100 posts of blogging!

OMG I didn’t realize my previous post was the 100th post & I’ve been awarded. This is the best thing that can happen to a blogger! All along I’ve been blogging one post after the other without noticing the post count or the comments count.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for patiently reading my blog without much bothering about me nagging you sometime or the other to read my blog or the story which I’ve scribbled. Without you and your encouragement and some discouragement from few other people, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to reach this milestone in blogging. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to each one of you – random strangers, frequent visitors, and dedicated followers to have helped me reach this height.

As all of you and I myself know I’m very much lazy, I just wondering how can such things happen. See 100 posts is not just some target. It needs some constant source of persistence and patience to consistently think and write things.

After several hours of thinking and speculating about the source of inspiration and determination to write 100 posts, one thing that clearly hit my conscious which was none other than my blog reader’s and my friend’s encouragement and criticisms that throttled me to achieve such things. I sincerely bow to you all for giving me an opportunity to explore the inner self and unveil or rather unearth my talent to churn out stories and random thoughts that sway in my brittle mind.

Here are some stats

Graph representing number of visitors in each month from Jan 2009 to June 2011

Number of visitors in each month from 2006 to 2011

Average visitors per day in for each month from 2006 to 2011


In this occasion, I would like to give you all some insight on my blogging experience till date.

How it all started?

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Vibranz ’06 – Ever Vibrating Moment of my Life !

vibranzthumb.jpgThis is yet another PIC which I wanted to share with u all ppl. This pic has come out very well that I cudn’t stop staring at this pic. After a successful One Day National Level Convention – Vibranz ’06, We just had a snap with all the other ppl who were a part of this VIBRANZ ’06.

It was our Dream…It was our passion…It was our Desparate Desire…to have a Symposium for our club. After serious plans, schedules, budgets and lots (!), we ppl started for the symposium which was not a Symposium but a convention. This was one such good times of MEPCO where v had a really gud time. The opportunity to work in a team will not be anything else like this !

One thin’ I admired about this foto was…..whether the Symp. turned out Gud or not…but this Foto came out very well to its Extrimity of Admiration. Yeah…This I feel everytime I see this pic. It cannot be just explained in pure English. !…U need to have a Heart of Luv & Affection to something u belong to……and I have that heart for my club which I belonged to…sorry I still belong to that………I have that heart for my club which I belong to anyway…just click on it to c it enlarged…! also use the Zoom tool in the Bottom right corner to see it BIG

My Class

Well this is our last pic that we have taken in our college days…….after that we didnt had the opportunity to take pics like this…….this one pic is enough to brush up my memory when i turn back again to my past ………thinking about my college life………those days were really memorable one with all of us in the class……amidst of the boring lectures and sleepy friends(me being one among them………) still recollecting my past days in Mepco, ……..forget to mention about the Hostel……….that was yet another adventures one………..so All my Four Years have passed like the wind………..Mepco was Hogwarts ! Click here to see my class photo C my Class Photo