Movie Review: Nootrenbathu (180)

It was a long weekend and I desperately wanted to watch some Tamil movie completely avoiding any ‘run of the mill’ Genres viz. politics, hopeless country side cacophonies or of any mass hero movies. After much scanning through the music channels and comedy channels, I found some uniqueness in the songs and scenes from this movie ‘Nootrenbathu’.

Quickly googled the movie’s torrent and after careful examination of the sample screenshots, I took the decision to download the torrent and left the system to its own seeding and leeching simultaneously for the next four hours (God bless my ISP’s speed and package!)

Okay off to review!

No bang on Hero entry, no colorfully dressed women dancing behind the Heroine scenes, no punch dialogues, no ‘Kuthu’ songs (Aadukalam rem’?? Otha sollala…type of cheap songs), no revenge scenes, yet this bilingual Tamil Telugu romantic drama film ‘Nootrenbathu’ is crafted awesomely beautiful or beautifully awesome I should say! (You can see Geetha still speaking in Telugu!! 😛 )

Everything is kept to its level of subtleness – A humor, an emotional outburst, a suspense, the flashback, romance  – they make a profound impact on you though delivered gently. It gives a feel-good sensation while you watch the movie. It gives a gentle touch of smoothness and comfort to the story and the screenplay.

So whom should be given credits? The female leads? The Hero? The supporting casts? or the Director? I should tell you the whole team should be. (come on I’m not being diplomatic here!) The whole screenplay and the camera angles are a visual treat to the audience. Every shots are carefully edited and composed to its uniqueness. The colors are so contemporary and dramatic. The screenplay and cinematography are a definite toppings to this double cheese pizza!

The lead characters – Wow! They simply outperform each other in every scene.

Nithya Menon  – The bubbly chubby girl with her cheerful tone and inquisitive big rolling black eyes, catches everyone’s attention, everytime she plays her part on screen. I’m not sure if the unnatural Tamil dubbing that flows in her tongue, which makes her dialogs cute or her presence itself. She carries Canon EOS 5D DSLR! (Sorry can’t help noticing this, being a Photography enthusiast and a SLR owner! 😀 I don’t know why did my conscience force me to watch this movie which ended up having a Photo journalist with SLR again. Rem’ ‘KO’ movie? :P). She flirts, smiles, laughs, adores, and loves Siddharth, completely ignorant of his flashback. Even we do not have the complete picture of his story and the movie unveils itself with suspense and unties the knot one by one gradually, making us comfortable and keeping us with the pace of the story.

Priya Anand – hmmm!! No words to write about her. I was just admiring, admiring, admiring and admiring her throughout the movie. she was equally a naughty and a playful girl who played her part at par to everyone in the movie. Her playfulness and her sweetness permeates through the screen and soaks our hearts with cuteness and drenches us with her prettiness. Aahh! First time seeing her in the screen.

Siddharth – His movies have never been so rich and appealing as this. His characterisation is just perfect. Starting from the first scene to the last one, makes sense without much nonsense being delivered. He speaks so casually and with the same ethusiasm and clarity as in Ayutha Ezhuthu movie. This guy is simply superb!!

Sricharan, Mouli, Geetha were other supporting casts who delivered a decent performance which added demeanour to the way the movie is served rather than irritating terribly.

Well, the songs ‘Nee Korinal…’ and ‘Santhikkadha Kangalil Inbangal..’ are a melodious treat. Lyrics are simply superb and the tune lingers in one’s heart till the end of the movie. ‘Rules Kedayathu’ has stunning visuals with photographic freeze shots. Noticably these songs remain fresh and occupies few MBs in our mp3 players and iPods.

On a different note this movie has lots of Photographic elements with rich visuals and compositions. Any photography enthusiast can clearly notice the beauty and awesomeness in many angles. Okay this is not exaggeration but just my observation. But yeah, atleast for the shots, you can risk watching the movie.

Humor is not a scarce element anywhere in this movie. There it is, like a pinch of salt here and there subtly burst at places and not sprayed too much spoiling the main story. Without this witty pinch of humor, the movie would have been a failure. Mouli has done his part well with carefully studded dialogs. Nithya Menon’s never fails to tingle the humor bone whenever she attempts a comedy stunt. The Amithab Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar scenes and ‘morning brushing’ and theatre scenes are some notable LOL-able clippings.

But irrespective of so many positive elements, this movie has a very weak script. Few things cannot be just taken in. It leaves with so many questions unanswered. There is a thin line of separation between the story and the logic. But yeah considering the instant entertainment in screenplay, the unanswered questions are better left unanswered. Though the sudden turn of events and the way the story oscillates between past and the present, at the right places, untying the sequence of knots, is quite Wow-able one, the weak storyline drips its score slightly.

Though you carefully and anxiously watch the movie as the scenes unwind one by one and finally after so much of bad incidents, heart breaks, misunderstandings, longing-ness,  and confusions, you expect something good to happen, but the story disappoints you with its incompleteness.

The hero never ‘happily lives ever after‘ with either of the heroines. What is the use of running away to some random place in the world after having fun times with them? Okay he is going to make people happy by his presence but why not with one of them? Lots of question and thoughts. So without much revealing the crux of the story, I should tell you that, when the movie ends, it gives a deep feeling of incompleteness in their life, their purpose and their existence. Though the movie makes us ponder about such things in the end, which itself can be attributed to the film’s success, but the randomness and the incomplete spaces still remains unfilled in our hearts!

Well, Just sit back and enjoy!!

Nootrenbathu (180) – Rules Kedayathu, Neenga kekkara questions kkum answer kedayathu!!

Rating:  ■■■■■ (3/5)

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Nootrenbathu (180)

  1. My take
    For you to come up with such a generous rating and a positive review
    you should have either been bit by the love bug(s) [n.menon and p.anand] or took a bribe from the makers.

    There were similar stories in the past. Like Pudhiya Geethai, which said ‘nalladhu ninaithal nalladhe nadakum’ but the screenplay defined a new paradigm of crappiness.

    My review here >> 180 😦

  2. naan etha venumnaalum othukkupen… aana.. aadukalam otha sollala pathi oru review kuduthurukiye nu. rubbish to the core i would say…

  3. @Srinath : Depinitely depinitely.
    otha solala will be the new anthem for people who get a nod from their girl friends.
    simple tune, simple dance yet it creates magic 🙂

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