Awesome Blogger & Liebster Blog Award – I’m tagged

I’m really honoured to receive this award from my friend and an avid blogger Afshan!

The Liebster Blog Award and The Awesome Blogger Award.

I am truly honoured. Thank You!

Now that I’m tagged, here are the rules I need to follow:


  • If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
  • Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
  • Tag 11 more Bloggers.
  • No tagging back.
  • Person you tag must have < 200 followers

11 facts about me

  1. I believe in things which I can fathom and if you are trying to explain things to me please do it with facts & give me some time. I’ll have to get the hold of it. If you are trying to convince me into your shoes, even after my refusal to believe, you are just wasting your time. Can’t you see the word ‘lie’ sitting right in the centre of the word ‘BELIEVE’? I did…!
  2. I’m a passionate blogger, amateur digital designer, convincingly an event organizer, short fiction writer, photography enthusiast, gadget freak, tech enthusiast and a software techie by profession. I promise to hold more interesting positions more sincerely in my life.
  3. Laziness is something which I would never admit to be a deficit entity in me. I’m well equipped with it if you want, I can share some with you if you are ready to accept it. I believe in ‘Laziness is bliss and idleness is a curse’
  4. When it comes to music, I like to listen what I want to and not what I have to. I say a big NO to Carnatic, Classical, Hindustani and all those which falls under “Sa sa ri ri pa pa…” kind of lyrics. Now please don’t bring in “Donkey-Camphor” analogy here. This is me to be frank. ‘No Offence Meant’ to anyone or to anything. I mean it. Filmy/Album music is okay for me. I prefer ARR to Ilayaraja. I prefer Radio Mirchi to FM Rainbow. I prefer beats to melody. Listening to Music is not a compulsion but it’s a choice. Respect it!
  5. Flirting is something which I cannot control if it’s a mutually amicably and a harmlessly happening phenomena.
  6. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WordPress & Internet collectively has become an integral part of my life. Few luxuries have become necessities and few necessities have become luxuries.
  7. When it comes to relationships I expect true dedication and sincerity. Any relationship without a mutual trust and openness miserably fails. I assure you things from my side. Please never fall into deception. I don’t want to hold something which I never want to.
  8. I love dogs and go mad on its puppies. They are loyal, obedient and cute. Give them a hug they will love you more than yourself.
  9. I’m a singer, dancer and a great thinker in Bathroom under shower! I love hot showers than the cold ones.
  10. Black is never inauspicious to me & is my favourite colour. I’ve a good collection of T-shirts and Shirt of black shades.
  11. I’m not so orthodox and I don’t give a damn.

Questions to be answered

1) Who is your favourite blogger and why?
This is actually a very difficult question for me. As a blogger I read quite a number of blogs from various people and places. I seriously don’t have a single person as a favourite blogger as each and every blogger is unique in their own aspect and I love each of their uniqueness.

2) Most embarrassing situation you were in recent past or ages back. It can be hilarious or serious but do share only if you feel like?
While going in night cab, I just dozed off due to tiredness and had to dip my head on a girl’s shoulder sitting nearby. After twice or thrice, I saw her, she saw me, our eyes met. I myself realized that sleeping on her shoulder isn’t a good idea unless she is my girlfriend and so I adjusted my head to the other side. I decided to control the gravity of sleep towards of my left side. I forced myself to align my sleepiness to my right.

Well, after a week’s of travel in the same cab, we were found to be chatting freely in the cab! 😀

3) Your top 3 temptations which you can never get rid of?
First, whenever I see a girl from behind with open hair and walking in front, I have this irresistible urge to walk ahead and see her face. Don’t know why, it is just that.

Second, whenever I see new gadget, I have this urge to watch the various ‘unboxing and hands-on’ reviews in the net.

Third, whenever I use the loo, I get this urge to spit.

4) Your most favourite teacher and what you liked in him/her?
Life is my favourite teacher. It teaches me lessons beyond time!

5) Your school/ college crush and your reaction if you bump in to him/her now?
Ugh! Too many crushes, so I would be still sheepishly grin having a glimpse of their presence.

6) What is your most annoying (to yourself and also to others) habit/ behavioural trait?
I really don’t know. I should probably ask people.

7) Your most favourite movie in recent past which doesn’t go out of your mind?

8)  Have you ever felt jealous of friends or fellow competitors’ success and how did you suppress it?
No one is my competitor. Everyone has some unique purpose out of their life and people struggle and fight for it to reach their goals. Why should I be jealous of them?

9) Your treasured dream and have you taken the first step towards it?
To maintain a healthy and fit body and my first step towards it was enrolling into a fitness gym.

10) Trains / Flights / Ships and why?
Ships! Why? I wanna make another happy ending Titanic! 😉

11) Your favourite pass time and narrate any one situation from your life where you had to desperately pass time but had no means to do so and then what you actually did to kill hours?

My favourite pastime is reading tech/gadget blogs. I would read it anytime anywhere. But if sleep takes over, I would give in to the lap of it! 😀

One day I took a planned leave on a weekday just to watch some movies and read novel but unfortunately it turned out to be a scheduled power shutdown for the whole day. I had to just open the window and lie down gaping at the trees and birds outside the window to let some fresh air sans this power. I couldn’t even read book in peace due to sweat.

Hmmm, so that was it.

Passing on the awards to the following

  1. Anand Arun
  2. Hemalatha Venkatraman
  3. Sulaiman Sait
  4. Gitanjali Naidu
  5. Sreeram Shenoy
  6. Susan Deborah
  7. Kamal TheLegendkiller
  8. Melani Rayen
  9. Mahesh Iyer
  10. Prason Christopher Robin
  11. Karpagam Pugalendhi

My 11 questions for you

  1. If you can write a testimonial for me, what would you write?
  2. What’s the strangest talent you have?
  3. Do you have weird habits?
  4. If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do in your last living hours?
  5. Have you ever felt jealous of friends or fellow competitors’ success and how did you suppress it?
  6. Have you ever been betrayed? If so, how did you douse the flames?
  7. List down 5 music tracks which you would always listen to and would never get bored of.
  8. If you are a guy, have you ever been got slapped by a girl? If you are a girl, have you ever slapped a boy?
  9. What qualities would you be prescribing to a girl/guy to be ideal for you.
  10. Do you believe in life after death? If yes, what would you like to reborn as?
  11. Please explain ‘Einstein’s Relativity Theory’ in layman terms. (I know the Hot stove – Girl analogy. Please use something else!)

Please accept the award and pass on the tag and award to the deserved!


6 thoughts on “Awesome Blogger & Liebster Blog Award – I’m tagged

  1. Thanks for the award(s) mama!! 😀
    The urge to spit on seeing the…is I think a manly urge! 😉 U should read the theory behind why men do that, in C2blogs by Jagannathan!! He’s ripped men! 😛
    Good to know some pointers about you that were otherwise tough to decipher…and man, the questions are a little too sacred to be answered with full honesty…shall try..thanks again dude!! 😀

  2. Dear Kalyan:

    Congrats on your award and thanks a ton for the tag. But as a principle I don’t do tags on my blog but the award goes to my gratitude blog. Enjoyed reading your answers and congrats to the others who received the award.

    Joy always,

  3. enjoyed reading it … I can connect to few things like Black not being a auspicious color.MOST of my dresses r black.. some diktat few days back in the queue of many women crimes where women were not allowed to wear Jeans + black made me laugh !!

    Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WordPress & Internet collectively has become an integral part of my life. Few luxuries have become necessities and few necessities have become luxuries.– This is so true in all our lives!

    and ur top 3 temptations are interesting 😉
    anyway keep blogging!

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