Man of Steel (2013) – A thoughtful review

Man of Steel Review

Superheroes do not evolve, they are born!

He doesn’t need technology, he doesn’t need accessories, he never acquired one but rather he is inherent with it. The man is born with the powers and meant to be with the humans and he is nonetheless the Man of Steel – The Superman!

Having been a fan of superman from the very childhood, the S shield and the red cape never ceased to fascinate me with its grandeur and emotions that it evokes. Such a profound feeling that every superman fan needs to undergo can never be expressed in writing. After having watched Batman and the revamped Dark Knight series, I was sure this MOS is going to be a visual and a mental treat. But never knew that, this movie would actually make you unleash your madness for Superman in an amplified modus.

Every superhero has been evolved to a have story spun around them but this man himself is a story to tell, which itself makes him the greatest superhero ever born to be the best. He is human and an alien with unfathomable powers. He defies all laws of physics. There is nothing that can hurt him or there is nothing that can get him hurt. He is fire-proof; he can lift the whole aircraft and can lift a huge mass of land. There are no bounds for his powers. He is unbounded by the boundaries. He can fly just like a bird without the need for any propulsion or a flying device. But even then he is more human than a superhuman nested with feelings.

Quite things have been transformed from the earlier superman to Man of Steel. The so called legendary red brief is no longer a symbol in the suit. The superman fans can now not be embarrassed by wearing that brief over the costume. A more contemporary suit has been given to him. A renaissance has been brought to the plain blue suit which the Man of Steel is now adorned with a matte finished one with darker shades of blue. It seems it’s the trend now to have matte finish and darker shades in the superhero costumes; the new Spiderman too has a similar one!

The movie conveyed a lot more than what it was trying to show. Every man would be pushed to extremities and calamities. You may be destined to somewhat greater responsibilities than what you had assumed. The purpose of your life may seem bleak, but there is always a greater good to you and the people around when you try to understand the niceties. You may not get what you wanted but what you choose to be with will lead you to softer corners of your life.

It’s your choice that matters which will show you the choice of your life and the decision to be with those choices proves how strong you are and one needs to reach their extremes to know them well. Sometimes more than your own personal interest, you got to make people around you happy. Problems are everywhere; you are the one to find the solution as there is no problem that will leave you in deep debris. There is always hope which will keep you going on and on and on. And that ‘S’ shield in the vest is a symbol of hope; it’s not an ‘S’ in the world of Krypton but a symbol for betterment of the people around you.

Many may feel the scenes of Man of Steel are so unrealistic, but those people are forgetting the basic fact that this is not just a movie about a superhero rather it’s the Superman movie. He can do things which no other super heroes can do because he never acquired powers, but he is born with it. The enthrallment that one gets seeing those bullets kissing the ground miserably failing to pierce, the fire that leaves no stones unturned in him, the weapons and ammunitions that puts down its powers in shame in-front of this man cannot get more orgasmic than any roller coaster ride.

The time when he realizes that he is not just a man with super powers but he is someone with a history behind him, he gets his real suit and his experiment with his ability to fly to greater bounds, looks like someone lost his control and is set to run amok in the sky but more than himself during such trials, it’s for us which rushes our adrenaline and thrusts its lever to an extremely high spell bounding experience which makes us hallucinate that we ourselves flying in such velocity.

The stunning visuals and CGs not only make the scenes visually enriching but also causes quite an amount of damage to the city’s properties – buildings, sky scrapers, houses, roads, railways, trains and heavy vehicles are thrashed like papers. Man! The duels are devastating, with them levitating in the midair, banging on to each other, crashing into buildings and uprooting them, shoving Railway Engines, vestibules and trucks on each other like toys, burning monuments and places to debris. Our superhero is thrown into rubbles and whacked to nothing and circumvented by military fighter planes and copters. But nothing can sort him fall. He stands again and gives them back unhurt and with more vigor proving to be the real man of steel.

Well, irrespective of being a superhero or not. Everyone has a weakness that makes them so fragile. Our superman too has a weakness. The kryptonite that makes him powerless and weak, that fails him miserably doesn’t pull him down for ever to the ground but it just tells him that he needs to be strong always to protect himself from the enemies. It’s not the weakness that this man prevails in but leaps into perseverance and strong will to regain his powers and crosses planets with a sonic boom to face them with regained strength.

Superman can never fall. Superman can never fail. Superman can never halt. Superman can never be at fault. Because…

Superman is a real superhero!

Rating: There is no rating. Go watch it because it’s a Superman movie!


Please let me know if you have any questions

Please let me know if you have any questions

How innocent this statement looks but don’t sink in to the deception, I will assist you to be aware of the ramifications that this statement may lead to. Having worked in IT industry for enough long years, I’ve acquired the tacit cognizance not only to read in between the lines of emails but also to penetrate into it and sectumsempra the whole thing to extract the intended insinuation.

Well, after having composed and in the process of composing oodles of corporate emails to immediate bosses, clients, users, teams, alien teams and acquaintances sitting oceans far away or as close as in the next cubicle, I had to admit that, the monotony of this phrase is more nuzzled than the mere obligation of it. Every time I finish composing an email, I feel something is missing in the whole email draft and suddenly realize that, the parting shot misses the most worshipped phrase ‘Please let me know if you have any questions’ and so I diligently type it out at the end of the body which gives a sense of completeness to the email, like that of the holy ‘Thachi Mammu’ at the end of a heavy South Indian meal.

Few use this statement just for the sake of it. Few use it just to sound concerned. Few use it to feel complete (Complete Man – Raymond’s!). Few use it just to be careful and get a feeling of being in the crowd and not left out. Only few choose to know the real meaning of it and act accordingly.

Though this invites ‘further communication’ from the recipient, sometimes it doesn’t invite at all. When your manager sends an email with such a parting shot, some choose to stick to ‘I don’t have any questions’ mode to avoid any repercussion of their flushed out eccentricities. Some actually have things to say and so they immediately run their fingers on the keyboard as if running it against one’s girlfriend’s contours, ramming the keyboard to an extent that the keys go weak in their knees and beg your sympathy, shedding copious amount of audible tears. These species never fail to end their reply with the same blessed phrase of, ‘Ohh please god damn, let me know, if you gosh have, any freaking questions!’

This gets so monotonous at some point of time that you actually choose to ignore this and end the email blatantly with main content. You feel so bored even to take questions from the other end. Sometimes, it will be so boring day that, you actually wish no one comes back with any questions. You may want to keep the tone of the email as concerned as possible but ignoring this phrase might end up as if you are not so involved in the task at hand. So you invariably end up putting that phrase at the end of the email and silently pray all Gods one by one wishing the recipients to be as lazy as you. Some strategically compose such emails towards the end of the day, and press the button SEND SEND SEND for each draft consecutively in quick succession… like pressing the trigger of the MG3 7.62mm machine gun so that they don’t have to wait for the reply and can always check the next day.

Sometimes, the content of the email would be so small but still people prefer to make it wholesome with this phrase.

Sample this,

Hi Ben,
The report is sent.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks & Regards,
Hey I am the Please-let-me-know-if-you-have-any-questions lover

Yes I admit, this phrase can be email filler. It makes the email appear as if the content is huge and it is trying to convey quite a lot of information sarcastically.  So the above email with the phrase can connote:

Hey Ben, Hope you received the crappy report which you asked me to send. Dude, this gotta be crazy, it’s just a simple report which you might have generated yourself. It’s just two minutes of effing mouse click and I gotta log this task in my timesheet since you had sent it to me. I would have probably grabbed an ‘Egg Puff’ in the pantry by the time I logged into the ftp client sitting at the remote machine or rather I would have taken two three sips of Bru coffee with the Sunfeast Marie Light Oats Biscuit.

Anyway, don’t get back to me with any sorta questions or whatever. Do ping me, if am free I’ll reply. I gotta go. Ciao!

Got that?

Well, it does convey such deep meanings in a single line.

In other cases some dread the usage of such phrase during critical times.

Hi <the-most-admired-person>,

As discussed two centuries back (Read – two days back), I’ll be on leave till Tuesday.

Please let me know if you have any questions. (*Sincerely prays God and touches black color while typing this email which would evade all evil eyes and brings good luck*)

Thanks & Regards,
Hey I am afraid to use Please-let-me-know-if-you-have-any-questions dude.

People dread this phrase I say. What if your boss changes the mind and only because you have mentioned ‘Please let me know if you have any questions’, he/she gets back to you with – ‘Well, can you cut down your leave by a day and be back to office by Monday?’. In order to avoid all such ill fate, few gallop away from this dreadful phrase and try not to make it more obvious to get back to them.

This statement has gained corporate attention, since it conveys quite a lot of emotions than a Kathak dancer!

Hi <some-poor-fella>

I cannot approve your release as the metrics in the DOSA dashboard cannot reach 201% compliance without your humble presence. Innovation in the lines of Ghee Dosa, Onion Rava would go bleak if you don’t make yourself available before the dough kneading Tool.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Parotta Master

This dreadful phrase in the above email conveys some simple things without being explicitly declared. First, dude you are screwed, trash your release request. Second, how can you get released when you are the only one taking care of this DOSA module? Having an IDLI person for a DOSA can lead to change in the DOSA parameters which can affect the quality of the deliverables. And finally, now I think you don’t have any questions to ask!

Indigenous use of this phrase has made oneself more competent in the lines of the prudent usage of this phrase. Some acquire this skill to use it at the right time. Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications are not necessary to master the technique of such usage. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who preaches ‘Art of living’ has decided to impart this niche skill to everyone in his spiritual masses.

I also notice that this ‘Please let me know if you have any questions’ culture has deeply penetrated into the young minds and they have started believing that it is some sort of customary ritual that is being followed in the project. They have started appending it to every other email they are sending out. It becomes the email mantra. They chant this at the end of every email.

Lastly I heard from one of my friends that, someone made a blasphemous use of this statement and it was being circulated only among the near and dear ones in the company in the form of forward emails.

The email read:

(Names have been changed to protect the identity & dignity of the email sender)

Dear <sincere-girl-who-works-in-my-project>,

Many more happy returns of the day!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks & Regards,

Alright, so I have decided to create an e-learning material on this industry buzz phrase which will be of greater help for the freshers and laterals who join the company. I hope I made myself clear.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks & Reg….Ohhh sigh! Cut the crap!

Chalo then. Bubye!

A page from a diary!

Her eyes were so addictive!

So powerful that it housed a strong magnetism to leave one astounded with the power, it holds someone in its charm. Many times, I have stolen few glances to drown myself in her presence, by giving in to my involuntary urge to look at her, which filled my cognizance with her hypnotic glances, whenever she brought herself in the vicinity, with a bag slung on her shoulders, searching for a place to settle in for a quick dine. Some instinct in me which changed my body metabolism altogether, increasing my heart rate slightly by few numbers, was a due manifestation of her proximity around me.

I’ve never gotten an opportunity to divert myself away from her mesmerizing eyes, whenever I steal a glance at her. My senses fail miserably in front of her fascinating grasp that holds me right in her eyes – just there, just precisely there in those glimmering spheres, ruthlessly clamping me there, craving for such nirvana for eternity.

Never been in my lifetime I was subjected to such enslavement with an astounding pair of eyes.

She was gifted with a monopolistic spell to captivate someone, just by looking at her eyes. Those eyes exerted so much force to weaken someone’s heart without the knowledge of the ones who are sanctified with that blessed look. I had to give in myself to such vulnerability. My senses weakened, the heart thumped faster and I was invariably tethered to them. I felt more weaker, when my eyes lost contact. The craving grew stronger when I missed her presence for a longer duration. It became a habit – an addiction for the eyes – inquisitive and ingenuous.

I was invariably falling for her, for her eyes that pushed me down – down to her feet, left me weakened in her presence. After sweeping some courage that was left in me, I decided to let her know what someone felt, ‘When you love a woman, you tell her that she’s the one, because she needs somebody, to tell her that you’ll always be together…’. So as the train came to a screeching halt, it brought my heart to a momentary halt too, and then I got up from my seat and alighted the train, to lessen my distance from her and started walking in the crowd, feeling lonely altogether, with her only company of her name driving me forward. As the distance diminished between us, from her behind, I knew my memory is slowly drifting too. All my rehearsed sentences started to fade. Sigh! Why it isn’t easy to let someone know that they are being loved? I was feeling claustrophobic even in that wide open platform where the crowd barged towards the exit. How am I going to ad-lib right in her face, being subjected to those shimmering eyes watching me with full attention?

With the pace I was walking, I sensed I wouldn’t reach her anytime. So I accelerated my pace slightly and followed her. Five seconds was all I took and I was beside her. With all my energy propelled up, I called out her name and said, ‘Hi’

A simple ‘Hi’ came out with so much aeration. Her quick turn to the right, unplugging the earphones from her slender ears and a jerk halt, assured me that I was loud enough for her to hear me.

I stared at her with my heart in full acceleration and I knew I am going to fumble. I was experiencing that moment, when you prepare for an extempore and remember each line perfectly well till when you reach the podium mic and then everything goes blank seeing the audience. She was my only audience and I was the only one who was to recite everything to perfection.

I went totally blank!

I couldn’t see her eyes. The Kajal was still intact embellishing her eyes or rather her eyes were garnishing the Kajal with its beauty and sorcery. It conveyed innumerable thoughts, she never spoke.

It was so powerful and was pointing to this stranger with full attention, who just called out her name. A full Sixty seconds of ciphered memory is all I remember and a line from in between, ‘I like you so much’ and a dim memory and then, ‘…I’m kind of mad at you’ and few seconds later, I felt as if I came back to my senses, when I was done talking. I felt tired as if all the energy that was charged has been drained out just for these sixty seconds of hazed memory. It was really so tough to propose and I did it.

She smiled; her eye lids battled to hold those inquisitive and thoughtful eyes, which have gathered some jolt from someone, who she has seen just today – may be some time back in the afternoon. But lesser did she know that she has been admired for months together.

Her bewitching smile and her casual head tilt was all enough for me to sense that she was feeling safe and not intimidated. It gave me a sense of gratification that I didn’t make anyone uncomfortable. As soon as I was ready to absorb whatever that was going to come to me, she said, ‘mmm…this is new to me…,’ with her sweetest tone and composure. After a thoughtful pause, she quoted, ‘this is not going to work out’.

Disappointment set in and I felt as if I had lost all my weapons and no lifelines. I am all by myself and she was there again with her addictive eyes, numbing out my presence of mind. What followed later was kinda soothing my senses. We were talking – talking in general – simple exchanges. It didn’t last longer. How can someone be so polite, sweet and hurting at the same time? I didn’t know what to defend. I didn’t know how to plead. I felt helpless. I wanted to be lying in her arms, her fingers caressing my hair on my forehead, drifting me to peace and calmness, whenever I was helpless but not helpless on my feet like this. I knew what started a few minutes back, came to an end so soon. And she said, ‘This won’t work out and I don’t want to give any false hopes, so we’ll see…I mean, not about this, hope you understand. See you then. Bye’ and then she walked away unceremoniously into the crowd, taking away with her, my weakened heart, probably in her bag slung on her shoulders, as how Richard Parker walked away into the jungle, onshore in ‘Life of Pi’. As she climbed up the stairs and disappeared in the crowd, I was left like a boy stranded in a festive crowd, though the whole station was brimming with noisy people swishing past to and fro.

I could hear the sound of engine approaching the platform, the Doppler Effect at its best. I know my train has come and I had to leave. I wished I could see her footsteps, at least to fill the void where my heart was previously with those footprints, which would keep me alive. The heart was still thumping, but there was no life in it. It just stayed with her, in those addictive eyes, leaving me, when she walked away.


I tried my best to explain, but she was never ready to listen.

But I can see the smile sometimes, when she is around me, which I know she needs me. But I sometimes just try to avoid those eyes; nevertheless I fail miserably to do it. Every second is spent in its memory, rewinding the past again and again iterating it endlessly. Her face appears in every face I see. Memories are not too volatile to be erased. She still lingers in my thoughts all the time, everywhere. None of the eyes, interest me these days. Helplessness is sowing seeds of despair and longingness. What if she too liked me? I know I wasn’t that bad for hatred. I deserved some love and she too deserved mine, unconditionally. I want to be mad on someone, live my life for them and shower all happiness in the world and undeniably she is the one.

I’m still waiting, waiting for those eyes to accept me and hold me again, to bind me with affection so that I get drowned in those eyes, not fearing of any depth and darkness, weakened by her presence. Acceptance is all required to become strong again – to shield her from all the evils in this world and not letting any tears leave those lovely possessions of mine. Hope is still lighting the wick of the candle of my life.

Hope she is mine!


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A fundamental fatal flaw

Men in general are not strong, as they fake it.

They do burst out in tears and cry out loud deep inside the mind and they do gallop seeing a stronger counterpart coming for a blow. Then why do they show sheer dominance on opposite gender as if water can never be burnt to ashes. With the recent developments in the country, that too in the capital, which is something cannot be basked in its glory of, I sincerely pray for the victim for a peaceful and better life – a binding need of the hour, for her reverential existence in this world.

The brutality, to which she has been subjected to, cannot be empathized unless one really experiences excruciating pain in such sacred parts of the body. The rape is itself a demeaning and disgraceful conduct which causes mental trauma to the core, in addition to that, subjecting the victim to extreme physical torture is such a psychologically abnormal act.


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Awesome Blogger & Liebster Blog Award – I’m tagged

I’m really honoured to receive this award from my friend and an avid blogger Afshan!

The Liebster Blog Award and The Awesome Blogger Award.

I am truly honoured. Thank You!

Now that I’m tagged, here are the rules I need to follow:


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