Do you remember me?

I’m back!

“Where did I go?” I can hear voices. THREE months of banishment!!!!!!


Well yeah, sheer laziness has crept in!! 😐

I’ve become a sophomore!

I completed 1 year at Cognizant on Feb 23 2012. When I look back and recollect the time when I stepped into this C world, I had this benign sensation of the butterflies flickering inside my tummy reminding me of the newness around me – the unfamiliar environment, the ODCs and air-conditioned buildings reeking sudden unfamiliarity, the posters of Cognizant trying to fit the letter ‘C’ everywhere possible like in the body of Cheetah, in the human fingers, in the boat rowing in a sea etc etc,. I had to admit that this is going to be my life forever. Though I felt like a shy bahu entering the in-law’s house post marriage, I slowly started getting used to the aroma of the environment around me. I started feeling myself to be a part of it and Cognizant to be a part of me – each of us within ourselves.

I was consciously walking around the corridors and lobbies with the Identity card dangling around my neck. But now I’m Cognizant of things around me – the cognizance acquired out of association with people here. They have given me a good dose of ‘Feel at Home’ syrups. I am now feeling transformed, an out of transient state and no more get a sense of awkwardness settling in my stomach.


Lawns, Elevators & WCs

It’s been almost 2 months, MEPZ welcomed me into its happening campus, sprawling its lush green flora & fauna and its ‘colorful delights’ into everyone’s hearts so placidly and soothingly. I’m kinda loving this place. It has professional lobbies to so so breezy lawns, you forget that you are in a corporate setting and will never give a thought to stretch your legs and hands reclining in a comfortable position in the lush green lawns, chatting away with your bunch of friends, equally adoring the chill evening breeze, caressing your facial muscles & hair strands, during the evening tea break, which relaxes you from the tiring job or a stressful work which you have been carrying out all day.

One of the few things which brings in a small frown is the 9 floors, plus the ‘wait’ that we had to religiously do by pressing the UP or DOWN arrow and blatantly stare at the orange LED which shows the current position of the elevator, also worrying about the probability of the cute chick, who will be waiting along, getting a space in the same lift. There have been instances when there will be ‘no more space in the directory’ of the elevator and that one chick has to step back giving an uneasy glance to the techies onboard, leaving me in a claustrophobic metal enclosure, ascending me up and up and up the floors!

Talking about enclosures, reminds me of one more of the uncomfortable zones in MEPZ – they are the blessed Restrooms. I wonder why those WCs are enclosed in a pretty open build – guess they misunderstood it for open source. I see no closed ceilings and there is a big gap at the top and bottom of the door. When I see the big picture, I realize that they have built 4-side cardboard wall like structure around every WC, the walls being well elevated from the ground. Come on, I sense my privacy intrusion there. It’s a devastating breach in my right to excise posterior duties and such open environment will reveal the aural reverberations associated with it, which will create unnecessary repercussions in the neighboring WC mate’s ear drums and nasal cavities. The claustrophobic elevators are de-claustrophobed by such WCs. Now I believe the existence of matter and anti-matter theories of particle physics!


Well, nothing much…I’ve done some good to my photography side as well. I’ve loads of snaps. These three months of idleness have put my blogger side in a sleep mode due to which I’ve gained heavy amount of laziness and some gymming made me loss a quite an amount of flab. It gives a good feeling. My BMI is in a safe range.

Alright folks lets catch-up in my next post. Until then happy blogging!

My dear blaaag

Raising from ashes, well yeah I’ve been dormant for sometime on blogs and I’m just trying to be back, raising from my own ignorance and sleep to the world of blogging. There are quite a many reasons I’ve to attribute for my absence from the blogosphere. The year 2010 has been terrific and kept myself busy in various activities ranging from the project work, blogging, sleeping and watching movies in my comp. Well last few months of the the year 2010 was really hectic and things were quite unsure. Work pressure and commuting to work place (travelling from one city to another city!!) was really pissing me off and I had to concentrate a bit more on my career side 😯

Keeping myself off from the blog has given me many unimportant things in my life. First one is laziness. I’ve become one extreme loafer who is reluctant to move my bums from a place and commands things to happen. This has given some comfort which has become so dangerous and devastatingly harmful in the long run. Laziness prevented me to think. Yes, I actually wanted to take a break and that break was almost three months. But I was totally unaware that these three months will make me so so lazy. Whenever I think of writing something, I open my openoffice document, (Yes, I switched to Open source recently, switching from Windows XP to Ubuntu 10.10 Linux operating system) either sleep gives me a big hug or something else distracts me from thinking. Moreover I had other things which had more priority than blogging. So I didn’t mind neglecting my dear blogging at that point of time.

Second thing which prevented me from blogging was the inability to come up with new themes for my stories or interesting content. I used to breathe and eat blogging few months back. I sincerely take efforts to draft things and post it in my blog. But lack of new ideas and themes kept me away from this god damn  passion of mine and only resulting on envying people who come up with good stuffs and brooding over my inability to find time. Lacking of ideas and thoughts is one worst thing for a writer that blocks his mind from innovation and thus putting a brake in his passion. I was seriously affected by this. 😦

When my career stood in front me holding my collars and asking me to give a change, I was completely clueless on how to give it a hug and console it. It wasn’t so rude but I was in a pitiable state. I had to take big efforts to find a breathing time for my career and for myself which almost went in searching for options. Options were very much limited. My passion and my career were in no point intersecting and it steadily maintained a wide gap which I knew will never be concurrent at any point of my life. Deviating away from my current line involved lots of known risks which I couldn’t take as I was totally bound and intertwined by societal and family pressures.

Commitment is not crime until you start finding your own conscience biting you. I had no other options than to stick to my uninteresting career, fully aware of the damn fact that sticking to it will result in no gain either in your social life or in the financial leg. I had to undergo pains and have gone through situations from which I couldn’t come out just like squeezing the tube of toothpaste. I had to make decisions in life. I had to choose from limited options and take big steps to get some relief.

After some hectic processes and running around, finally I got an answer and some direction to which I can progress as of now. A temporary relief has set in. At least now it is quite relaxing that I’ve chosen what I wanted. But this decision wasn’t an easy one. I had to weigh various options, faced failures and humiliations. As always said, failures are not the end but they are the beginnings. Those failures really gave me a chance to look within and weigh my worth. It helped me to understand self. I could correct my mistakes and could locate where I was low and where I was high. Long time self introspection went in and now I’m okay. Free from little tensions and things which were pricking my heart.

In this new year, few good things happened and I’m happy for that. I should attribute that to my failures which gave me an opportunity to unveil things which were really helpful for my progress in life. Hope this new year 2011 gives me interesting encounters and ever lasting and memorable surprises in my life.

Yea I’ll be back to blogging with full dedication and sincerity as I said before I’m raising from the ashes!

Happy New Year to all of you ( I know I should have said this on Jan 1st. But still I feel this is good time to start and fill the gaps!)

Keep coming folks! 🙂