Why do Onions make you Cry?

It is a long story…


There were three thick friends – Onion, Tomato & Carrot. Once they were walking along a roadside chatting happily. It happened in a fraction of second that one Maruti OMNI Van came and kidnapped the gorgeous looking Carrot. Other two friends couldn’t do anything. They were not able to call for help. So they started crying. After cursing their inability to save their friend, they continued their walk. As both of them reached Tomato’s house, Tomato bid adieu to his friend and crossed the road, failing to notice a Truck coming. It happened in another fraction of second, even before the tomato can realize, the truck passed over the Tomato, smashing it on the road and went by without even caring to see what it had done.


Seeing all this, our Onion was very sad and disappointed losing his thick friends like this and started crying again and went to the forest to pray towards the lord and get his ill fate mended.

On hearing Onion’s prayers, God was happy and appeared before Onion and said, “Dear Onion, I was happy on your prayers. I’ve come to you to grant you all happiness. Tell me what is the reason behind your sorrows and how can I help you”

“Dear God, when my friend, Carrot was kidnapped, my friend Tomato and I cried for her. When my friend Tomato died in the road accident, I cried for him. If I die, nobody is there to cry for me. That is why I’m so sad”


On hearing this God said, “Don’t worry my child, I’ll see to it that, when you die all the people in the world irrespective of caste, creed, gender, poor, wealthy will cry for you”

God said this and disappeared. Onion was Happy πŸ™‚

Now you understand, why we cry when we cut onions. πŸ˜‰

OK !! Now some serious tip on how to prevent ourselves frm crying when you cut Onions:

  • Peeling and cut onions under running water
  • Chopping the onions near a gas flame
  • Refrigerate onions before chopping
  • Switch Off the Fan while cutting Onions.

Hope this piece of info would help all of us in future, if any opportunity beckons us in to cut Onions !!!! πŸ˜‰