Barfi (2012) – Movie Review

Not all movies create an impact and not all movies leave you stranded in the crowd of thoughts. Of the few movies which scathed me, ‘Barfi’ stands first in the queue. Movies these days touch upon topics like romance targeted at physical magnetism but very few stories convey love in an emotional effervescence, which stands pure and distills poignancy throughout your mind and body without getting smutty.

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Stay Safe Play Safe – [Meme]

Sir this is Nithya calling from ICICI Prudential. We are offering you a health Insurance cover and I would like to take two minutes…

God only knows if you say ‘Yes’ that ‘2 minutes’ will take 20 minutes of your time. Even Maggi cannot be made in 2 minutes *Don’t believe that ad. Try cooking Maggi with a stop watch*

Hello, this is Rupa calling from Citi Bank Credit cards, you have been chosen as our privileged customer and we are offering a health card as a top up to the Credit card which you will be receiving from us in a week…

Come on, I don’t have an account in your bank in the first place. Second, I don’t have a credit card, over that you are offering me a health card as a top up and will you please explain me that ‘privileged customer’ and ‘chosen’ part?

Why is everyone behind my a$$, so desperately wanting to secure my health?


Beta, don’t eat junk foods. Stop eating those Peeetza, Burger and that road side pani poori which are sold in matka” mom iterates these lines whenever I leave home.

Take care beta. Eat properly at right time and don’t roam around in the sun” dad shows some kindness behind his strictness whenever I travel away from home for a weekend.

Don’t eat that Dairy Milk Silk alone. Get that for me too, otherwise I’ll kill you” sister blackmails you with her words.

Hey darling, take care. I will miss you. Msg me wherever you are. Call me if you want to talk to me. Don’t eat in local eat-outs. Always go for good restaurants” well you could have guessed – her highness girlfriend.

Machi, take care da…Travel safe” The Friend

Family & friends care for you more than you imagine.


You are being loved and cared. But do you love yourself? Err…I mean, care for yourself? When it comes to driving a vehicle, we care about the petrol, money and the luggage, but do you care for your safety consciously?

When others are so much concerned about you, I feel one should take measures for their own safety.

Bike riders and car drivers have one very important thing to take care of – their life!

In general, bikers (No no Raji…..don’t try to open your eyes wide which I know is difficult for you! :P I was referring bike riders in general…) become more conscious of their looks when riding a bike. They assume their hair gets messed up if they wear helmet or they think it causes baldness. Even they give reasons of their shades being not visible to the hot chicks walking in the platform. Come on dude, no one cares what you wear, even if they bother, why do you give a damn, with your life at stake?

I never hesitate to wear my helmet whenever I go out for a ride even if it is just a 15 minutes zap. I actually feel uncomfortable to ride without helmet as the gush of dusty air on my face makes me awkward in ride. Wearing helmet actually takes me to a different world. I feel like a tony stark inside the Iron man suit or a human inside Optimus Prime. That’s the level of fantasy I would subject myself to wear the helmet.

I’ve heard/seen tragic accidents in the highways and the person was on spot death only because of not wearing a helmet. Life is so unpredictable, let us not make it more haphazard with hazardous accidents like this.

Protection is the buzz word which is been talked about, everywhere. Even a TV remote control has a cover, a newly bought keyboard and sofas have cover. Cell phones have screen and scratch guard. Electronic items are packed with a ‘bubble’ wrap. Even Batman wears a mask which protects his head. So whenever we are on a ‘ride’ we are expected to protect ourselves by wearing appropriate covers on our respective ‘heads’ – you  never know, even a small protection may help you live your future! 🙂

Always remember, If no ‘Helmet’, then definitely ‘Hell met’

Play safe!

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