Appa Sonna Kathaigal – Foreword !!

ChildI’ve been an ardent fan of the stories told by my father during my childhood days, the age when I still depended on my mom to put the Zip in my Drawer (amma, zip poattu vidummaa…..). I don’t usually asked such things, but I depended my mom for this because it happened to me one night..

It was night 9.00 o’ clock. I was sleeping beside my mom, putting one of my small legs in her tummy and a thumb in my mouth. Suddenly there was a little urge to go to Chuchoo/Ucha/ Susu (I hope all of u understood wat it is..) So I hurriedly came out of the rajai (Thick Blanket with cotton stuffed inside to protect you from cold). I slipped into the bathroom pulled up the shirt and held it in between the chin and the upper chest by clutching it tightly with the chin and slowly pulled down the zip in the drawer, and happily did chuchoo. It was dark surrounding me with a dull ambiance of Zero watts bulb glowing disinterestedly above the head near the shower Nozzle. It was scary and dark, so in an anticipation to get out of the bathroom soon, I pulled the zip upward….Oh My Gawwwwwwd……it stuck in between the Zip’s runner and the Zip !!! I was into great agony, I didn’t know what to do. I ran back to the bedroom, holding my drawer half down the knees to my mom..

“amma…amma…yezhunduru maa….”

“yenna da chellam?…yenna aachu..?”, this was my Mom

“Amma….zip-uh maattikichu…yeduthuvudu…” (still tears all over my cheeks and sobbin…)

Then it was a different story how I got releaved from the zip and went again to sleep. So from that day I never ever had a courage to shut that zip myself.

It was the age, when I still was afraid of going to a doctor who will ask me to lay down in a bed facing down and happily cause pain in my little butt by inserting the needle which carries a slight colored liquid in the syringe. Then they expect me to stop crying and smile at them with an Eclairs chocolate in my mouth with all chocolate along with the tears dripping all over my cheeks and mouth. The damn dialog that I used to hear

“yen chellam ille??….ala koodathu..inda chocolate vechikko…..ida saapta vali poidum…” (wooow..what a logic to subside pain !???? )

Well, it is the age, I used to sit in my mom’s lap in the bus, holding her hands that clutches me close to her, playing with the Handkerchief that she holds in the other hand. It the age when I still fight for the corner seat in the train and cry badly and keep my face very small and angry and dont talk to anyone and do not accept things which I was offered. The age my mom still waits outside the school gate to escort me back to home. The age I still get fascinated seeing Jungle book – Mowgli, Tom n Jerry Cartoon and used to sing the song Mile Sur mera tumhara…in my own words as the lyrics..

Well this is what I was. So the stories told by my Dad used to be the world of my dreamz. I used to ask so many questions and I used to get replies that made me accept without any second thoughts. This Appa Sonna Kathaigal series will be those stories that inspired me with those childish logics and concepts.

Expect stories in this title, which I used to listen before going to sleep…