Arghhhh those arranged marriages!

Have you ever been to a buffet dinner in a 5 start hotel or restaurant with a bunch of friends without much holding your jaw down desperately looking at a sleeveless girl adding top-ups to her mayonnaise white cream soup bowl and equally dined in Hotel Saravana Bhavan air-conditioned family hall, hogging a green leaf plate of “Saravanaa Special Meals” or any equally any “high fat full meals”?

Then this piece of article below will do some justice to your time spent on reading this.

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Short Story: Deadlock

She was confused. Her parents have finalized with the alliance that they have been looking for. She has to tell Karthik about this. She can’t go against her parents. She can’t tell them about Karthik and her love. She cannot turn down their parents. So she has taken the deadliest decision of breaking up with Karthik.


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