As I Curl Up With The Girl Beside

As I curl up with the girl beside,
Rays of sun spreading in the bed aside,
Having my face still buried deep inside,
I could feel the day dawning hillside.

As I feel her warmth wading in,
I hold her slender arms breathing in,
Wrapped around my neck, tugging in,
Lying awake hugging, as the day started sneaking in.


Night was when, our kisses grew passionate,
Burning the bleak hours of night annihilate,
The souls bewitchingly left to confabulate,
Left us writhingly discasing accentuate.

Lips were engaged in tender fights,
Harmlessly fighting for the other’s rights,
Till we reached astounding heights,
Seething in pain, savouring emotional delights.


More than warmth, the love is profound,
Now she is mine and everything around,
I in her and she in me, all the stound,
Love in us ends only when the sky hits the ground.

As the winter sets, comes the end of September,
Its time for me to wake up and burst the slumber,
I wish I hold her, feel her and breath her to an infinite number,
Making her my sweet, lovely and adorable wife coming-
Christmas after October, November in December.

PS: My 1st attempt to write a poetry! Excuse moi for any errors!! πŸ™‚
P.P.S: This is posted for a contest in my Office!