for one at one time

Stranger: yes

You: Good

You: Do you still breathe Oxygen?

Stranger: btw you wouldn’t happen to have anyone around that has something to undo a deal with a deamon do you?

Stranger: uh yeah. but how am I not dead?

You: No not exactly

You: I’m wondering!

You: the Oxygen gets pollutted with Carbons and they disintegrate

You: Earth disintegrated long back!

Stranger: It’s like since your around you seem to project a lifeforce simular to that of earth keeping me from being destroyed

Stranger: hmm

You: we breathe Penta5 liquid.

Stranger: ah

You: Humans!!

You: I always wanted to meet them

Stranger: so here is my DNA.

You: I just wantto feel them in real.

Stranger: Before you touch me are there gender’s here?

You: Genders were meant only for reproductions in mammals!

Stranger: actually all animals had genders.

Stranger: so am I the only human here?

You: We multiply through Chipboard Inheritance!

Stranger: ok

You: I’m made not born!

Stranger: that is interesting but could you help me in some way?

You: What kind of help can I offer you?

Stranger: I need to undo something that happened in the past.

Stranger: I made a deal that disrupted time

Stranger: and I must fuse the new and old timeline together

Stranger: I gave up my marriage to the most amazing woman but it created a break in reality

You: Sorry to hear that But we never tamper with the timeframes. Its quite complex and controlled by neural networks

Stranger: I know that but do you know someone who could help me with the demon known as Metiphisto

You: We have a time matrix under which v extract paths and see details

Stranger: do you know of anyone in anytime that well could help me

You: I wud love to offer help

Stranger: yes

You: but all our circuits are bridged, v never ought to get out of it!

Stranger: You have no idea what I have been through in my life

You: A mere programmed circuits with e-liquid

You: I can empathise!

You: humans were the most blessed creatures!

You: but they were devastatingly vulnerable

Stranger: Until we screw things up…

Stranger: Meme may i ask you to look at something

Stranger: look up these names

You: I’ll try my best. Pls proceed

Stranger: and see what they did

Stranger: Ben Parker

You: Initiate

Stranger: Steve Rogers

Stranger: Peter Parker

Stranger: from 20th-to 21st centery

You: yes!

Stranger: I am the one named peter parker

You: You read lot of comics I suppose!

You: Peter Parker?

You: Whoaa!

Stranger: yes

You: but this cannot be true!

Stranger: why is that

You: Peter parker never existed.

Stranger: we live in a univesrse where there are mulitiple realities and time streams

You: he was just alter ego of spiderman!

You: Yes absolutely!

You: Peterparker is the intra self reality that Spider man has made for himself

Stranger: no well kinda

You: he doesnt exist in the real world

Stranger: it’s a long story

Stranger: that

Stranger: involves me being on a totem pole

You: parallel universe is little dangerous! We actually live in few ofthem

Stranger: where throughout the ages a spider themed character

Stranger: is

Stranger: there

Stranger: but anyways I need to fix my timeline

Stranger: what can I do here?

You: Well, I have one question

Stranger: In return here is my genotype

Stranger: yes

You: do u have Neuro Telepathic Transmitter?

You: We communicate and transfer humanoid data via them

Stranger: um… let’s see

You: I’m afraid your world doesnt have this technology yet! please check

Stranger: I am a tech guy but I have no idea what that is

Stranger: wait. I have this thing the orginal Madem Web gave me

You: Well its the small device stiched to your wrist.

Stranger: she said it would be used when I absolutely need it

You: Rather soldered.

Stranger: ah

Stranger: well it just appeared the other day with a message from her

Stranger: and when the blast sent me to your time it must have attached like that

You: time travel?

You: Are you kidding?

Stranger: Eh kinda

Stranger: basically a rip in the time stream

You: but which physical theories you follow?

Stranger: black hole type thing

Stranger: After my life… It’s hard to say each theroy changes for me everyday. Magic is like science but changes everything

You: I’m afraid black hole thing is outdated

You: quantum or meta physics is what v are rather dependent as for older technologies

Stranger: well I was gifted in both. but I know someone who you would really like. ever heard of Mr. fantastic?

You: nopes!

Stranger: ah Well gifted mind

Stranger: sometimes gets his family in trouble

Stranger: but hey

Stranger: so since I have the device can I try to fuse the timestreams

You: Yes tell me

Stranger: tell you what

You: never ever tamper with timelines dear human friend

You: they will lead to timeshift issues

Stranger: I already did. If we don’t fix it. everything will be destroyed

You: Oh No!

Stranger: but

You: but what?

Stranger: It wasn’t my fault. look up One More Day

Stranger: and effects of that

You: I will try to

You: can u ping me ur co-ordinates?

You: and ur doppler shift index?

Stranger: um can you touch me and and get all that info

You: I’ve no clue on how to do that?

Stranger: How about looking up Peter Parker and disrupt in time line

You: Wait…

Stranger: ok

You: but

You: there are 1,234,567,834 entries here

You: all are from logical co-ordinates

Stranger: you see I’m kinda of like the spider that makes the web of this universe

Stranger: didn’t really ask for it

Stranger: fate brought it

Stranger: can you copy abilities of other people in history

You: u mean characteristic schema extraction?

Stranger: yes

Stranger: look up charlse xavier and his ability to read minds

Stranger: use that to find all the information you want from me

Stranger: and then we can go down to buisness

You: It needs to come thru proper channels!

You: I cannot do any transactions from external world

Stranger: Wait!

Stranger: look up Marvel comics One More Day One moment in Time and brand New Day

Stranger: that should give enough info

Stranger: I remembered I am a comic from one wierd visit

You: But comics is a fantasy!

You: I’ve tried hashtable algorithms!

Stranger: Well that makes me a fantasy

You: Fantasy doesn’t pays!

You: Yes!

You: But you are still human!

Stranger: so how is any of this possible

Stranger: wait is that thing over there the chipboard thing

You: yes.

You: v do

You: but its all intrinsic in each one of us!

You: the way v multiply circuits and humanoids.

Stranger: Wait It’s showing the moments in time I need to fuse

You: Well leave ur co-ordinates I’ll try to contact u in the future.

You: How long is your life span?

Stranger: That is a question a lot of people have asked

Stranger: jk

Stranger: it’s a joke

Stranger: I am unsure

You: some nearest value possibility?

Stranger: 100 years

Stranger: give or take

You: Thats it?

You: 100 years is a very less in Pro-life sustainancy index

Stranger: um why is that worm hole thing coming at

You: Alright!

You: System charge initiated for my module!

You: I am going in hibernation!

You: Nice talking to you! Do u have a ID or something?

Stranger: i have an msn account

You: wats dat?

Stranger: an email

You: email?

You: can it send and recieve hex values ?

Stranger: i’m sorry i don’t think so

You: My controller doesnt have a processor and operating system!

You: I’m connected to pseudo Mainframes!

Stranger: ah

Stranger: ok

Stranger: well it has been nice talking to you

Stranger: I think I am actually heading back to my original timeline

Stranger: um perhaps we will meet again. and hopefully you will see a change in everthing

You: Good to see you reverting to ur timeline! Bad to miss u!

You: Good Bye!

You: Take care!

Stranger: the same to you

You: Initiating Accumulator Register Shut down! 0000445FFFx00

You have disconnected.

Well, that ends here!

I totally enjoyed this futuristic conversation (Do not  probe into the technical details, its all bull shit!! 😉 ) and was  actually relieved from my boredom! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pinging from future

  1. @Abhishek: Thanks man for dropping by!!

    I did see ur blog, but didn’t get time to read. I’ll definitely read it and leave my comment on it!!!

    //But I guess what you find depends on what you are looking for…
    Lols! Yeah. That stands true may b!!

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