Short Story: Lhymes

Three year old Pinky was crying badly with tears flowing all over her pink cheeks and rosy cute little lips. She was clad in dark blue pinafore, white shirt, and not to mention the safety pin holding the handkerchief to the pinafore intact.

Sitting in the last bench of the LKG B-Section, her first day in the school was painful. Seeing all new faces and the smell from the boxes of wax Camlin crayons made her awfully uncomfortable. The water bottle had spilled the water all over the floor. The class was noisy and she could hear few other kids crying badly for mummy.

The hand drawn portraits of apple and banana hanging in the walls did not invite any interest in the class. She wanted to go home and sleep beside her mom.

Class teacher entered the class. Took the attendance and turned towards the class and said.

“My dear students let me teach you rhymes today. Repeat the words as I say”

“YES MAAAAAAAAAAAM…”, came the reply from the class.

She opened the book and started reciting the rhymes….Pinky repeated what the teacher said with the tears dripping all over her cheeks. When the rhymes was over, Pinky’s cry had subsided a bit and she is red all over her small nose. Teacher noticed this and came to her

“What do you want pinky?”

“I want mummy…”, she told curling her lips forward

“Mummy will come in the evening and pick you up”

“No I want to go now”. Teachers words agitated Pinky’s little heart and she started shouting at her highest decibel. Teacher promised her chocolates if she stayed quiet. But all her efforts went in vain. Pinky badly wanted to go home. The teacher told her, if you tell me rhymes, I’ll leave you to your parents. She told this and left Pinky in her seat and left the place and walked towards her chair in front of the class. Pinky was looking seriously into the open textbook which was lying on the table. She had to stop crying as there was no other go.

When the bell rang three times, she could hear the sounds of shoes walking past her class. There was a break for 15 minutes; Pinky opened her Tiffin box and took out the orange cream biscuits. She took the round biscuit in her hand and pulled both the biscuits apart, which were stuck to each other, with the orange cream in between. She started licking the orange cream slowly till the taste of the biscuit felt in her tongue. She did this for all the biscuits and left the wet biscuits sans cream back in the Tiffin box.

The class started after the 15 minutes break.

After a 2hours of all classes, there came the last period. Rhymes Teacher again!

This period was activities period. Teacher asked each one of the students to come near her and asked the student to sing a song or tell any poem. Pinky remembered the rhymes which her mom taught her a week back. Before joining the school, Pinky’s mom used to teach her songs, rhymes and alphabets etc. Suddenly she remembered the book which she was staring in the morning. It had pictures of stars, moon and dark night.

Teacher was sitting in her chair, calling each one of them to do something for the class. Pinky was watching carefully what each of the students were doing. She wanted to leave. She wanted to come out of this agony of sitting in the class and doing things told by the teacher.

“Come here Pinky”, Teacher called.

Pinky slowly got up from her seat and walked towards her carrying the book with which had the pictures of stars and moons.

“What are you going to do Pinky”, Teacher interrogated.

Lhymes…..”, she said in her childish slang.

“Oh Pinky is going to tell us rhymes”, Teacher announced to the class. “Ok. Come on Pinky. Tell the rhymes”. She thought Pinky is going to say the rhymes which she taught in the class this morning.

Pinky started

“Tinki tinki litti chaar.

Aavai onna waattoo aar

Appobaada volso hai

Laika dimon inda sky”

By the time she finished telling this with all actions and modulation, the teacher hugged her and planted a kiss in her pink cheeks and asked her, “Who taught you this?”

“Mummy”, came the reply

Pinky expected her to take her to the mom as she said earlier. By the time she was thinking, the bell rang and parents have come to escort their child back.

Pinky was so happy seeing all the parents. She could spot her mom who has come to escort her. She quickly packed her school bag and left the class. The teacher met her mom and asked to meet her in the staff room.

In the staff room,

“You girl is so naughty and intelligent”

“Oh…are there any complaints?”

“No, I just wanted to tell you that, she told rhymes today in the class. No other students were able to tell this way. You are really blessed to have such a child.”

“Thank you very much madam”


Later in Pinky’s house.

“Teacher told me that, she is really intelligent”, Veena said to her husband.

“Oh is it? What did she do in the class?”

“She told the rhymes that I taught her last week”

“Oh great ! You always do your best to teach children things in an interesting way by showing them the pictures and toys while teaching the rhymes. This made the children remember and learn the rhymes so easily and quickly. No wonder you are a great teacher!”

Veena, who was a young and energetic teacher in the kindergarten school, blushed, hearing those compliments given to her.

Dedicated to all the teachers.

Happy Teachers Day

Why do Onions make you Cry?

It is a long story…


There were three thick friends – Onion, Tomato & Carrot. Once they were walking along a roadside chatting happily. It happened in a fraction of second that one Maruti OMNI Van came and kidnapped the gorgeous looking Carrot. Other two friends couldn’t do anything. They were not able to call for help. So they started crying. After cursing their inability to save their friend, they continued their walk. As both of them reached Tomato’s house, Tomato bid adieu to his friend and crossed the road, failing to notice a Truck coming. It happened in another fraction of second, even before the tomato can realize, the truck passed over the Tomato, smashing it on the road and went by without even caring to see what it had done.


Seeing all this, our Onion was very sad and disappointed losing his thick friends like this and started crying again and went to the forest to pray towards the lord and get his ill fate mended.

On hearing Onion’s prayers, God was happy and appeared before Onion and said, “Dear Onion, I was happy on your prayers. I’ve come to you to grant you all happiness. Tell me what is the reason behind your sorrows and how can I help you”

“Dear God, when my friend, Carrot was kidnapped, my friend Tomato and I cried for her. When my friend Tomato died in the road accident, I cried for him. If I die, nobody is there to cry for me. That is why I’m so sad”


On hearing this God said, “Don’t worry my child, I’ll see to it that, when you die all the people in the world irrespective of caste, creed, gender, poor, wealthy will cry for you”

God said this and disappeared. Onion was Happy 🙂

Now you understand, why we cry when we cut onions. 😉

OK !! Now some serious tip on how to prevent ourselves frm crying when you cut Onions:

  • Peeling and cut onions under running water
  • Chopping the onions near a gas flame
  • Refrigerate onions before chopping
  • Switch Off the Fan while cutting Onions.

Hope this piece of info would help all of us in future, if any opportunity beckons us in to cut Onions !!!! 😉