French Toast & Veggie Omelet Chronicles

Breakfast 1

My usual breakfast – French Toast, Veggie Omelet and Fried Potatoes!

Well, I know its been a long time I wrote something and every-time I write something I say the same. Funny it is I know. But somehow I couldn’t assemble my thoughts and urges to find couple of hours to sit and write. Might be other things are dominating my thoughts and that makes me less inclined to writing.

What has happened? Did my blogging skills diminish with time? No. I am still the same inquisitive boy who I have been. Wait..boy? No no Its time to say, ‘man’. Since, I am going to see my next generation soon, that should make me more mature. Duh! I don’t want to be mature, I still want to be the same funny eccentric hopeless guy. Its not being mature that people around you expect but all you need to be is responsible and bearable. Responsible enough to take care of yourself and the people you care about. Bearable enough not to make someone think you are a douche bag! Everything else is only relative!

So that makes me a boy – a responsible boy!! 🙂

Okay so I can hear you mind voice – whats all this French Toast & Veggie Omelet?

Eh! nothing so big. Just some random thoughts and things thats happening around me and with me. But what is so specific about this French Toast and Veggie Omelet? Again nothing. Thats becoming my usual morning food. I have been wanting to write more something like a diary. But again that would be like I need to recollect and write things from past which I am feeling lazy to do! So I will just go with the flow for now and then try to fill in things if I missed anything.


Its been exactly 42 Days 3 Hours and 44 minutes since I had moved to New Jersey from California. Since then, I relentlessly accept that is coming in my way – new city, new people and new ways!

Somerville is a borough in New Jersey, that has serene, suburban setting. So I moved here to this city, as this was near to my work location. I don’t have to commute long distance to work as everyone else is doing. It just takes around 15 – 20 minutes drive to work. I am loving this area so much. Its mostly residential buildings surrounding this place and a shopping center nearby which is also in a walkable distance.

One good thing about my work place is that it has a nice cafeteria and a Starbucks outlet which has everything from cookies and Coffees to cakes and soft drinks. Every morning, when I nonchalantly walk to the cafeteria, to order my breakfast, I have only two options to go for. One is this French Toast and Veggie Omelet and the other one is the Two Eggs and Cheese Sandwich. The reason being other menu items would mostly consists of Bacon, Pork or Turkey Sausages which I seldom eat due to its looks and second is I am Vegetarian(!). Don’t ask me from when is Egg considered to be a Veg? See I eat Veggie Omelet! 😛

I mean, I seriously don’t have any other option since having left my wifey back in India and having no time to cook in the morning (I don’t know cooking which is another sad state of affairs! 😦 ), the only solace is the cafeteria where people manage to eat sandwiches and meat for breakfast nicely. I cannot imagine anything other than Idli-Chatni, Dosa, Chapathi, Poori Masala for my breakfast. But, what to do! If you are not in India, then either you need to make indian food happen or accept what is happening :P. How we Indians have developed a food practice that’s hard to sacrifice!

Well the other day when I had been to the Hair salon in Downtown Somerville, the hairdresser told me that every Friday there would be Antique Car show in the downtown shopping area. The whole stretch is called a Main Street (As how the the whole Renganathan Street in T.Nagar is called so!). I told her that I had just moved in from California so I would definitely visit on a Friday. Since I wasn’t much interested in the antique cars, I thought let me visit some Friday when time permits.

Two days back, when I had left office early to get my driving license updated, the plan didn’t turn out to be a successful one. I had missed two documents which I need to carry. So having moved the plan to a weekday, I found that I need to buy things in the ShopRite which is in the Downtown Somerville. And so I thought let me go and grab something to fill up my fridge for the rest of the week, I landed in the Main St in few minutes. It was so crowded that even the cross street that I was walking was filled with people. Later, entering Main St made me realize that the antique car show was on!

Oh my! This was unplanned as such. Anyway, I thought let me walk the whole stretch and see the cars first and then go for the shopping. Having decided that I walked the whole stretch gazing through the cars on display. The cars were just parked right on the sides, like how the street parked cars used to be. It was a great idea to have put the cars on display right on the sides of the road.

There was a whole bunch of people walking along the sidewalk chatting along and eating in the seats put outside the restaurants. I too took the opportunity to click some of the cars and took some selfies too!!

Here are some of the pics that I managed to share in the FB.













Hmmm so I haven’t yet started to explore NJ. Its been just a month and am yet to get a Car. When I was back in Los Angeles, it was better. It had a good public transportation for short distance. But here it is difficult to move around without a car.

So that’s it for now. I’ll try to be regular here with more posts.

Ciao! 🙂

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