Bathroom Singing :)

It was a very sultry afternoon yesterday. And the reason being a holiday, my mind never persuades me to get into the bathroom to take bath early in the morning. It would be better being in bed and the pleasure behind getting in to the half-sleep and half-awake state cannot be described in words. It’s the transient state of the mind where you and your mind engage in a serious Tug-Of-War.



It’s like the chemical state of the compound “ZWITTERION” in which the covalent bond is not fully broken and the electrovalent bond is not fully formed and having both positive and negative charges. The compound has one such amazing characteristic. I was experiencing the same. I was not fully out of sleep and not fully into sleep. I was just awake with a feeling of heavy eyelids. It was trying to block my view of my sister, who was sitting beside me engaged in a herculean task of waking me up. She is definitely equipped with enough patience, to wake me up. She would say, “I’m not her brother, I’m the elder brother of Kumbakarnan”. Hope You people know who is Kumbakarnan. He is the great-great demon king, who used to sleep for about 6 months at a stretch, without food, water or anything.

It was 8.00 AM
Her first effort to wake me up:

“Dei Elundhuruda” (Hey wake up man)
“mmmm…”, was my reply.
“Deeeeeeeei Elundhuruda” (Hey wake up man)
“konja neram kalichi. 5 Minutes. Please” (After some time. 5 Minutes. Please)
After some pinching and pushing
“Sariyaana somberi ma ivan” (He is one lazy dog, mom)
“mmmm….”, I acknowledged. Eyelids were still heavy over the eyes. The Mickey mouse in the pillow cover started getting blurred and slowly the upper eyelids and the lower eyelids slowly started shutting down (oooopss!! what did I say? Shutting down? Oh…Like a typical Software Engineer!!!).

That’s it. I’ve lost the control in the real world and started travelling to the virtual reality.

It was 8.30 AM
Her second effort to wake me up:

“Dei mani 8.30 aachu” (Hey, time is 8.30 now)


“Eruma Maadu” (Buffallo)
“Avanga avanga pera correct ah koopta daan yenna nu kaekkaraanga” (Only when u call people by their original names, they are responding to the call)
“5 minutes”, came the reply from me.
“dei poi kuli da. Innikki May 1st” (Hey go and take some bath. Today is May 1st). I didn’t understand the significance of today being the 1st of May and me bathing!!!

“Adinga…Pal kooda theikkaama Boost kekudhu paaru” (Even without brushing, see how ‘it’ is asking boost)
“Seri pal thechittu kudikkiren” (OK I’ll have, after brushing)
She started watching the TV.

After 10 minutes.
“Dei Marupadiyum thoonguthu paaru” (See, how again he(it) went to sleep)

Suddenly I could hear someone shouting near my ears and pushing and pulling me hard.
“Elundhuru Anjali, Elundhuru…… Elundhuru Anjali, Elundhuru….. Elundhuru Anjali, Elundhuru”
(Get up Anjali, Get up…… Get up Anjali, Get up……Get up Anjali, Get up – for those who do not know why is she shouting the name anjali, please note that, Anjali is one cute, small, chubby little mentally challenged girl in the Tamil movie ANJALI and the siblings used to wake her up, shouting these words.)

Finally due to this nuisance that I was being subjected to, I got up from the bed getting annoyed to the core. I entered the bathroom which was lit bright due to the rays of Sun entering into it. After brushing for about 2 mins (!!!!), I got out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen to encounter my mom, who was making hot hot, soft, white, dough cakes. I was telling about IDLYs !!

Well, my mom was reciting the same age old phrase giving me a cup of Boost in my hand.

“Poi Kulichittu Vaa. Idly tharen Saapdu” (Go and take bath. I’ll give you Idly – Sorry English translation didn’t come exactly as to what my mom said.)

I snatched the towel from my Sister, who had just taken it from the almirah. I ignored the scorching look that she was shooting at me like the NdYAG Laser (Neodymium-Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet Laser). I stepped into the bathroom.

Pouring down the water over my body was yet another heavenly feeling, in this scorching weather. For every mug of water that I poured over my head, I was enjoying the eternal bliss of the liquefied Di-Hydrogen Oxide (H2O).

Thanks to the water which was covering almost 75% of the earth.

It’s really true that “WATER IS THE ELIXIR OF LIFE”


Well something is incomplete rite?

Yea, the Title! “BATHROOM SINGING”

Sorry, I missed it now please scroll above and insert the following sentence after the “(H2O).”

I was humming, “I’m not a perfect person….” in the bathroom.

Well that completes this post for today!!!