I speak

Now that you are here, well okay…read on

Call me Kally…

What should I say about me to stranger friends who scan through my blog and this very “About me” Section? Should I say that I’m a techie? Well yeah, that’s something which cannot be negated!! I am a techie for almost more than four years.

Whenever I sit to write about me, the thought engulfs me into the mere past I left behind me….my school days, my college days…

Well, I’m a Chennaite, Mainframes Techie, Blogger, Designer, Photography Enthusiast, Gadget Freak, PJ Specialist, Curd Maniac and hopelessly lazy chap!!!!

Blogging has been my pass time & a hobby and I spend hell a lot of time in front of my comp, keying in texts that reverberate my cocktailed mind.

If you are trying to post any comments in my blog for any of my posts, please make sure that you give your original email ID, coz getting back to you for a word of thanks shouldn’t become impossible. When you have spent your valuable time here and commented, is it not my duty to get back to you?. Yes, that’s most important because I believe that comments are the most valuable thing to a blogger and responding to those comments is more important than getting comments!

Well, that’s it from my side!

11 thoughts on “I speak

  1. Hi Kalyan.,
    The Webpage is good….ennala ellathayum padikka mudiyala…Contents are good in thier Richness….All the best…Ennoda ore kanavu!!…Our EEE’07 batch ku nu thaniya ore webpage create pannanum…nee than athuku web master’a irukanum….”TIME VARUM POTHU KANDIPPA ANTHA WEBPAGE’A DESIGN PANNANUM”….Let’s pray god, for that time to come earlier….

    All the best…

    Guru Prasad P

  2. @Asif: Thanks 4 visiting!! Well, initially found it difficult to come with good sentences, later picked up vocabs slowly!! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Kalyan…ohh..sorry kally!!!!….(I am also one of your people)….
    It was nice reading ur blog after such long time ….i.e after college…..It brings back some memories of the enjoyment we had in our college…i still remember some story which u used to write in those days…and also some sort of …ur own tamil kural…..i greatly cherish those days….Hope u r doing great…….With Best wishes…

    Note: I have given my original e-mail address as per ur request!!!!!!

  4. @Bharath: Thanks for reading my blog!!! πŸ™‚ Yea I too cherish those days!!! I rem’ writing some crap in Tamil which I myself do not know what it is all about. And you roomies used to decode the message embedded inside the vaakkiyam. I was Marma Suvadi Siththan & I write Prophecies about Vinoth…..hehe..Good old days da!!

  5. hi kally,
    It was very nice to read your blog…
    I wish you all success in your life


  6. @Lakshmikanth:

    Thanks man!!! Thanks a lot for your wishes. I’m very much glad that you dropped by!! πŸ™‚

  7. @Guru:

    Thanks a lott!!!

    Sure da!! We will make one. But these days everyone is using FB. So separate site is not needed….anyway!! Lets c!!

  8. So only now am I looking around your blog and thinking ok, I got to add this and this and this to my page πŸ˜€ very nice, very neat ..I will bug you for advice πŸ˜€

  9. hey nice blog.. so you are mainframe techie?? nice to know this. i recently won an award in mainframes from IBM in a world championship so now when I saw u r techie in that field I got more interested in your blog πŸ˜€ but realy ur blog is nice.. keep going….

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