Orkut Testims

Kaishikee wrote…

hey Kally…. dis has been pending 4 lng, hai na???so no more delays …. here I go !!!! Well I met Kally during my Mysore training days and assumed dat he waz a total computer geek hu waz alwayz staring in2 his PC as if dere was nothin els worthwile 2 do!!!!! looked v. serious 22222 !!!!! so tho he sat rite behind me I nevr felt like initiatin a conversatn!!!!
but sumtimez ur so wrng in ur assumptns and wen a codin prob started bugging me and dis guy offered 2 help…..we talked 4 d first time n sumthin jst clicked!!!!!!!!
n den dere was no lookin bak…. we wud keep chit-chatin in class… go 4 coffee brks 2geder… go shoppin on Weekends sumtimez …. n he wud help me wid my innumerous codin errors totally mind-boggled by the silliest silly errors i managed 2 come up with….
n he wud blabber endlessly bout galz…dis one is cute ..dat one is so sweet n so on…. n in serious situatns he wud often crack totally out-of track pjs!!!!!!
..well dats Kally 4 me …

Anusha wrote…

He is my chweet anna .I always call him bulb b’coz he always have ideas for whatever I ask. He is my teacher at home. It is b’coz he always puts mokkai if I ask him any doubt in subject.Otherwise he is a good boy who listens to me. He is a computer genie and knows almost everything about that idiot box(An idiot completely knows abt a idiot box……hehehe……….). He is a sleep loving lad who hates to get up from his bed on sundays. This is a jist of “KALLY at home”- The KALLU I know

Priya wrote…

hmm wht do i tell abt this web wizard..he is such a sweet person whom u can proudly say “see he is my frend”(courtsey : he made it to the first page google search results)!!!aniyayathuku peface la add panikonga sincere+humorous mokkai+sweet+caring+peter+frendly+passionate istian=kalyan seri enatha solla???dictionary la mokkai ku reference kalyan nu seekirame vanduvidum,so damn spontaneous …semma jolly type..eppo pathalum serichutey irukalam. he changed my perception that padips kuda ivlo jollya irupanga…,vetti ya irundhalum seri busy ya irundhalam always ready to help…a very charming person,sportive ..never seen him loose his calm…be the same yar…proud to be ur frend.!!

Shyamala wrote…

Kalyan a.k.a Kally is one uber cool guy that i’ve met! He’s my senior from coll (apdiya Kally, sollave illa!), but yeah, have never felt so, within and outta college! This guy here is a mega bandha party, always on his toes to try and impress the gals!!! how far he is successful, only God knows! But yeah, one thing i ought to attribute to him…he is a sweet fella, and time really flies by when u are speaking wid him!!! He has his way wid computers, would rather call him the whiz-kid! He tries HARRDDD to pose as the macho man, but kally, trust me, it’s being sweet and sober that suits u the best-u rock at it! I have seen him in our department lab often, trying to figure out ways to unblock orkut! Heheheh…he sure is a mischief monger! A totally friendly guy, who’d go out of his way to see that you are comfortable. But there is a clause to that- u ought to be a gal!! ! Kidding, guys!! He has big dreams and huge aspirations….all i wish for him is that he achieves all that he desires! Way to go buddy!

Jothi wrote…

Kally….have known him for almost a year now…right from our training days in Mysore till now…all his brilliance pops out when he sits front of his comp…specially when its web designing.. ..and ohhhh he is a huuuuge fan of Trisha’s (don’t ever dare to take her name out in front of him…you will literally see him go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over her …)..very sweet chap and will never say no to anyone when his help is needed.. and he gets teased by all of us because of his ‘mokkai’ as he himself claims to put.. he he…I have never seen him lose his temper…and his not so funny jokes sometime bring people out of their blue……………………Alwaaays be the cheerful you Kally!!!

Sarada wrote…

Kalyan was the first guy i met at college!!!Hez one person whom u can admire for everything…A real bundle of talent,enthusiasm and any good thing tat u can attribute to a person!Hez a friend who is always by ur side, caring and giving company!!A person who cherishes his friendship with everyone hez friends with…He will always give u a flash of his lovely smile which can make even a stone turn!!!Anyone who is his friend is really lucky to have him and am happy tat am one among them!!!A guy who is never tired or shy of taking responsibilities and finishes his job to atmost perfection!!!!A computer whiz-kid and an excellent human being.Thanx for being my friend!

Vinoth wrote…

Kally-The Peter.The person who doent knows the spelling 4 “kadalai” and Cant even read “vetti banda”. “Bulb”-something that he never came across and never ever heard of the term “Mokai”. http://www.kalyaonline.tk ,his most presious possesion which he doent include to all his fwds.
Sorry da.. iduku mella ennala poi solla mudiyalla.
But,kally a real backbone to ISTE.A person whoz name is symonomous with orderliness,routine and sincerity.a web master who learnt web designing from scratch.A person who lives life for him and wont give a damn abt what others think.a die-hard fan of Maddy and the song “show me the meaning”.A great friend to hang out with(of course ,if you could bear his Mokkais)

Kapil wrote…

well…to tell about this guy…the first one that will sound almost synonymous with kalyan is sincererity(am bad in spelling..)if this guy has taken up a job u can be lest assured he will finish it to perfection..always willing to work and is very much bookaholic!!very enthusiastic in class..always keeps answering..will tell nonsense than to stay calm in classes..if u wanna chat with someone he is not the person..talk something to him other than subject your head will thongufy..but its worth tolerating..coz he is a very trustworthy friend to have…

Sivaramakrishnan wrote…

a cool english speaking guy whose got lot of creativity and funny gestures. he is really very interesting and jolly.
he’s got lot in himself.
i would say he is a good web page designer with plenty of software skills inculcated in him.

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