Soaring celsius, tender coconuts & orangillos

Something is bothering me for a long time from the time I had been commuting to MEPZ office. It’s the not the treacherous bus and tiring train journey that I’ve newly acquainted with, but the untiring, determined men who stand outside the MEPZ gate and tirelessly thrust those sheets of paper on you in an anticipation to get over with those pamphlets for which there must be some daily limit set by their bosses.

How rude to ignore them and walk away!

But the point is not yanking our hand, stuff those sheets into our backpack and create a small dumping ground in there, but the real botheration is all about facing them every f* morning when we hurry into the entrance, well barbequed by the scorching sun in this mid may of summer, walking all the way like a wet dog from the railway station to the MEPZ gate, desperately craving to get into those blessed cab and reach the SDB entrance, to gulp in conditioned air, flowing out from the façade, which sends some cooling beatitude to the epidermis bringing all our senses to tranquility.

When the weather is subjecting us to such a torture in the late morning of around 9.00 am, adding those pamphlet distributors to our rage and annoyance, I sincerely pity those men who indefatigably face our dismissal to their interest in handing us the blessed sheets. More than the weather which is molesting us with its intense Celsius and Candlas, I get highly cantankerous inside me, surrounded by 3 or 4 men preying with those arrays of papers. I seriously want to collar the bosses of those men and tell, ‘Dude, you seriously need to revamp your marketing strategy’. Come on guys, intruding the way of some hundred odd men and women and shoving the brochures on their face and expecting them to accept with interest is not going to work. Anyway, those papers will find their way to those sweepers again. Even if few accept and walk away, I promise within some 10 to 15 steps, it gets crushed and finds its way to the soil. Then, why distributing it at the first place?

They can very well set up a stall for such banking offers instead of tugging along each of the employees passing the gates. I feel bad to get back to a person who says no to my plea. I was contemplating on what stress those people would undergo when subjected to such denial on a daily basis.


This summer season has pretentiously affected a positive increase in my expenditure towards keeping my body cool and protecting me from the photons that’s being expectorated by the sun.

  • First, with the ever increase in the intensity of the sunlight; it has become more difficult to walk on the roads without squinting my eyes which in turn strains my contractile aperture in the center of the iris muscles in the eyes. Thanks to Fastrack shades which is been a source of eye protection for me for the past one and a half month in the morning glaring sun.
  • I am indeed grateful to the roadside tender coconut vendor opposite to the sanatorium flyover on the way from railway station. I’ve been regular customer to him demanding ‘Neraya thanni irukkura Elaneer’ (Tender coconut with more water!) whenever I cross the signal to reach MEPZ gate. He is now well known to me as he started giving me coconuts in a subsidized rate of 30 rupees unlike a normal cost of 35. He says, the ‘kaai’ (the coconut in a generic term) is not fresh as in containing more water than usual, so he is selling in a discounted price of Rs.5 less. But then, it’s not just some stale one. It’s just that the size is little small. Well he starts giving some gyaan when I start sipping, about the logistics and quality of the coconut which is been delivered to him and some general merchandising policies and stuffs. Inspired by his speech, I become inclined to give some of my IT gyaans about off-shoring software projects and US clients, but considering the writhing heat that sautés my face and other internal organs, I prefer keeping my mouth shut and quickly finish off the water and walk away with some great relief to my internal mucous membranes being wetted with the tender coconut water. *Aah watte bliss*
  • I would be failing in my duties if I don’t extend my thanks to the CCD vendor whose mini shop sits right in between in the SDB1 backyard and Cafeteria block. The daily afternoon post lunch dose of transparent orange-colored-crushed-iced ‘Orangillo’, the reddish glassy crushed ice ‘Guava Splash’ or the golden ‘Lemon Ice Tea’ drinks which he has been showering on me and on some of my friends, who under the garb of taking a sip from mine, finish off half the plastic glass, serves an afternoon quota of summer antibiotic against heating up of my body. I basically being a hot guy (*ahem ahem* *cough cough*), need such extra cooling reagents to keep my body under normal state and to prevent getting dehydrated with frequent visits to loo and exposure to sunlight.
  • I’ve started wearing caps from Railway station to MEPZ entrance till I get into the shuttle. I feel like a clown wearing a full formals plus a cap amidst the skinny women covered fully in face with the stole and a butterfly shades covering their eyes with a pink umbrella giving a shade to them! Watte fashion faux pas I am being subjected to in this summer! I seriously wanted to wear that fedora hats adorned by men in pubs and night clubs but I don’t wanna look like a mockery item that can be laughed and grimaced at. I know I am not in England, I am in Singara Chennai!
  • I’ve started developing dark patches in my forehead due to exposure to sunlight. I am bit photo-allergic. Guess the sun burns specific areas of my skin. I also started worrying about getting bi-colored. My hands and face have become little dark than those unexposed parts of my body (FYI. areas covered by shirt and pant – arms and torso in specific. Not get persuaded by other thoughts! :P). Now some ointment is doing its job to heal those patches in my forehead as prescribed by a skin specialist. I had to wear full sleeves though I have a couple of half sleeve shirts. I sometime feel like a vampire (read Twilight Cullen types) who is afraid of getting exposed to sunlight and prefer dark and air conditioned rooms! This is the problem of being a fair complexioned guy! *sigh*

With such extra expenses, I have ended up with a low balance in my bank balance. Hopefully this trend will change with the end of May and I end up with more leftovers which can be used along with the next month salary.

One good thing is I’ve started drinking more and more of water in a day – almost the full and a half of that Cognizant flask like metal water bottle which I got some time back.

Well, waiting for this may to get over and have some or little easiness in June. With the hikes being announces officially, let’s see if it does some good to my wallet and pockets (Uff pockets reminds of something else! Let’s discuss that separately!)

Alright folks, lets catch-up again with some other topic in my next post, until then Ciao!

Do you remember me?

I’m back!

“Where did I go?” I can hear voices. THREE months of banishment!!!!!!


Well yeah, sheer laziness has crept in!! 😐

I’ve become a sophomore!

I completed 1 year at Cognizant on Feb 23 2012. When I look back and recollect the time when I stepped into this C world, I had this benign sensation of the butterflies flickering inside my tummy reminding me of the newness around me – the unfamiliar environment, the ODCs and air-conditioned buildings reeking sudden unfamiliarity, the posters of Cognizant trying to fit the letter ‘C’ everywhere possible like in the body of Cheetah, in the human fingers, in the boat rowing in a sea etc etc,. I had to admit that this is going to be my life forever. Though I felt like a shy bahu entering the in-law’s house post marriage, I slowly started getting used to the aroma of the environment around me. I started feeling myself to be a part of it and Cognizant to be a part of me – each of us within ourselves.

I was consciously walking around the corridors and lobbies with the Identity card dangling around my neck. But now I’m Cognizant of things around me – the cognizance acquired out of association with people here. They have given me a good dose of ‘Feel at Home’ syrups. I am now feeling transformed, an out of transient state and no more get a sense of awkwardness settling in my stomach.


Lawns, Elevators & WCs

It’s been almost 2 months, MEPZ welcomed me into its happening campus, sprawling its lush green flora & fauna and its ‘colorful delights’ into everyone’s hearts so placidly and soothingly. I’m kinda loving this place. It has professional lobbies to so so breezy lawns, you forget that you are in a corporate setting and will never give a thought to stretch your legs and hands reclining in a comfortable position in the lush green lawns, chatting away with your bunch of friends, equally adoring the chill evening breeze, caressing your facial muscles & hair strands, during the evening tea break, which relaxes you from the tiring job or a stressful work which you have been carrying out all day.

One of the few things which brings in a small frown is the 9 floors, plus the ‘wait’ that we had to religiously do by pressing the UP or DOWN arrow and blatantly stare at the orange LED which shows the current position of the elevator, also worrying about the probability of the cute chick, who will be waiting along, getting a space in the same lift. There have been instances when there will be ‘no more space in the directory’ of the elevator and that one chick has to step back giving an uneasy glance to the techies onboard, leaving me in a claustrophobic metal enclosure, ascending me up and up and up the floors!

Talking about enclosures, reminds me of one more of the uncomfortable zones in MEPZ – they are the blessed Restrooms. I wonder why those WCs are enclosed in a pretty open build – guess they misunderstood it for open source. I see no closed ceilings and there is a big gap at the top and bottom of the door. When I see the big picture, I realize that they have built 4-side cardboard wall like structure around every WC, the walls being well elevated from the ground. Come on, I sense my privacy intrusion there. It’s a devastating breach in my right to excise posterior duties and such open environment will reveal the aural reverberations associated with it, which will create unnecessary repercussions in the neighboring WC mate’s ear drums and nasal cavities. The claustrophobic elevators are de-claustrophobed by such WCs. Now I believe the existence of matter and anti-matter theories of particle physics!


Well, nothing much…I’ve done some good to my photography side as well. I’ve loads of snaps. These three months of idleness have put my blogger side in a sleep mode due to which I’ve gained heavy amount of laziness and some gymming made me loss a quite an amount of flab. It gives a good feeling. My BMI is in a safe range.

Alright folks lets catch-up in my next post. Until then happy blogging!

Cognizant Innovation Summit 2011 – Ankit Fadia TED Style Talk

Cognizant Innovation Summit 2011 posters were so inviting which has invited speakers all over the world to dissipate knowledge and learning in the field of innovation. I was a part of Social Media – Live Blogging & Live Cweeting team which proved to be a wonderful opportunity to interact with many bloggers around the locations and witness mind blowing talks and get enthralled with the proceedings of the events.

Hack, Whack & Shack was the TED style talk session on Day-2 (Nov 16 2011) by Ankit Fadia who is an independent computer security and digital intelligence consultant with definitive experience in the field of Internet security based out of the Silicon Valley in California, USA.

He was young energetic and full of josh on the dais. He started with his life history of how it all happened. He narrated an incident that happened in Mumbai where a woman’s computer connected to the internet with the webcam was attacked and how an unknown hacker broke into her system online and the webcam was switched permanently on. This led to the live broadcasting of the activities in her small room in a porn internet site for around two weeks or so without her knowledge. Life was very normal for her but to the world, her privacy was compromised. Later one day when she attended a job interview, the interviewer was more than happy to offer her a job because she was very famous in a porn website and saw everything of her live. Only then she realized the security and privacy breach that has happened in her computer.

The remaining of the session was all about his life history.

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