CBC Valentine’s Day Post – Chapter 7 – Ahalya Ramanathan

This is a chain love story as a part of CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) chain story relay. In this we write a love story as this month is for love. 20 Bloggers will write one chapter of a love story to make a beautiful love story. 🙂   How do you know it will be a beautiful story? Never mind, Love stories are beautiful.

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Chapter 7

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Ahalya Ramanathan

I know I’m letting in things to myself. This is weird to me. There have been times in my life when I wished I had someone for me –someone who can be with me forever. But this new change in my life which I’ve let it happen is completely out of circumstances. I should have let him go and never allowed him to gauge the subtle perturbations of my heart that seeks compensational affection that I’m exerting out of him. He is honest, lovable and someone who can be trusted. Not just because I’ve spent some three hours of my waiting time chatting away in glory with him, but something in me that involuntarily drifted my senses towards him.

After all the hearty conversations, I have become conscious again – conscious of not wanting to get hurt, to suffer another insomnia.

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As I Curl Up With The Girl Beside

As I curl up with the girl beside,
Rays of sun spreading in the bed aside,
Having my face still buried deep inside,
I could feel the day dawning hillside.

As I feel her warmth wading in,
I hold her slender arms breathing in,
Wrapped around my neck, tugging in,
Lying awake hugging, as the day started sneaking in.


Night was when, our kisses grew passionate,
Burning the bleak hours of night annihilate,
The souls bewitchingly left to confabulate,
Left us writhingly discasing accentuate.

Lips were engaged in tender fights,
Harmlessly fighting for the other’s rights,
Till we reached astounding heights,
Seething in pain, savouring emotional delights.


More than warmth, the love is profound,
Now she is mine and everything around,
I in her and she in me, all the stound,
Love in us ends only when the sky hits the ground.

As the winter sets, comes the end of September,
Its time for me to wake up and burst the slumber,
I wish I hold her, feel her and breath her to an infinite number,
Making her my sweet, lovely and adorable wife coming-
Christmas after October, November in December.

PS: My 1st attempt to write a poetry! Excuse moi for any errors!! 🙂
P.P.S: This is posted for a contest in my Office!

Valentines Day Short Novel

Lots have been discussed about this in Twitter and Facebook and in my office blog. But still I would like to chisel a post for this in my wordpress as this makes a profound milestone in my blogging world!

Well sometimes back in January 14th in this year, bloggerchat.in conducted a story contest as a part of Valentine’s Day. The contest topic was selected based on the poll that was going in the blogosphere. The topic VALENTINES DAY was selected based on the majority of the votes casted.

It was a wonderful opportunity for me to brush up my romantic thingy in me 🙂 So I sat down to pen down a romantic short novel “I love u so much” and posted it in the blog community – bloggerchat.in for the contest.

I’m so happy to put this thing in my blog that I was the winner of the contest. I don’t want to post the story again here as it already viewed by most of the readers.

Well the story link is –> (Short Novel: I love u so much)

The contest results are available in this –> Link

The virtual trophy is here below & it is available in my widget list in the right as well

Thanks bloggerchat.in for giving me this wonderful opportunity to participate in the contest.

Postmortem (My 55 fiction)

I too wrote one for a contest !!…… :mrgreen:

Well, Its getting tough to take some time off from the hectic work and spend some time for penning down my thoughts and stories. Ok, time has now come for me to post this 55 Fiction.

I guess most of you know that, I had to participate in the 55 Fiction writing contest conducted by COLORS MAGAZINE and I’m the esteemed participant in it. It gave me a good experience of interacting with people and reading quite a lot of 55 Fictions.

So let me place  a big full stop here to my blah-blahs and present you with the 55F that I posted. NOw that I have permission to post in my blogs and all other places, I would like to. So here goes the 55 Fiction:


Amanda was lying on the postmortem table and her body ripped open. The corpse’s foul odour soaked in ethanol was shearing the intestines devastatingly through the nostrils. The doctors were flummoxed on the brutal cold blooded murder case. They couldn’t find the clue.
Joe said, “I found it”
“Can’t tell now, 55 words reached.”


This post is available here too –>> POSTMORTEM

A BIG BIG Thanks to all my friends who commented and voted without which I wouldn’t have been able to hit the Finals 🙂

P.S:- A big THANKS to Gracelyne for pinging me at night and enabling this silicon valley sick soul to participate in this. As usual, chat transcripts of big celebrities are always available online, so here it goes.

10:47 PM Gracelyne: hey theres
this 55 word fiction contest
that ends in like 1.30 hrs
if u wish participate
me: hiiiiiii
10:48 PM wer wer wer??
one teeny weeny condition
shudnt b posted anywhr els
me: oh wats dat??
Gracelyne: if u cant conjure up a new 1
try postin ur old 1
myt be hard to track
10:49 PM me: hmmm….not a difficult task though..coming up with a new 55 Fiction…hehe 😀
anyways I”ll try my best !!
Gracelyne: OH really
me: Thanks for letting me know !! 🙂
Gracelyne: seems realy diff 4 me
to find a theme
10:50 PM me: oh….last date??
Gracelyne: today
11 hrs
moscow time
whch gives us
1.30 hrs
10:51 PM me: so shud post b4 11.30 PM
Gracelyne: yep
me: hmmm….will try my best
10:52 PM Gracelyne: 🙂
After this,  had to sit and scratch my head for coming up with a new one, as I do not want to post an older one which had already been posted in my blog ! See I would like to be sincere, not only with girl friend 😛 but also with the contests too ! 🙂
P.P.S:- I guess the Post script has become so big that it required a post post script which I assure will be kept short which will be at par with Shriya Saran’s Skirt’s length  :mrgreen: