Thandavam (2012) – Movie Review

Thandavam (2012) seems to be an action thriller coupled with Drama. I’ve been trying to classify the movie just as an Action thriller or even as a Drama, but I fail every time I try categorizing it. It somehow gives a mixture of genres and thus leaving it in its own flavor. It reprehensibly fails to appease the heart which was elevated well high with the hype that it created by the castings – Vikram, Amy Jackson (Madrasapattinam fame…Maranduttiyaa…?) and Anushka.

The movie as a whole did create a commercial sentiment with foreign locales (London), English speaking characters with due subtitles in Tamil, Interpol and a bit of terrorism. But what’s the point in such an effort without any plausible justice to the flavor of the story? Haven’t we witnessed enough revenge plots? There is no offence to the screenplay and cinematography – a perfect centum. But the sanctity of the movie is altogether spoiled with a predictable script. It would have been a classic thriller if more emphasis is given on the uniqueness of the script.

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Movie Review: 7am Arivu (2011)

I was wondering for a longer time than the usual, on why this movie ‘7am Arivu’ has been bestowed with such an amalgamated positive and negative reviews.

(For Bodhidharman’s sake please understand that the ‘am’ is not the one which religiously denote in time…no no…It’s not morning Seven Yae.Yem...rather it is the transliterated Tamizh equivalent of the apostrophised ‘s’ which means 7’s rather 7th to be grammatically correct in English. Pppaah…so tired of hearing people commenting about this as ‘morning 7 a.m arivu!!)

So, why all this commotion?

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Movie Review: Nootrenbathu (180)

It was a long weekend and I desperately wanted to watch some Tamil movie completely avoiding any ‘run of the mill’ Genres viz. politics, hopeless country side cacophonies or of any mass hero movies. After much scanning through the music channels and comedy channels, I found some uniqueness in the songs and scenes from this movie ‘Nootrenbathu’.

Quickly googled the movie’s torrent and after careful examination of the sample screenshots, I took the decision to download the torrent and left the system to its own seeding and leeching simultaneously for the next four hours (God bless my ISP’s speed and package!)

Okay off to review!

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Movie Review: Ko (2011)

I’ve never been to a Jeeva movie in theatre before, considering his just-another-guy face in the Tamil film industry. Even Jeeva’s ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi (SMS)’ didn’t usher me to the theatre much. Later watching it on the television seemed to be an uber cool successful comedy and sentimental movie.

Something tempted me to give a try to this one KO, is the tag that this movie came with, yea it is ‘K.V.Anand’ and ‘Harris Jayaraj’. Anand has been an awesome cinematographer which you can experience from the movies viz. Ayan, Mudalvan for its rich and colourful camera angles and a successful director for his exceptional and sensational story lined movies Kana Kanden, Ayan . Well, it was the second day show at Devi Cineplex, Chennai, 7.00 PM for the movie ‘KO’. I landed in the complex with a bunch of my friends.

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