2012 Syndrome – A Nightmare about an end

A week back, I woke up from a deep sleep early in the wee hours of the morning to find myself lying in the bed, clutching the pillow tight.

Thank God I’m back, Home – This is what I thought for some time and then slowly recalled what I saw scene by scene…


The living area seemed to be so familiar.


It’s my home. Something was bothering me. Yes, The world outside is going to come to an end. But how? That’s the question which stabbed my heart. I was searching frantically for some book.

I screamed, “It’s there in the book. It is written how the thing will happen”.

I searched the book, without knowing, what the book is all about. I kept reminding myself the page number in which it was written. I looked at all places, and finally spotted my computer table, in which I found the book intact with the surface of the table. I could feel the cold gush of air in the face. I could feel the chilling electric pulse traversing from my central spine to all over the nerve junctions. I crouched towards the table to pick it up and opened the page in which the ‘thing’ was written. I wanted to read that single page which decided the next few moments. I felt, the world outside would get destroyed any time. I could imagine the cracks appearing in the roads ready for its destruction and its journey into the deep unfathomable cavity extending underneath the surface of earth!

I extended my hands to reach for the book. The scene changes!!! **Sigh**


I walk in a big campus resembling the Infy campus in MCity. I could see big posh buildings, dazzling in blue and green glasses, reflecting the sunlight which appears to be some known university in a foreign country. I was in my thick blue jeans with a full sleeved turtleneck T-shirt covered with a long brownish cloak, covering my body till the knees. I could see myself walking hurriedly towards a glass door entrance, with an old book with parchment type of hard bounded cover and an ancient symbol beveled in its center. I read a particular page with some unknown symbols and markings scribbled in the top empty space in the page. I kept walking along the pathway into the Corridor, where I could spot a few other boys and girls strolling randomly towards various entrances to halls.

I was about to turn the next page, just then someone who passed by me, yanked the book from my hand closing it with a THUD and then stuffed it back in my hands, snapping, “Don’t read all this here. It’s barred here. Don’t you know?”

I looked at him in bewilderment and snapped back, “Why is it that? Can’t you see I’m reading things and see the symbols I’ve noted down, here?”

He didn’t seem to show any interest in my argument. He picked up his mobile and walked away. I kept looking at him and suddenly I rushed towards the staircase in the corridor and kept walking in it until I reached a room which appeared to be a classroom. It was full of students. I thought I was going to deliver some lectures to them and I did not feel like a student in the university which I had thought earlier. I was about to enter the classroom, just then the scene changes again!


I was walking in the streets of Triplicane looking at the things around me. This is my place where I stayed in Chennai for the past 12 years. Now, I had reached the road which was perpendicular to our street. I marched forward looking at the world outside my house. It seemed to be normal but as I crossed two junctions which came in between, I could see the cars and almost all the vehicles are parked in the traffic bringing the environment to a standstill. Nothing seemed to move. Looking straight ahead, I could see an array of vehicles jammed in the road and it was crowded as if some disaster is scheduled to happen.

I walk past various cars and autos parked in the middle of the road. I was terrified. I still couldn’t visualize the disaster that’s going to happen. As all chennaites know very well that, Triplicane is located near the Marina beach and it is walkable distance from the place, I need not explain where the beach is. I kept advancing towards the end of the road. I could see many people standing outside their houses and looking at things very uneasily. There were lots of worried faces which I could easily spot. Almost all of them have come out and were holding feared looks in the faces.

I didn’t know how far I had walked; suddenly I could see the sea and its water level has risen considerably. I didn’t know, Marina encroached this much of land beside it. The water level was deliberately high. Usually, whenever I look at the beach, standing on the shores, facing the waters, I had always looked down as the shores are always elevated. But for the first time in my life, I was looking up at an elevation angle of about 60 degrees above the normal eye sight. I couldn’t digest the fact that, I’m not standing in the shores which will be usually sandy where we can find Sundalhawker, boats, ice cream and Balloon Shooting stalls and a sparsely distributed population of affectionate duos performing the intimate game plays in the vast open space, but I’m standing in the well-polished tar roads which were laid for the last week parliamentary elections.

I could see the waters have engulfed the dry sandy shores into its buoyancy and people are standing in the road that runs parallel to it. In no time, I could hear the waves emitting a mystical hum and the water body visible to my eyes started ebbing out. The clouds above the water body took weird shapes and darkened. I couldn’t control my fearful excitement. The darkened clouds formed a weird image resembled to be a face of a human being, like that of lord Voldemort’s image that used to appear in the sky, whenever death eaters cast the dark symbol in the Harry Potter series. I immediately took out my mobile from my shorts and launched the Camera application in it (I’m still confused as to why I wanted to take the picture of that face in the sky, when the world is actually about to come to an end). How did my mobile find its way into my shorts pocket? I never reminisced carrying it with me, when I started from home. Well dreams always leave you with many questions unanswered.

I took out my cell, gazed the sky and tried clicking the image and the whole devastating scene in front of my eyes that nobody could imagine – A sea ebbing out which is already at a higher elevation than the usual one and ready to pounce on the human population and engulfing the lands, hauling everything inside it. But the time I was to register what is happening, I found myself inside the water, floating in an unknown height and depth. I went unconscious and suddenly the scene changed as usual.


I was clutching very lightly without any efforts, the outer surface of a huge cylindrical hollow tower edifice which can hold 2 to 3 persons vertically in its hollow circular enclosure, situated at some safe distance from the beach. I could see the water body flowing into the lands and roads underneath it, getting slowly swallowed by the demonic waves. I still hold the metallic edifice clutching its cylindrical surface on its top and yelling at the image which appeared in the sky.

“Let it happen the way you wanted. I’ll see what can be done,” I challenged the dark face.

I could feel some force which was holding me close to the cylindrical structure. I felt easy to be held in its proximity, with myself at the topmost part of it. I did not hold it tight. I was just spreading my hands around it and the circumference was so large that, I couldn’t hold my palms of both my hands, together on the other side. So you can imagine how I was being held to its surface like a magnetic levitated train in its electromagnetic tracks. To be very simple, I felt like Spiderman sticking to the surface of the tower. Well I nested a small pride in me to have challenged some evil force which was trying to destroy the world by agitating the water body of world’s second largest beach!! (Heights of dreaming!!)

Now I started descending down the pillar and felt as how I’ve been operated by someone. I drifted smoothly on the cylindrical surface without being held anywhere or suffering intense pain or scratch. The bright world outside slowly started disappearing and an enclosure has started appearing around the pillar. I was descending down in the hollow space between the enclosure and the hollow pillar like structure. The darkness has already surrounded me. But I could see an aura of light around me, just me alone. I could see the inscriptions which have been inscribed on the surface of the edifice. I was still descending down. I was comfortable descending down as how the elevators descend down the floors. Suddenly, I remembered something was written beside the image which I saw in the sky, the darkened image formed by the clouds. I wanted to recall that. So in that instant, I was again ascending upward the edifice. I reached the top of the tower again. I could see the sea and the terrific waters flowing mercilessly into the city. The city was getting heavily water logged. Slowly the roads, houses, and buildings have started disappearing in the water. I could again see the face and the text which was formed beside it through the dark clouds. Satisfied, I again descended down the tower effortlessly.

To my surprise, I found this undeniable truth that, it was none other than me who was controlling my traverse upward and downward. Nobody was controlling it. I felt as if I’m controlling my life and my dream. I could clearly see that I’m in a dream and I could do all weird things like controlling my traverse up and down by just giving a thought about it. I calmed myself and held the pillar close to me and started my descend down into the deep hollow black space that lay beneath me. This cylindrical pillar was my only ray of hope and light to this journey of descend, which I’ve been subjected myself to. I found myself getting into a state of mental stability. The downward journey into the vast pitch black hollow beneath me was happening at ease. I was breathing normally.

It would have been some hours of time, ticked away. I still found myself descending into the oblivion. Suddenly the velocity at which I was travelling encountered retardation in the motion and the journey came to a halt as my feet touched a solid base of something.

I detached myself from the structure which was holding me all throughout the journey and looked down to get a view of the staircase. The staircase was made of metal with the most intricate artistic works in its design. The spiral steps looked very ancient like that of the steps in the British style bungalows. I was involuntarily getting down the steps and I reached the doors which seemed to be half open. I reminded myself about preparing for some lecture to be given to students who have gathered in a large seminar hall. I quickly entered the door to find a bunch of university students waiting for someone. As soon as I entered the hall, they started moving towards a particular classroom which seemed to be attached to the hall. The hall was brightly ventilated with the gleaming yellowish ambience spreading all over the hall.

I walked into one of the classrooms. I could see around five to six students who were sitting opposite to each other in the classroom tables and were chatting. The girls were in their sleeveless tights and jeans and were excited seeing me in the class. It looked as if a gang of friends were chatting happily in the recess break after a session of lecture. I happily joined them remembering my own college days. They welcomed me with “yaayyo”. In that group, one of the girls looked at me. I was confused as whether I’m a professor who is visiting this campus for a guest lecture or a student who has enrolled for a course in MS in some weird discipline say Symbology in some foreign university in UK. Images of Dan brown and Robert Langdon hovered in front of me. I could recollect the pages I have read from the “The Lost Symbol” last night in the bus. The way he has explained the interior of the US Capitol building was haunting my mind. The girl came to me. She was nearing me. I knew what she is about to do. She had a titillating looks in her face. She looked stunningly beautiful. I couldn’t resist the delay. I wanted to go and grab her and….

I woke up with a heavy pounding heart. Searched for my mobile and saw the time. It was 3.30 AM. I opened my eyes completely, chafed it twice or thrice and kept thinking about what I saw. I remembered many things immediately post dream – 2012, Movie trailer, 2012 theories, The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown, Robert Langdon, Harry potter,  my willingness to do an MBA abroad, interest in cryptography, passion for getting a new touch screen mobile and many other things which I was so passionate about. These things have collectively shown its face in various events.


Well, I recalled everything and dozed off. Usually we used to forget what we see in the dreams as soon as we get up in the morning. But this dream I really wanted remember. I wanted to blog about this. It may look very silly but still I wanted this to write this somewhere and share with others. For those who think this is all crap and I’m so silly, I admit I’m silly and don’t wanted to be in one of those mature grown up frowning serious male category. And for all those who enjoyed this, let me know what you felt about this.

Bike – My Passion !

Bike….My Passion

Yea…it had been a dream for me, when I saw a Bajaj Pulsar screeching past my side. I was 17. In three more years, I’ll come out of my Teen loop. I dunno how to ride a bike (???…How 2 drive a Bike will be apt here….) Pulsar was amazing. The girl at the pillion too :-). I wanted to learn. But how?. My brain’s crushed, squeezed….it ran brute force algorithm to find all possible ways to learn driving a bike….My chemistry mam was busy with the Benzene Ring structure and its explanation. My thoughts came back to the class. I was uninterested. Benzene ring did not make any spark in my mind. I was still thinking about Pulsar.

I saw the same Pulsar with the upgraded specification. Improved Style, Improved CC, Improved Accessories, and what not?. I was 20. Three years passed like 3 minutes. I was bit happy. I had mastered driving a Bike. I was bit sad too. I did not know how to drive a bike WITH GEAR! Honda Activa became my First Luv, when I met one of my friend after a long time. He taught me just ABC….I mastered till XYZ. Honda Activa was easy. Just a game of Throttle and Break. My uncle too had a transition from his TVS 50 to Honda Activa. I was happy to see that again. same GOLD colored bike. So it became a routine, whenever I visited my uncle, I would ask him for a ride and he’ll give the key with caution “Careful!!!” . I’ll get the Key and go all the streets of Triplicane. In one such ride, I had to put a sudden break when a guy crossed my Activa. I could see the indicator beaming in Yellow. I was again into my unfulfilled dream. He was riding an awesome Black Bajaj PULSAR DTSi 180 CC Bike. He already left. I raised the throttle to go back Home. My Lecturer was busy connecting the Data Cable of 8085 Microprocessor Training Kit to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which was fabricated with the series of Red LEDs and some bunch of Resistors of 0.5 MilliOhms, and few capacitors of 0.5 MicroFarads. My wandering thoughts came back to the Applied Electronics Lab. There were some plates of ICs which did the job millions of formerly said Resistors and Capacitors. God knows what an Electrical Engineering student has to do with these Circuit boards though electronics was stuffed in the curriculum. I was asked to find the gain of the Transistor. Transistor Specification was given in the Laboratory Manual. I took my Scientific Calci to proceed. My lab dress was stinking like a wet Dog. I did not wash it, last weekend

Passion keeps changing not only for Bikes !

You see a girl. She look damn gorgeous. You wanna say “Honey I Luv U. Be my Valentine. Will U??”. You wanna marry her. You wanna make her ur life partner, for ur Life time. You want her to be ur world. You keep thinking about her all day, all night. You imagine yourself riding a Bike and she is seated in the pillion..(OMG…again bikes here????) You imagine having dinner in a roof top restaurant. Thinking all these, you doze off in your bed @ Home. You hug the pillow and sleep tight. The next day, you see someone in your work place, so cute, so pretty awesome. She is beautiful too ! Now our mind shifts it gear from 2 to 3 and then to 4 (Oh..wll u please stop this comparison of bikes n gears???). You again slide into your dream world. This time no dinner, no riding. You imagine yourself with her in a Sea side relaxing in cool blue T-shirt and denim shorts. She smiles, u smile back, and u will want to eat Sundal, if  the place being Marina Beach and after all the romance, u come back from your dreamz. It will be 6:00 AM in the Clock and you get ready for the days work. Waiting for 10 more minutes on that day, ur bus being late, you happen to see someone waiting for the bus too. Unfortunately she happens to be working in some other Company. Her bus comes. She leaves, adjusting her free hair in the corner of her cheeks. you again go back to ur thoughts….oh sorry u can’t afford that. Your Bus has come. You too leave adjusting ur Tie and ID Card. (Copy Cat !). See how your passion keeps changing??? Keep your window open so that, u can again spot someone cute, gorgeous, beautiful, awesome again!!!!!!!!!!

It happened for me too. not the above paragraph. Pulsar’s Love faded slowly, gradually. It was an exponential decay in the curve. I saw something more attractive than Pusar. TVS Apache RTR FI 160 and I had fallen in Luv. Luv for Apache! Even Pulsar 220 CC didn’t interest me. I was mad on Apache. Its Red color really engulfed me into its beauty. It was sexy. My thoughts were still in the air along with the millions of Radio Frequencies and the Mobile Base Station Signals. The project period was still wasted like hell. We were sitting in the Computer Lab of our EEE Dept, busy browsing through the Micrcontroller Datasheet. Not even an inch of progress in the Circuit Board. ICs were haphazardly lying beside the SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) and Battery Eliminator. The Frequency generator was innocently showing a greenish sine wave. Project mates were busy with their discussion on yesterdays tiring journey to Kodaikanal. I was staring at a stray dog sleeping happily outside the Lab window, without any worry about the First project Review next week. The project title was flashing in my mind – Real Time Based Auto Solar panel Tracking System

One fine Saturday morning, the sun was mild in its rays. it was August. My neighbor uncle was getting ready for some work. I sprang into his bike and said, “I’m going to drive this today….”. He acknowledged my request and started it. And asked me to drive. I raised the throttle. The bike jerked and the engine went off. I then realized the fact that driving a GEAR bike is not a child’s play ! Sunday was not too bad. He taught me how to handle the Clutch and the Throttle. The same starting problem 😦 I couldn’t understand why the engine switches off when I come to a halt. i was able to move only few inches forward with jerks. I had lotsa things to learn.

You should put the gear in Neutral, my boy…“. He used to say 100 times when the engine goes off.

The Clutch-Gear-Throttle-Neutral co-ordination was complex! I had to concentrate on everything in the bike. Every mechanism that made Bike run, made me quite uncomfortable learning it. But I had to overcome this anyhow. I should learn driving a GEAR Bike. That was my dream. Above all, the bike was heavy. God! Please help me. Damn heavy bike with complex procedures to start, to run and to stop. I was getting tense.

How the F**K people drive these monsters??…” I was frowning. I know this will not help me in learning any ways. I had to learn. So I accepted things as it was.

TRY TRY TRY Until U Succeed!

I tried , tried, tried & tried more…., but the engine was so arrogant that it always goes off, whenever I put the bike on halt. One fine evening, I had mastered the technique 🙂 The golden words reverberated in my Heart….”You should put the gear in Neutral, my boy…” From that day, whenever I came to a halt, I transitioned the gear to Neutral. The engine was stil alive. I was Happy. Finally some positive reply from the other side. Bike was so nice to me. It obeyed my command. Thats Good !

The D-Day decided. I decided to get a bike. You know which model??. PULSAR ! But there were lots of opposition from all sides. First stood my father.

“NO. Thats too heavy to handle. You can’t control it. Better get a Splendor”. This was my papa

“NO. Pulsar is so fast. It gives heavy jerk. You’ll be thrown out. Please don’t get it..”. This was my mom

“NO. It has very less Mileage. You won’t get the spare parts so easily. Its not economic…”. This is my neighbor.

So response is so bad. Same was the response for Hero Honda Hunk, Hero Honda CBZ, TVS Apache. What to do?. I was cribbing. But finally considering the mileage and the weight of the vehicle, I accepted that all others were right. I was not wrong ! So I decided to get a bike which had gud looks, gud mileage, gud style and comparitively less heavy Bike. I googled, yahooed, did an image search, compared the rates, specifications, style, and colors. After all the analysis, i narrowed down to one bike, my beast, my monster which will obey my orders, which wil take me anywhere I wanted without any troubles.

Yes Hero Honda Passion. This is the one I initially wanted to get. After mastering the GEAR Vehicle, I’ll get the one I really want. This will do now. We started on Friday to the Hero Honda Outlet. Selected the color and model. The cash was paid and cheque has been given. We took the Bike outside. After feeding it with a Liter of Petrol, Keeping the gear in Neutral, I kick started the bike. It smiled and the engine came into action. Then I held the clutch, transitioned the gear from Neutral to 1 and slowly releasing the clutch and rising the Throttle simultaneously, in some Sync, the Bike moved forward smoothly.

Success ! My first Bike, First Start…All went fine. Atlast, I’m the proud owner of my Awesome RED-BLACK Hero Honda Passion Plus. The same day, I bought a Helmet too. The next day, I went with my neighbor Uncle to purchase accessories for my Bike – Tank Cover, Seat Cover, Handle Grip, Engine Cover & lottu & Losku. Finally, my bike is dressed appropriately to suit the Chennai driving conditions. I asked my sister to take some snaps of my bike along with me. So that I could upload it in ORKUT and tell all my friends about my new Luv. I finished typing the article Bike – My Passion ! at around 10.35 PM. WordPress was helping me a lot in the typo errors and spelling mistakes, which I did frequently.It was October 2nd. No Office. Holiday!. I was seriously keying in the article…No…my personal experience on GEAR Bike. No, No….My Dream which came into reality….whatever. I’m 23 now, Happy, Excited and satisfied. I can drive a Gear Bike 🙂 I know how to drive a Bike (I need not specify it as GEAR Bike…coz, it has become default when I say “BIKE”). I had a gr8 passion for Bikes, that’s why I got a Passion Plus!!…woooooooooooow 🙂

Some of my friends’ comments seeing my Bike pics in Orkut…..

Vinoth Kumar :- “machi…congrats….irrundallum konjam overa illa??? 2 yrs munadi clutchkum brakekukum vidyasam teriyathavanuku Hero honda “passiona”…mmm…nadathu….helmat poda maranduratha…mukyama oppositla varavangala jaagarathaya irruka sollu [:P]”

Karthikeyan.K.R :- “dai pavi….unnaku bikela gear podava tariyadhu da…unnaku eduku pudhu bike?????what happened to ur pulsar plan……too heavy for u????anyways have fun……….always ride by with a girl aside hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Shyamala :- “is that a passion plus?kally TRYING HARD to look cool percing on the bike…kally fails miserably tho… 😛 :P”

I’m now saving this page to be published. Its getting late. Its 10:48 PM in my system clock. Should go for sleep. Tomorrow Office. Bbye. Kally Signing Off  🙂