Shhh – The Secret Desires


Who doesn’t have a secret desire or rather a desirous secret!

Back in kindergarten, a small boy would have had the secret desire to deceive the teacher’s eyes and run back home, escaping from the torture of repeating every line of rhymes, sung horribly by the teacher or writing A, B, C in those multicoloured four lined notebooks in a devastatingly tedious cursive handwriting. He also had the secret desire to escape from his mom’s wrath, when he playfully, carelessly loses his Geometry box in the school premises, even sometimes flicked by a notoriously naughty brat in his class.


Back in college days, every guy would have had a secret desire to win the pinky rose and cute heart of that-one-girl-from-city who never ceases to amuse them with her round inquisitive eyes and her sweet little lips which slips, dips and pouts at instances which guys never forget to remember. The desire to secretly encroach her heart, by helping her out with the for-loops, structures and polymorphisms in the computer laboratory periods with frequent ‘groundnuts’ charring in the conversations as if indigenously borne in each one of them, leaving others to gape in flaming awe and to many’s dismay.


Back in corporate training days, every single, yeah read as ‘single’ guys, who have failed to experience those sweet secrets – koo-chi-koo talks, late night SMS-ing her, weekend ‘enjoy maadi’ to Mayajaal, Satyam and Mahabalipuram, would have had a desperate desire – a secret desire rather, to get clandestinely committed to that one chick in the hall, who always completes her assignments in time and spends the remaining time in her mobile phone sandwiched intact in between her palms and ears. They even have a desire to walk casually with her to the office Food courts, Canteen, Coffee Machines, Coffee Cafe Days and to building lobbies to read newspaper and to hold their head high with pride and fall into the prejudice of incinerating their friends’ and onlookers’ stomach. Little did they know that, they are one among the many who hang out with her and not the only one hanging out with her!


Back in real testing times, when work piles up and tortures you with the ‘Kumbibaagam’ retribution as in “Garuda Puranam’, you have a secret desire for the client to drop a mail to you informing that he doesn’t want that particular functionality to be implemented in the module which is torturing you to hell. You even have a secret desire to show case to your manager, your extent of putting ‘extra efforts’ to fulfil the year’s goals by stretching more than one’s capability.

When the project gets implemented successfully and mails float to and fro from onsite to offshore, you have that ‘secret desire’ to find your name in the mail with a special mention for your dedication and commitment. Little did you know that few months later, some unfortunate cursed soul will be banging his head, to fix the fatal bug in the code cursing you – the code which you had worked day and night, invariably adds to your adversity.


Now, every blogger will have a secret desire to get 100s of comments in his blog for all the crap he writes and would refresh and check his mail every other second for the mail alert from the blog. The desire even secretly builds up to such an extent that it desires a dedicated Facebook page for your blog and 1000s of people ‘Liking’ it multiplying your fame to infinity!

Desires are easily mutable. It exists in every form and in every place. They are not controllable and acts like an unstable Uranium isotope. It is up to us to use cadmium or indium control rods of common sense well ahead, to prevent the uncontrolled fission reactions bursting later on!

So what’s your recent secret Desire?

7 thoughts on “Shhh – The Secret Desires

  1. What is this “unstable Uranium isotope or cadmium or indium control rods” .. Oh no, you went so deep 🙂
    By the way these wishes are so good, I hope they came deep from your heart. Any desires came true ??

  2. well, i played my part in reducing 1 from the 100s of comments u expect!

    good write up.. i felt the last chemistry-physics part could hav been rephrased 🙂

    but yes, wat all u wrote was true! 😀 😀

  3. nice post…n ‘true’ desires….well..did seem true to me…..
    The last aprt about desiring 100’s of posts and a dedicated FB page is definitely the done-thing for every blogger…..

  4. @Senthil: Yeah man went little more technical…just came in the flow…..!! 🙂

    //By the way these wishes are so good, I hope they came deep from your heart. Any desires came true ??
    hehe…something n there coming true..but not fully….!!! 😛

    Thanks for dropping by….!!

  5. @Rubesh: Thanks man!! As I said earlier..I was ittle emotional and things came as it is….went little techy!!!

    //well, i played my part in reducing 1 from the 100s of comments u expect u r the DUDE!! 😉 Shud find the remaining 99!! 😀

  6. @Ghata: Danke’!!!!

    //nice post…n ‘true’ desires….well..did seem true to me…..
    Haan…bas aise dil se aagaya…Hmmm!!!

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