1st Interview

My Infy Interview [6/7/2006 Thursday 6:00 pm ]

Hi folks, this is my personal interview experiences with Infosys…..do have a patience to go thru the whole long story…it may be useful for all of U…happy reading!!! 🙂 🙂

When my name was shortlisted for the interview process, I was in the Cloud Nine! I felt extremely happy & had a great relief from the stress I was experiencing for 3 hours…..bcoz I had to wait for such a long time & also bcoz it took a lot of time for evaluation of the Apti-papers which we wrote a few hours back.

I was asked to report to the Computer Science Block to proceed for the Interview…..when I was nearing the block three of my friends came to me & encouraged me to do well in the interview and one among them had finished his interview a few minutes ago. They wished me “All The Best” and asked me to speak with confidence…..they said it was purely a HR Interview.

I felt quite comfortable & my friends helped me in wearing the tie…..they adjusted my collar…….collar button..and after all the pre-interview dressings(!) were over, I was escorted by a Infosys person to the concerned Computer Lab where the process held. There I was asked to wait for a few minutes. I waited outside the lab, adjusting my tie, shirt, pant…..just then a voice came from inside the lab

“You can get in”

I entered the lab & found one of my friend already being interviewed by an HR. I continued walking inside the lab & found a Lady sitting behind a table. She was supposed to be the HR who is going to interview me.

When I said, “Excuse me…mam…” .

“Welcome Kalyan…”, came the reply from her. She had a smiling face & wore glasses.

“Take your seat”, she said. I said “Thank you” and took my seat.

“Take your resume….sign it…and give it to me”, she said.

I took my resume from the file and gave it to her as it was already signed. She took my resume had a glance at it and asked me….

“Kalyan…what do you think is an ideal position?”

I was very happy as she was very calm, soft voiced and very casual. When I started to answer, she interrupted me….

“Kalyan…are you nervous? if you want you can have some water, take a minute to relax and then we can proceed….” .

“No mam…I’m comfortable…..its OK”, I said. After this I answered…..

“An ideal position can be defined as the one in which a person can work in an environment in which he can excel in whatever job he takes & it enables him to progress in his career…..”, I completed this with a smile.

It was really surprising to me that I didn’t prepare this question…..actually I didin’t prepare any readymade answers….but it came to me spontaneously…she was staring at me when I was answering this and after I finished she said “OK” .

The next question came, “You live in Triplicane, right?”, she asked.

“Yes mam….”, I answered.

“Kalyan…tell me what is special in Triplicane?”, she asked this with some anxiousness.

I started…..”Triplicane is one of the famous place in Chennai. As how people say that Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, Triplicane is the capital of Chennai. One of the famous place in Triplicane is Parthasarathy Temple…..Vivekananda House, Triplicane Mosque(Ice House Mosque), and above all we have Marine Beach!….it is one of the beautiful place where people hang out at evenings….people usually start around 4.00 pm and spend time there till 6.30 pm and then return….”, I paused with silence.

When I spoke about Beach, she asked me the question which I never expected & I was unable to answer this question. The question was…

“Kalyan…which is the longest beach?”, she asked .

“mmm…..I think it its Kovalam…”, I said this.(I’m sure Marina is not the one at that time!)

“Kovalam!!!!”, she gasped. “Is the longest beach is in India??????”

“mmm……I’ve no idea on this mam….”, I said.

“Ok….do you know where Marina Beach stands in the world rating?”

Again I was taken aback bcoz I do not know the answer. I tried to guess it somewhere around 2 or 3 but I do wanted to make a clear statement so I said….”I really don’t know mam….”.

“Try to know these answers”, she said with a smile.

“Sure I’ll do it mam…”, I said.

when I was telling her about Triplicane I said, “Triplicane is a place where we can find unity in diversity…..its a place where all Hindus, Muslims, Christians live together….”

She interrupted, “Does this mean that Hindus don’t allow Muslims and others to walk in Agraharam and are not allowed inside the houses?”

“No mam…its not like that , as I said earlier all are united…..Hindus do allow people inside their houses….only highly orthodox people don’t allow people inside their houses and moreover in our area most of them are not so….and we do not see any caste difference”, I added.

After this she saw my marks in the application form and asked me…

“Kalyan you have been doing extremely well in your 12th std. but your percentage have gone down in ur semester. why is it so? what do you think the reason may be?”

“Mam..When I was in my 12th std. I concentrated fully on my studies, my 12th std. was so important to me at that time, but here in the college I do wanted to develop extra skills like communication skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, organizing skills, and so on……so I wasn’t able to devote my full attention to my subjects….that’s the reason behind lowering in the percentage”, I answered.

After listening to this she asked me…

“You have shifted from CBSE to State Board (SB), right?”

“Yes mam..”

“so whats the reason that made you move from CBSE to SB?”, she asked.

I said, “Usually SB students get more marks than the CBSE students….moreover current education system is like….u will be able to get into prestigious institutions only when you score more marks….this isn’t possible in CBSE thats why I shifted to SB from CBSE”

“Were you comfortable changing from CBSE to SB?”

“Yes mam…I was quite comfortable changing from CBSE to SB”

“But still u would have faced some restrictions after u changed from CBSE to SB”, she said.

“yeah….actually in CBSE we can write whatever we want….like…..if a topic is given , we can write about it in our own words but its not like that in SB, I had to write whatever given in the book as it is…”

“That means you had restriction, right?”

“No mam….I didn’t see that as a restriction though it was…..and felt OK at that part of time”

“Kalyan you said…you have developed lots of skills. How did u do that?”, she asked.

I said, “Being the class Representative of my Class, I developed leadership qualities and organizing skills……and I used to take Seminars in the association of Institute of Engineers Students’ chapter of our college…..and this way I developed my presentation skills and public speaking skills”

“Kalyan…what do you think the one quality necessary for a person who is taking seminar?”, she asked me.

“mmm…the person who is taking the Seminar must know the topic thoroughly and should have jotted down in points, the concepts which he is going to take….”

“OK…but still something more is needed for a public speaker. What do you think?”

“mmm….the person must use simple language and should not use complex language as the ‘thing’ he is taking must reach the audience.”, I said.

She said that something more is required for the person and she asked me the question in a different way….

“Let me put the question in this way…..I’m sitting in the seminar hall in which u are taking the seminar and I’m the person who has to listen to the seminar which you are handling and I’m not listening to you. I’m playing with my cell phone and playing with my friend. At this point of time what will you do?”

“I’ll try to get ur attention towards me”, I said.

“How will u do that….explain it to me”, She said.

I answered this way……, “Assume that I’m taking a Seminar on Web Designing and I’m handling HTML Tags, coding, and so on…..one may at times feel bored on these topics. At that time I’ll change my topic to another interesting topic like DHTML where we use JAVASCRIPT for inserting Graphics on the Web….like some colorful stars circling around the MOUSE, raining effect on the Web Page and so on….and now when dealing with concepts like this I’ll make people and you attentive towards me and people in the Hall will be keenly listening to me. At this point of time people will be more interested and I’ll say that these concepts will be dealt in the later part of this Seminar….In this way I’ll make people listen to me.”

After listening to this she was happy and further enquired …..

“What one quality that you would like to add in you to make the public speaking more effective?”

“A bit of Humor”, I answered.

“Humor!”.(she was smiling at this point….)

“It seems that u have spent a lot of ur time alone doing Web Browsing, Drawing, Listening to music, Web Designing and so on……where did u develop ur Team Spirit?”

“Now I’m the Office bearer of ISTE Students’ Chapter & I’m the Webmaster of ISTE….so we used to conduct lots of events for the students of our college. We the OB’s used to sit together have meeting and discuss lots of matters. We even conduct Guest Lectures, for this we bring people from outside. If a quiz is to be conducted, we have to get questions for that, we have to decide who is going to conduct it, who’ll be the scorer, who is going to anchor it, and the software part…..I’ve to design the software for the quiz, we’ve to test it and we should have an alternative if in case the software fails at some point of time during the quiz……and like this we work in team and take responsibility. Here I’ve developed the Team Spirit.”, I said.

“Kalyan…Do you design Posters? and I see that u can do this, from your resume. Now I think u know about Infosys culture, the importance of caption and the logos….now design the poster for Infosys. I’ll give you 2 minutes….”

She gave me a foolscape paper and started going thru my resume and the form which I filled. I took a 2 minutes time and designed the sketch of the poster…..like the name and emblem in the top middle of the paper….the caption POWERED BY INTELLECTS, DRIVEN BY VALUES, on either side and I assumed that Infosys is going to conduct a cultural extravaganza during 2007 and I gave the name of the event as INFIFEST ‘07 and returned the paper to her.

She saw the paper for a minute and asked me to explain. Now I became more excited and started explaining the whole POSTER for about a minute and she was satisfied in the end.

“Kalyan….what is the culture of Infosys?”

“Infosys culture is…..they respect people. They believe in values and that’s why the caption is POWERED BY INTELLECTS, DRIVEN BY VALUES. In many companies we see that the people call each other Sir, Madam etc. but here in Infosys its not like that”, I said.

“Kalyan…are you a value based person. What values do you have?”, She asked.

I thought for a second and answered, “I learnt a lot from my father…..my father always used to say that we’ve to respect people where ever he is, in whatever position he is, at level he is…..we’ve to give respect. This is what I learnt from my father.”

I thought she wanted to listen some more from me and I continued…..

“even I learnt a lot from my mother too….she used to say that we should be caring to others then only we’ll be able to get people. We can get them any way but love is the only way in which people come to us and that’s the only way we’ll be able to make good relationship with others”

“Are you joining the company bcoz u wanted to join Infosys or bcoz u wanted to work in any software industry?”

“No mam…..I wanted to work in Infosys, that’s why I’m joining Infosys”, I said.

“Why”, she asked.

“Its bcoz I like the work culture and I like the environment in Infosys where I‘ve lots of Opportunities for me to excel….”

“Do you have any questions for us?”, She asked.

“Yes mam….I wanted to ask you something…basically I know C, C++, HTML and some Web Designing concepts and some softwares. Is this enough for me to do well in the company and what tools and softwares we are going to use here in Infosys?”

She explained me everything about the training and the allocation of projects…she said….

“what ever you know now, this is enough initially and you will be learning a lot in the training”

“I’ve one more question mam….”, I said.

“yes”, She said.

“Do I‘ve any scope in Web Designing in Infosys? Will I be able to develop skills in Web Designing?”

“Yes Kalyan….you have lots opportunities here in Infosys and there will be no restrictions for you and for your innovation..”, she said.

She closed all my forms, resumes and kept it aside and said…..

“OK Kalyan…..meet you in Infosys…..”, she smiled. ( This is what I wanted to hear from her,at that point of time….:-) )

“Thank you mam…..”, I said.

I took my file and left the Interview Hall [Computer Lab] with the satisfaction and happiness in my heart that I did my Interview successfully.

After coming out I was asked to wait in the Valluvar Arangam [Compuer Science Seminar Hall]. I shared my experience with my friends seated there. I came out and shared my experience with all my friends standing outside who have finished their Interview in the other panel. At around 6.50 pm or 7.00 pm, we all assembled in Valluvar Arangam. Results were announced one by one & I was extremely happy to hear my name. We all left the Hall with each of us greeting others “Congratulations”

Thats it. ..This was my first interview experience and I cudn’t forget it….. and I do not want to forget. ….thats why I had compiled everything in a sheet of paper and had posted it in my Blog. so that I can read it whenever I want and others can read through it and they get to know what a HR Interview will be…

Your comments about this Interview are Welcome.  Do post it here……I’ll b glad to know that somebody has read it and it was useful for them !

-Kally ( http://www.kalyanonline.tk)

24 thoughts on “1st Interview

  1. Hi Kalyan,
    Since I have never given any interview,I don’t know much.However,I liked the informal and relaxed nature of
    the exercise.

  2. Hi! Kalyan,
    Your piece of work is of great use for me as i have never attended any interview before. Thanx

  3. hi kalyan,
    Iam doing my mca degree,I read ur experience in infosys interview,it motivated me to attain any it interviews boldly.and i wish u all d best for ur future.

  4. hi kalyan.do u remember me?
    ur answers in HR round is very nice and cooooooooooool.
    it gave me some idea about HR round.
    how is ur job?
    all the best for ur carrier…

  5. dear kalyan,

    I am an MCA post graduate and now working as a web designer with 2+ years experience, but dont have the first class in 12th and ug. Still any chances are there to get into infosys ?

    expecting reply…

  6. hi kalyan
    first my congratulation to u
    tomorrow i am going to face my compuse interview in infosys.
    you helped me a lot by sharing ur expeience with us thank you.

  7. hi kalyan,though i am study’g in bsc.computer science,i didn’t know anything about hr as i have never attended any interviews…i read your experiance in infosys…it was very interesting…and your answers are supreb and cool….after read’g this,its increases my self confidence…THANK U VERY MUCH..anyway all the best 4 ur future…MAY GOD BLESS U…

  8. Mr. Kalyan, You have had only some info from others regarding the so called work culture or culture in Infosys. You had no first hand experience. What would have happened if you answered like this. ” Frankly I do not know what the culture is in Infosys. I would rather find it out myself.”???

    In fact I thought all the time, either they wanted to hear some eulogising words and you gave them the same.

    Best of luck.

  9. Hey Usman,

    I cudnt have said that..coz they have demonstrated everything about the company and they expect us to know the culture and some more details of the company b4 hand. So telling them…

    ” Frankly I do not know what the culture is in Infosys. I would rather find it out myself.”???

    …would sound arrogant and ignorant….

    Thanks 4 Commenting 🙂

  10. Kalyan,

    Its nice 2 get through ur exp…in hr interview of infy….i would kile 2 get some tips from u..hw 2 get in infy..m doing my btech in EEE(3rd yr) in orissa under Biju Patnaik Univ. of Tech…Eager 2 get reply frm u…


  11. No yaar..u need not be from IIT to get into Infosys….u can b frm any Tom, Dick & Harry college/University….but u need to satisfy their criteria for entry.

  12. Kalyan it was a gr8 moment for u so…….im studying 1st year B.Tech IT n jaya coll .i don know how the interview wil be nu so at first i started to read tis to know wat they ill ask n intereviews but as its goes pass it was really interesting and so awesome n the final i came to ma edge of the seat reading eagerly as im going the half page i know u hav been selected nu .as its u hav selected … really i too don forget tis interview …………..

  13. Hi Kalyan,
    Your first interview experience helps me a lot … I read this post…. I have HR interview tomorrow for cts … I hope I can do well as u did … Thanks man 🙂

  14. hai kalyan sir,
    nice to hear from u……….my best wishes to u……ur great n piece of work gave me lots of motivation…………since iam studeng prefinallier.i didn’t face this…n i don’t know how it would be?thanx for ur information…..

  15. Hey Kalyan,
    I want to shr PJ experience in my HR interview…..

    I had put my interest as “Watching cricket n tennis” in my resume… Suddenly HR Wrote somthing and asked me a question, whats this Prabhu “IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS IS” . Initially, I got confused and later he gave me a clue like ” Whats your favourite sports.?” I ve answered “Tennis and Cricket”. Then I realised the answer “Tennis” 10 IS(IS +IS+ IS+…….. +IS)…………… Ofcourse it was a nice PJ from my HR 🙂

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