UniverCell Chennai IndiBlogger Meet

“Err…indibloggers meet?” I enquired a girl sitting in the couch at the reception of GRT convention Centre.

It was fantastic fun in the bloggers meet organized by Indiblogger.in in Chennai GRT convention yesterday (Saturday March 20). I happen to be a part of this meet. Well, I was completely clueless on whats gonan happen there. But after entering it was a different world!

She beamed on me with a wide smile and said, “Sorry, err…no idea!!”

Then I saw someone opening the big door of the meeting hall that lay in-front of me.  I followed the suit. Happiness drenched me to see smiling faces and black T-Shirts bearing those words

Univercell Chennai Indibloggers Meet.

We Blog, Therefore We Are

Okay I’m in the right place; I thought and joined the queue to register myself. One laptop, One Textbox. I entered my indiblogger sign-in mail id. Whoa! Welcome Kalyan Varadarajan, said the message.

I slowly strolled towards the seating to park myself in an appropriate place so that I get to view the proceedings clearly!

It all started with indiblogger team introducing their members & then came the video on how Hitler wanted to attend this indiblogger meet (Watch it HERE). The next was a 30 seconds of fame which was “Tell me about yourself” thingy! It was all fun to hear from people. There was a mix of bloggers who fell into wide variety of categories viz. family blogger, food blogger, Software techies, Freelancers, entrepreneurs, marine engineers, dentist, authors, college students, lawyer, shutterbugs, blogging for cause and more.

After the intro sessions, came the activity session where in all were given a big chart with a tag on it, so that we can sling it in our neck with the chart in our back and people can write comments on it!! It was fun writing the comments (Back scratching!!).

The most interesting part was the tweet thing where all indiblogger profile image was displayed on screen & the latest tweet that the person tweets is updated in the screen with the hast tag #indichn. So it was obvious that there were terrific tweeters amidst the bloggers. It was actually fun pulling people’s legs in the tweets.

The proceedings of the meet went on with Univercell launching its official blog, brain storming session on “Should the marketing media switch to social media networking side to market and advertise their products and services?” and we had a blogger from Zee TV Tamil and many other media persons contributing their views and suggestions on this topic.

The meet concluded with the light snacks/Juice and the distribution of T-Shirts! That was really cool one. It was an enriching experience meeting new bloggers all over from Chennai and other places. I got new friends as well.

One of the blogger who was hosting the brain storming session I mentioned above was fluently speaking in a flawless Tanglish! So here came the tweet right in my mobile!

Some pics from my mobile

With fellow bloggers & Anoop (IndiRocker, Visionary) & sorry don't rem' the name of the second black Tee Indiblogger guy!

Chain Reaction!! Photo Courtesy: @sandeepvarma

My Chart (Back Panel!! 😛 )

T-Shirt front

T-Shirt Back

Just look at MSNarain blog for similar update on this & for interesting & funny tweets

Do leave your clicks here as well for interesting updates on the meet.

Yuvika Chaube

Aarti krishnakumar

Sandeep Varma

Deepa Raman





And all you guys please send all the pics clicked in the indiblogger meet to my mailID:

kallyb4u [at]gmail[dot]com.

That will be a great thing to treasure!!

It was great meeting all you guys!!

Blogging is indeed a religion & we all a part of it!!


Kally @itzkallyhere

Short Story: The House

“Mom, please tell me why are you doing this?”

“Munna, I do not do it deliberately, I love them so much and since they didn’t love me as much they did two days back. I’m still showing my affection towards them.”

“But ma do you remember what did they do to you? The left you in oldage home and they took all your property. They took the land which you possessed to be given to your son after his marriage. They forcefully transferred the land to their name. But you still love them”

Beta, I understand all that, but after all they are my blood. He is my brother whom I had taken care of from his childhood. How can I ignore him?”

“That is fine but what about my aunt? Why are you doing very small things to her, when she hasn’t even cared for you two days back? She hasn’t even turned a single stone straight up. But yesterday you have shut the curtain in her room, adjusted the picture which was hanging on the wall straight so that it looks in neat. Why? Why all this?”

“Beta, you do not understand. You are still tender and immature by heart. You do not see things clearly. You need to wait and understand yourself”

“But ma, this is your house. They have usurped it from you. And you still stay here as a maidservant. I hate this to the core”

“Give me one more chance, I’ll show it to you and you will understand everything”

“Ok. Do whatever you want. But let me tell you something. You are not doing the right things, they do not deserve such fondness from you”

The mother gave a wry smile and saw her brother coming into the drawing hall. He was very tired after his day’s work. He sat on the sofa and switched on the TV.


Radhika entered the house late at night, went to her room and quickly changed to her night dress. She saw Suman sitting in the sofa and staring at the TV very thoughtfully. She went near him and gently stroked his forehead and asked.

“It seems you are in a deep thinking about me”, she enquired

“Yes. I’m thinking about you only”, replied Suman

“So sweet…..” saying this she neared him and was about to give a tight hug, just then he blocked her hug with his hand and looked at her.

“You shouldn’t have been so rude to my sister. You know how much she loved both of us?”

Arrey, what’s wrong with you now? Why are you taking up her topic. I’ve been already hurt by heart for the past 2 days. Today you are again bringing up this topic.”

“Please Radhika understand. I know the incidents which are happening for the past two days. But I can’t just accept the way you behave with my sister”

Radhika frowned at her husband’s expression and fired back, “You never know what mental agony I’m into. You have witnessed what happened yesterday in my bedroom. Don’t you understand that? I need some comfort not scorching words towards me”

She understood that he is not in a mood to listen to her. She quickly hurried way to her bedroom leaving him in the drawing hall with the TV

Suman thought, she was not the one, with whom he fell in love, a year back. I was in love with her, but she was not in love with me but with my money. I was mad on her beauty, but she was mad on my richness. I never felt this before, I was blind in love or my love was blind. I could see that she was not in good terms with my sister from the day one we came into this house. For past two days she has been into great trauma. But why did she do this to my sister?


“But mom, this isn’t fair and please don’t involve me in such things. Im not ready to do anythingfor her. I can’t….”

“Beta, look Radhika is coming”

“Ok do whatever you want!”

Radhika entered her bedroom. It was dark and the night lamp was the only source of light illuminating the room. She sat in the bed and did not want to see things which happened last night. Just then she was about to adjust the pillow, the chair in front of the dressing table moved without any support. It appeared as if someone was pulling it near the bed. But no one was seen around.

Radhika was petrified.

Suman could hear someone screaming from the bedroom above the stairs. He very well knew that it belonged to her wife. He picked up the telephone which was placed in the centre of the tea table and dialed to his family lawyer, without any second thoughts.

“Mr. Arora, we are planning to sell the house, please meet me tomorrow morning with the documents. I’ll sign right away” said Suman calmly.

“Suman, but why now? You wanted to stay…”

“Please do not ask anything now. I’ve decided to sell it. We are moving to our flat in our native. Please get ready with the documents. We would like to get away with this damn house.” Suman completed the sentence in a single breath and placed the receiver in the phone.

He reached the bedroom to find his wife horror struck and sitting in the corner of the room. He went near her and said, “Rahika, we are leaving tomorrow as your wish. We are not staying anymore here in this house. And you will not be subjected to such incidents happening around you. I love you so much and my sister too. ”

Radhika was still, unable to come out of the shock which she had countered and it’s been like this for the past two days, after her sister-in-law died day before yesterday due to the cardiac arrest with stress due to the extreme mental torture which she has been subjected to by Radhika, which killed not only her sister-in-law but also her only son who hung himself not withstanding her mom’s death.


“Mom now I understand why are you doing this to her. At last they are leaving now. I never knew you can do this. I was wondering how people simply deceive others and stay happily. I was afraid that they will live happily in our house forever. But with this, they are moving, movng away from our very own house.”

“Yes munna, our work ends here. I’ve done my part. Come on let us too leave. We have our own places to stay, not here from now on.”

A barely visible wisp of air ascended the sky from the room towards the window pane. The bright white curtains swayed in air as the gush of air escaped out of the window

~The End~