2011 – a contemplative adios

2011 has been a terrific one!

It’s been a year of new people and friends. I’ve acquired many new friends who were completely fresh and a wonderful set of people. I simply cannot put in words the very idea of new people entering my life. Meeting new people, interacting with them and befriending them have always been fun. If these new people have not traced their path into my life, I would have mulled over the monotonous array of events that was decelerating my course of life.  I would not extend my courtesy to you by acknowledging your inclusion with a ‘Thanks for being there’ and thereby forcing a compulsive formality in our relationship. I would like to keep things informal.

A complete change in things has been brought in this year. I’m loving the newness and the comfortable me jutting out into a new arena. The arena has been both in my professional and personal front. Being there in something for a longer time, with no new things to do or follow becomes a dreary one. The year 2011 has brought in quite a number of changes in things around me. It is little feel-good awkward to realize the very fact that the change has happened already – not as worse as realizing a nuclear fission has occurred and there is no way to escape painful disintegration. But the changes were pretty exciting. I was hoping badly for those changes to happen and was under excitement for quite a number of reasons. I was not disappointed with the turn of events. I was in mixed feelings as they say, change is the only constant, which was/is and will be a paradox in itself. Not only the ‘Dhaag acha hai’ (Karai Nallathu!), but also ‘Change is also good’.

The year has also proved to be a new beginning for quite a number of things. A new turning in the journey of my professional life kick started in this year, taking a sudden diversion from a treacherous and rickety road. I was all stable and secure but the fear of sinking deep into a depression out of monotony and hecticness forced me to take new roads not travelled. I now love this journey and I’m sure I have a very long road ahead and the journey is gonna be exhilarating. We relocated to a new flat in a new location after me being there in my previous one for about 15 years.

This year has also brought in more peace in me. It feels as if life is peaceful and hassle free. There have been times in 2010 when I would be more uninterested in things around me, due to sheer weariness and sleeplessness. Things have changed much in this year. I’ve learnt to appreciate the intricate details. The outlook with which I perceive things has changed too. There is more clarity and undoubted certainty in things which I had looked upon in drowsiness. I sense an innate ability in me to find more qualities and new characteristics studded deep inside. I’m able to find time to drown deep in me & unearth something so profound or even shove laziness on my head and curl up under the blanket sinking deep into a longer slumber.

Well, apart from the same mundane events happening in my life, I have developed interest in Photography with the new acquisition of DSLR in this year 2011. May be this acquisition is done at the right time as I was talking about my outlook and my perception about things above. So with this SLR being my new love, I’ve done some travelling and hang-outs with friends to few good places where I was able to experiment my skills on photography and capture few good moments and things which I could appreciate through my eyes.

Apart from Photography, I have started reading few good books – the language which I can appreciate and do some learning and un-learning. Towards the fag end of the year, I’ve also decided not to read those cheap Indian authored CB flavored Novels. I owe tons of respect to few of those Indian authors who add vividness to English literature. I’ve been inspiring my sister, to read Dan Brown Novels in her holidays. After completing ‘The Lost Symbol’ and Wow-ing on the awesomeness and the brilliance of the story and its facts, she has now planned to read all of Dan Brown’s books.

Last but not least, I had to clean up my blog and revamp the site with new pages and had to do some re-alignment of widgets and contents. Hope the blog is now aesthetically neat and fresh. I now have options to change blog header independently. I’m kinda loving this theme. I would like to go for self hosting and buy a domain name for myself. But still, speculating more on that front. Let me see what is there for me in this 2012.

I see my life is happening. What I wonder is, the happenings in this year 2011 seemed to be more happening and creating marks in the pages of history. Hope 2012 turns out to be more exciting and fun filled year for me and for all of you.

Happy New Year 2012


6 thoughts on “2011 – a contemplative adios

  1. OK!
    Happy new year மாமே 🙂
    The blog looks clean.
    First impressions
    1) The links on top are too light in colour to get noticed. Try Dark Grey.
    2) Also, the tags of a post occupy space in the reading pane. If you can have it below the post it would be good.
    நல்லா இருப்போம்,நல்லா இருப்போம். எல்லாரும் நல்லா இருப்போம்.

    *Spoiler alert*
    Even im working on a proper theme for my blog. Pakalam, how it truns out’nu.

    ~ Cheers.!

  2. @Karthick:

    Happy New year to you too!!!

    Thanks dude for the inputs…!!!

    1) The theme is like that, cant modify it!!

    2) Same reason for the tags as well, the theme is like that, cudn’t touch that as well….

    Yeah ur blog needs some revamp…Do let me know when done!!!

  3. Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you a greater 2012 – to scale newer peaks in photography and blogging!

    Speaking of Indian Authors, have you read Amitav Ghosh’s works yet? He is really good

  4. Well, have a great year ahead dude… Even I had many new people on board in life in 2011 and it was super fabulous. Most part of it is due to blogging and it rocks! 🙂

    May you take your photography to greater heights than ever in this year!


  5. @Sivakumar:

    Thank You for the wishes dude!!!!

    //Amitav Ghosh

    No haven’t read his books. I’ll have to try it out!!

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